Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phoenicia's Player's Guide is being written!

First of all, there is seemingly a misunderstanding about my Pathfinder Campaign Setting.  There is a problem with blogs, they tend to put your latest post first.  I worried over this, and apparently my worry came true (the Law of Attraction really works, folks!  I deeply admonish you to learn it!)

Anyhow, it's nice that people come out and say that they won't be players in my campaign for one reason or another.  However, it's frustrating.  First of all, my campaign is not directly related to Ancient Sparta.  As much as I know about that city state (with a government that's really hard to wrap a mind around), Sparta is not the primary inspiration for my campaign.

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys T.V. Show, produced by Sam Raimi, is.  Frustrating as it sounds, yes I know.  Because of a foolish law that has been made obsolete by the Internet, Pheonicia won't be officially apart of the Golarion universe.  In order to survive as a writer on a planet with an Internet, you either have to support measures to limit Free Speech and further Limit Free Press, like RIAA and MPAA do; or you just have to accept that the Internet exists and use it's community for your gain.

Ahem.  That and I'm not a fan of Golarion.  It's a great setting, but the whole idea of the Original Dungeons and Dragons game is that you work with your own ideas.  So, as a result, I'm writing the Player's Guide to Phoenicia to bring everything together so that you will know, at last, that my setting has nothing to do with Sparta.

Harrumph.  Now that everything is clear, lets move on, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Why is this a problem? If you do not care for Golarion, why would you want to grab its coattails? Surely your creation can stand on its own two feet.

Elton said...

It will. That's why I'm releasing the IP under the CC BY SA license.

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