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The Electric Universe

[This paper is primarily for Christians and people who are honest in their hearts.]

For years, Cosmologists have been beating into our heads about the Big Bang.  The Big Bang is a theory of the origin of our universe, that states that all the universe was created with a single event that starts with a single singularity (or neutron) that exploded and filled nothing with a lot of somethings.

The theory is stated as elegant because it "remains entirely outside any metaphysical or religious question." -- Georges LemaĆ®tre  

Proponents of the Big Bang states that something must have happened because the galaxies and stars are flying away from us.  However, there are a couple of things wrong with the Big Bang Theory.

1. It depends on Gravity, which is little understood.  It's described in an equation:

But as to actually what it is, Gravity is not described.   Newton never did proceed to explain what it is, only what Gravity does in terms of Force and Inertia.  Also, Einstein replaced Newton's equations of Gravity with the General Theory of Relativity -- which makes Gravity's action on us abstract and not tangible.

2.  The Big Bang now depends on exotic matter, exotic energy, and exotic forces in order to be true.  However, there are problems with this.  Exotic matter -- this Dark Matter -- has never been directly observed.  It doesn't interact with light, it doesn't reflect light, and light passes through it.  Other exotic matter include Neutronium -- the material neutron stars are said to be made of, and Black Holes.  Black Holes, something so dense that not even light can escape -- needs no explanation as to what they do.  And Neutronium is matter composed primarily of neutrons all densely packed together in one place.  But in nuclear chemistry it's been observed that Neutrons repel each other and because of this, it is impossible to tightly pack them together.

The problem with Black Holes is that they haven't been directly or indirectly observed in any capacity.  A Black Hole should show up on photographic plates bending light around it while sucking more light and matter around them inside.  The problem with this that there should be white holes -- miniature big bangs that eject matter and light.  These also have not been observed. 

Dark Energy -- what physicists call the Zero Point Energy -- isn't Dark at all.  Zero Point Energy is energy detected at the zero point -- or absolute zero.  Many physicists were perplexed by the existence of zero point energy in their calculations, because at absolute zero a gas is absolutely at rest.

The problem is that Zero Point Energy isn't Dark Energy because Zero Point Energy can be detected on photographic film.  Doctor Wilhelm Riche was the first to detect Zero Point Energy and how it interacted with living organisms.  He called it the Orgone Energy, and have even built devices that take advantage of the Orgone Energy.  He created numerous devices that can detect orgone energy in living beings or fruits and vegetables.  He created devices that can make people well, and other devices that use Orgone Energy on grander scales -- but never for power generation.

However, Orgone Energy is the blue haze that can be seen in certain photographs.  Certainly of the Earth and galaxies -- in which it can be seen as a halo around the Earth and the galaxies.  But this blue haze of energy has also been photographed on Earth -- around forests and even human beings.  Especially those walking on the Moon.  There is no dark energy because what they are calling Dark Energy has certainly been photographed and can be seen by everyone.

Astrophysicists describe dark energy as fueling the expansion of our Universe.  But there is no proof that this is the case.  In every case, dark energy seems more of an attraction agent than a repulsion agent.

Dark Forces -- Dark Forces is especially problematic to the theory.  Scientists say that cosmic dark matter and cosmic dark energy are one and the same -- the dark force.  They use this to explain why we can't detect dark matter or dark energy (which we can detect on photographic film).  One scientist calls the dark force -- dark fluid.  Again, another abstraction.  According to this theory, dark fluid is like the atmosphere.  But it can't be detected or felt, maintaining a vacuum.

It is because of these abstractions that the Dark Energy theory is being used to prop up the theory that gravity controls everything in the universe.  However, gravity is certainly weak and it is certainly variable.  The gravitational Constant isn't constant, and this fact has been observed on Earth with experiments.

3. The Big Bang depends on the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verses 1-4.  What is ironic that the theory, which is said that it doesn't depend on an Intelligent Creator or Surpreme Intelligence directing creation, depends on the Book of Genesis.  Genesis is a book of history written by Moses that contains an account of the Creation -- both in a literal sense and in an allegorical sense.  However, these few verses are applied to the entire universe and was pushed by a Jesuit priest.

So, the Big Bang theory depends on:
Gravity -- which is real.
Exotic matter, energy, and force -- which isn't real.
The Book of Genesis -- which is inspired writings by Moses translated into English, German, and French -- the three languages of Science.

So the conclusion is that the Big Bang Theory is not science at all, but pseudo-science based on pure speculation around the theory of gravity and a book most learned men discount as having any authority over them what so ever.  Although the theory has a lot to offer Christians and Creationists, most Christians and Creationists really do reject this theory as plausible.

