Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Copyright TAX

To keep something in Copyright beyond a reasonable amount of time, individuals and corporations must pay a tax in order to keep something in copyright.  The U.S. Constitution grants authors, artists, and inventors the right to profit from their creations for a limited amount of time.

I say, a Copyright Tax is the best solution to those who use the Internet and who want Copyright to continue beyond a reasonable amount of time.  Copyright is nothing more than a Government-sponsored monopoly over something that is created. The Government might find it a good thing to tax corporations on as far as Copyright goes (its another source of revenue). Copyright should be granted for free to up to five years, then to continue Copyright protection by the Government, the corporation or individual should be taxed an amount of money each year.  The tax would rise Arithmetically (if it's $50 dollars one year and the law says it should rise by $5 dollars for every year after that, it's $55 dollars the next and so on) in order to keep the upkeep on the Copyright.

Also, the government will charge individuals, estates, and corporations retroactively once the law is passed.  This forces much of our culture into the public domain.  It won't break our rampant consumerism, but it will slow it down by a lot.

What do you think, loyal readers?

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