Friday, September 24, 2010

For Queen and Country!

The Cast of For Queen and Country! is complete.  It's an interesting campaign for others, a fun one for me.  Some people are actually thinking that I'm trying to produce an actual T.V. show.  I'd love too, actually, but I am not.

The campaign runs like a T.V. show with seasons and so forth.  Best part about it, the Network can't cancel this one.  This one runs until the PCs reach their goals.  Using Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying for its engine, the campaign is serious in tone.  Any one of the PCs can be slain.  The idea brings in roleplaying in a whole new context.  Every encounter classed as a combat encounter is potentially deadly.  So, why the Moonshaes?  I've been wanting to game there for a while.

The Moonshaes seemed real after reading the first Moonshae trilogy.  Douglas Niles did a good job bringing the Moonshaes to life in his books.

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