Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alantis as an Anime Campaign Setting

Anime Campaigns are ones that are based on the tradition of Anime.  Anime is often referred to animation that comes out of Japan.  Some of it is very good, and some of it is terrible.  That being said, way back on this blog you heard me mention something about an anime Atlantis.  New information has come to light that should make an Atlantis that much more exciting.

The scariest thing about basing a Campaign on good old Planet Earth is that good old Planet Earth is the most mysterious place in human imagination.  Our World is full of inconsistencies within the Archaeological Record and the neolithic was not all "Guys and Gals in Loincloths using stone tools."

That is a Romantic view of the Neolithic Age.  While there is a lot said in that video that could be true, there is a lot that had gone unsaid.  We promote the view that the time before recorded history men were unsophisticated, stupid, or otherwise blissfully ignorant.

Atlantis as reality?
According to the writers of Forbidden Archaeology and thousands of artifacts from earilier ages, there is strong evidence to the contrary.  Especially unnerving to certain groups, is evidence of a World Wide Language during the Neolithic Age.


Atlantis has appeared as Roleplaying Games over the years.  It is the most mysterious land in our tradition since Plato first wrote of it.  For traditional settings of Atlantis, I suggest GURPS Atlantis -- which is referred to on this site.

Anime Atlantis will take shape using BESM d20 (I'm still contracted to use TRI-STAT logos).

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