Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Public Walkthrough

Teary eyed. That's how I feel tonight, teary eyed.

I don't usually talk Spirituality on this blog, since I don't know how many readers actually understand matters of the Spirit, but . . .

It was wonderful.

For those who want to know what goes on, all I can say is that for Christians, its where the symbols of how to get to Heaven and to Know Who You Really are taught. An LDS Temple, both inside and outside, are the most beautiful buildings built by Man on the face of the Earth.

The best materials available always go into the construction, adornment, and furnishing of the temple. Gold, silver, the best cloth; no expense must be spared in making an LDS Temple beautiful. It is the House of the Lord. It is the place where true liberty, life, and happiness dwell.

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