Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventure DAZ Soon

Well, I guess soon means "DAZ Soon" in this instance since I'm waiting for something to make a video. :)

Thelana 2012 by Alexey Lipatov by ~AGEOFAENYA on deviantART

My adventure will be sans-Pathfinder Compatible logo.  According to the usage restrictions -- an adventure with a nudist character in it would fall under "you may not use this License for products that the general public would classify as "adult content," offensive, or inappropriate for minors."

Thanks to Age of Aeny (Nick Allmonos) I feel like I should write pathfinder adventures with naturist heroes. A naturist hero is a hero that adventures naked, sans clothing.  I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I always felt that the Pathfinder Compatibility license and the d20 License were limiting.  

Although Paizo is a private company and they have the right to censor with their Pathfinder Compatibility license, I still feel it is wrong to censor something so blatantly.  It's American culture for you -- the people aren't ready for naturism or nudism -- or those in power here in this country rely on keeping the people's clothes on to stay in power.  Actually I feel a mixture of jealousy and empowerment.  I really feel that this issue has to be addressed, and that primitive cultures in the world accepted full nudity now or at one time. 

So, why do the Israelites (White Caucasians and Europeans) demanded clothing?  I think its all because of a largely, and gross, error in interpreting what happened in the Garden of Eden.  It's either intentional  or it's accidental.  But in any case, Christianity does make a point to clothe the naked as an example of doing good.

In this case, the words clothe the naked, is part of the basic necessities of human life.  That's one point.  but another point is that there are 250 logical reasons not wear clothes.  If wearing clothes is a result of our fallen nature, then by extension Jesus Christ's atonement in the Garden and his crucifixion made it possible that man isn't fallen any more so by logic clothes aren't really needed in a purely Christian society.

So, a pathfinder adventure where one of the heroes is without clothing?  not impossible. :)  But it has to be published without the Pathfinder Compatibility License. :)

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