Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Pinup

Akane in a Torpedo Maillot by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

The next coolest thing about having a girl who is actually in love with you is having a 3D model that resembles her. I didn't have anything to dress in Akane in except school girl outfits, a suit, a couple of swimsuits that cover the bare essentials, and the epic (and free) mechgirl outfit for A3. I decided to do a torpedo maillot to show off this A3.

Akane, with her blonde hair and general body shape, resembles my girl. My girl said that she is petite. I don't care, I told her. I said that because I'm in love with two other women with different body shapes. One of them, that I know of, is legally dead [and she was everything I wanted at the time]. The other might read this blog (smiles). My girl and I met on World of Warcraft was just a fluke. A seemingly unrandom, coincidental encounter. I announced that I wanted to rp a Gorean relationship because I wanted to be different; and suddenly I got a tell. Leafshadow messaged me and goaded me into collaring her as a slave, and I named her character Nòriel. Nòriel is Quenya, or Elvish, for daughter of the land. For a while, I believed it would be a strictly in game thing. Then I disappeared due to wanting to control my money.

A month and 1/2 later I buy a new card and show up again. And there she was, loyal to me and she even stood up for me while I was gone! 1st thought, "My god, she's serious!"

2nd Thought. "She's a keeper."

The point? I've been praying and desiring for a mate whom I can actually husband: a mate that I can actually teach, nurture and grow to make her everything I know she actually is. Nòriel may have her faults, but she is the answer to my prayer. So, what is the moral of this story?

Becareful what you desire, for you will get it.

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