Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Are Responsible for Creating Pornography

Simple as that. We created the monster that lives and breathes on the Internet.

In all actuality, we created Pornography for the very reason why we abhore it. Most of the US does not like naked bodies. Nevertheless, we created Pornography any way by giving it definition. In Victorian Times. Yes, it was Victorian Times when pornography was conceived. The Victorian Prude, found everywhere, was instrumental in creating Pornography. By making the body a forbidding thing, only between man and wife was pornography given a form, identity, definition, and a function.

Now that bastard child of Victorian times invades our homes via the Internet and everyone can see the Frankenstein we've created. Yet, even now, anti-pornography organizations have sprung up to combat the monster. "We must defeat or destroy pornography!" they cry. "Kill the ogre!"

By rallying against pornography we are creating even more pornography! It is the Law that what ever we fight against must needs expand so that it will always exist for us to contest against. We are effectively giving pornography power in order to do this. However, there is hope.

The hope is that Pornography continues to spread like wildfire so that people will finally recognize Pornography for what it actually is. And then, they will recognize it's opposite: Wholesome Family and Social Nudity; and discover that Nudism and Naturism provide the best way to defeat the ogre. Wholesome Family and Social Nudity truly opposes Pornography in a most perfect and bright way.

By participating in Wholesome Social Nudity, a man or a woman can counteract the lessons they've learned. That the body is a wholesome creation of God; and therefore sex itself is wholesome. By focusing on Wholesome Social Nudity, Pornography can actually lose its steam. It can run out of firewood to burn and become eventually harmless.

In fact, the signs are encouraging. Wholesome Nudity is on the rise: nude recreation is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. today. Married couples are spending more and more time in the nude. Scientific research is encouraging this: stating that it is actually healthy to sunbathe. Nudist parents are raising nudist children who are well adjusted and balanced. So, as pornography grows, so does it's Opposite. And the future is bright in this regard.

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