Friday, August 26, 2011

Atlantis RPG Cover

Mock cover, but a cover nonetheless!

The Atlantis RPG uses the BESM d20 System that has been updated to Pathfinder.  Enjoy looking at the cover. :)


Tim Brannan said...


I would lower the title just a touch and make it bigger.

I am more interested on what you updated from the Anime SRD to PF. That sounds really cool.

Elton said...

Well, I technically haven't started writing down my ideas yet. I may have to start with the core skills from Pathfinder and add the additional skills from BESM d20 than to work backward.

Feats are going to be a little trickier. Since so many are rejected by BESM d20, I probably have to go over some of the *new* feats to see if an existing Attribute covers them.

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