Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I learned from Pornography

Okay, I learned a valuable lesson from porn.

A. It's not porn if you don't make it be.

B. It's okay for people to enjoy sex.

So, why avoid it? It can be used as a springboard for temptation. You could put yourself into a position to be tempted to have sex when you aren't ready to. Or you can descend into acts of adultery and fornication. But avoidance is BAD!

Why is avoidance is bad?
There will be more opportunities for you to avoid pornography. *shrug* The more you avoid pornography, the more pornography will be there for you to avoid.

What can be done?
Focus on the opposite of pornography.

What is the opposite of pornography?

You read me.

Nudism? Doesn't that have to do with sex?
It can, but mostly, it doesn't.

Wait, how can getting naked and being naked with people other than my (wife/husband) be the opposite of pornography?
It's not easily explained, but the best way to explain it that it fosters self control.


I don't believe it!
Fine. But that's how I feel.

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