The Electric Universe

This theory, which is as old as the Big Bang, has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Unlike the Big Bang theory, which is based on pseudo-scientific mathematics, computer models, built around gravity, and depends on the Inspired Word while denying the power of the Inspired Word -- is a theory based on Observation: both Ancient and Modern.  It is also supported by experiments.  While it is hard to perform experiments in Astronomy, it is not hard to perform experiments on electricity, electromagnetism, and plasma.

Electromagnetism is several more times more powerful than Gravity.  And it has been recently discovered that Plasma makes up most of the observable universe.  Plasma makes up Galaxies, Quasars, suns, nebulae, nebulous formations seen in space, and the solar winds that fill the Interstellar Medium.

Plus, space isn't electrically neutral, neither are the planets in our Solar System.  All of the planets are electrically charged, and try to reach electric equilibrium with the solar environment by creating lightning and auroras.  

The theory never supposes that there is a beginning to the Universe, or an End to the Universe; like the Big Bang does.  The theory works from observed phenomena and is supported by experiments that recreate certain phenomena.  Planetary rings, auroras, lightning, plasma formations; all have been created in the laboratory using plasma equipment.

Successful predictions have been made by Australian Physicist Wallace Thornhill on how comets act in our Solar System when interacted by spacecraft from space.  Gravity is described as the ashes of electrical discharge and electrical systems by the theory, and the theory predicts the actions of certain planets in the Solar system -- such as Saturn's mega lightning, planetary auroras, and Io's plasma ejections as it tries to reach equilibrium in Jupiter's environment.

Does the theory use Genesis as a basis?  No, it does not.  Does the theory presuppose the actions of a Creator?  The theory doesn't need a Creator to work, because it doesn't make the assumption of a creation or destruction.  It just works from observed data and experiments.  Does the theory need an Intelligent Designer, or a Supreme Being?  No, the theory does not need an Intelligent Designer or a Supreme Being because it describes only the observable, and objective.   The Electric Universe has proponents such as Benjamin Franklin, Anthony Peratt, Dr. Donald Scott, Halton Arp, Nikola Tesla, and Hannes Alfven. 

From a theological standpoint, the theory has a lot to offer Atheists and Evolutionists since it does not make the assumption that a Creator exists.  In fact, it cannot, since the presence of a Creator or an Intelligent Designer cannot be detected by this theory.  The theory doesn't explain anything of supernatural terms -- just the actions of plasma and electromagnetism in the Universe.  The theory has nothing to offer to the Creationist or to Christians.   However, the theory has been accessed by more Christians and Creation science blogs than the other theory, which is propped up by a failing priesthood of aging Atheists and those that believe in Cosmic Evolution according to the Big Bang.

The question begs, why?  Perhaps this is the reason.  The theory has been tested with experiments and observations.  The theory isn't all that beautiful, in fact it takes into account Catastrophic beliefs and explains those.  It doesn't have any complex mathematics to understand.  It just simply attempts to explain the action of plasma and electro-magnetism in the Universe.  Which is the better theory for you to believe?


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Anonymous said...

While I applaud your interest in having honesty and sincerity from the heart for those who are members etc... I don't know how you deal with views you disagree with. It is my belief that your role playing is not spiritually healthy, since it is in my opinion sourced from a demonic influence ie; dungeons and dragon...after all, we all know who the dragon is, and that's keeping it real simple. The foremost authority on energy with public access (aside from David Sereda regarding propulsion), is Col Tom Beardon at Accurate science agrees with total knowledge of the most high creator since he is the source. We do lack the complete knowledge, even the adversary lacks that. The most advanced theory I know of is unified physics. The formula is: [space time]=[virtual particle flux of vacuum] = energy. Since creation consists of 7 spiritual dimensions and 5 energetic dimensions, the above deals with the energetic planes. The spiritual planes are another matter. The formula is not known to me, except to say that God spoke creation into existence. The Hebrew symbol for God is also for DNA.God spoke creation into existence. The dual nature of man is explained as being a bio holographical mathematical, musical, precipitation and crystalization, receiving superlight moving at 10 billion times the speed of light into our DNA. ( the drag of matter on superlight creates gravity relative to the size,density and relative position of all matter. We are co creators of life experiencing a montage of images in a matrix of thought and intent manifesting in the time domain both individually and in the corporate. Literally, mind over matter. The connection point between the spiritual and energetic is the pineal gland and pituitary gland which are the cord of the living waters. Calcification of the pineal is corruption against correct perception of our spiritual condition. Four sources for this knowledge are Dr. Len Horowitz, David Wilcock, Rico Cortez ( see an interview of him on under Rico Cortez, The songs of Moses and the 144,000, and fourth, the biblical second witness of revelation eleven, alive and well in our time in the person of... Dr. William Deagle of and Now you have been pointed to the greatest answer of truth given to me in response to my prayer and cry for truth. I am formerly a hardened veteran of ten years, trained in military intelligence, and fifteen years experience as an energy expert. You are welcom to view my blog beginings at ( The Blogathon Philebuster)

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