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Orc Clans of the Known Lands

There are several Orc Clans of the Known Lands, each clan or tribe of the Horde has their own culture and their own way of doing things. Each Clan is further divided into families. But more on that later.

The Silverfang Clan
The Silver Fangs are the Leaders of the Horde. From the Silverfangs come the Shamans and the Warriors that maintain the Orc Nation. In fact, the Chief of the Orc Hordes, Talûn-karkû, is a Silverfang. They lead the nation, directing its spirituality, secular, and religious life. All shamans of the Silverfang Clan pay homage to the wolf totem.

Favored Class: Shaman. Shamans of the Silverfang Clan have the Ghostwolf ability.

The Desert Viper Clan

Formed in the deserts of Outland, the Desert Viper Clan was once a wandering tribe of orc barbarians that would prey on the unwary. Inducted into the Horde and taught the ways of civilization, the Desert Viper Clan has become the clan that protects the Horde from plots and evil secrets that seek to destroy the Orc nation. All shamans of the Desert Viper clan pay homage to the Viper totem.

Favored Class: rogue. Shamans of the Desert Viper Clan have the Dreamsnake ability.

The Black Talon Clan

The Black Talon clan was a clan of orcs that specialized in breeding Deinonychus in Outland. They become linked to the Deinonychus spirits and emulated the efficient hunters. The Black Talon clan was then inducted into the horde's civilization and became the pre-eminent hunters and farmers of the nation. The Shamans of the Black Talons revere the deinonychus totem.

Favored Class: Hunter. Shamans of the Black Talons have the Ghostraptor ability.

The Clan of the Flaming Sword

The Clan of the Flaming Sword is totally taken over by Warlocks and demon worship. They have no totem, but they represent the Arcane magical side of the Horde nation. Once, they were the Black Horse Clan, but their shaman was seduced by demons and created and mastered the magic of the Warlock. Changing the clan's name from the Black Horse Clan to the Clan of the Flaming Blade, the Clan Chief took control and united most of the clans of Outland. When the Illithid came and fought the Ancients, the Clan of the Flaming Blade had led the horde into the Known Lands. However, events in the past two thousand years have brought the clan low. They are replaced by the Silverfangs. The Clan of the Flaming Sword has no totem spirits and mostly trains Warlocks, rogues, and fighters.

Favored Class: Warlock.

The Brown Elk Clan

The Brown Elk Clan once managed the elk and impala that ranged Outland. They were once two tribes: the Elk tribe and the Impala tribe. They both formed the clan when civilization was introduced. The Brown Elk clan manages livestock for the Orc nation and actually reveres two totem spirits, the Elk and the Impala.

Favored Class: Hunter. Brown Elk shamans can have either the Ghostelk ability or the Spirit Impala ability, but not both.

The Clan of the Battered Axe

The Clan of the Battered Axe is the clan most people think of when someone says, Orc. The Clan of the Battered Axe never did fully embrace civilization. They are the most rapine and violent of the orcs, both in Outland and in the Outlands. The Clan of the Battered Axe revere the Cave Bear as their totem, an animal that has gone extinct in the Known Lands.

Favored Class: Barbarian. Shamans of the Clan of the Battered Axe have the Ghostbear ability.

The Clan of the Shining Blade

The Clan of the Shining Blade are the Orc Nations soldiers. Although they have the leopard as their totem, the Clan concentrates on perfecting their fighting techniques. Their fighters specialize in tactics and strategy. The Desert Vipers specialize in dirty fighting, the Black Talons specialize in teamwork, the Brown Elks specialize in deftness and quickness in their fighting, the Battered Axes specialize in use of brute strength, and the Silverfangs specialize in honorable combat.

Favored Class: Fighter. Shamans of the Clan of the Shining Blade have the Spirit Leopard ability.


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