Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writing a comic for furries only has one little problem

Some expect sex to be in the mix.  Writing a clean comic about the human body (or any kind of body) seems to be out.  Anyway, this all started with the dragon wife comic.  I wanted to write about what it would be like to have a dragon for a wife.  It would have been a great, comic.  But I couldn't pull off the comedy at the time. The situation I am in makes it hard to pull off comedy.

Comedy is fun, but a secret to great comedy is looking at life from fresh eyes.  So the Dragon Wife became the Dragon roommate (or flatmate).  I published it on So Furry, which happened to be a big mistake.  Immediately everyone thought that the dragon and the human are going to have some sex.  I fought it.

I did a nice nude comic and I'm still doing a comic on nudism.  However, I started issue two and everyone again, wants them to pair up. The problem is, if they have sex, it would be the end of the comic and I'm still not ready to do the Dragon Wife comic.  Sometimes, I think a lot of the people at So Furry think with their brains between their legs rather than their brains inside their heads.

They aren't incomprehensible.  For some reason, something else arouses them other than humans.  Some truly may be animals in a human body.  But others go nuts because they can't get a date or find someone to love.  They also look up porn to satisfy their fetishes.  I don't know how or why they took over anthropromorphic art, but they did.

So, why am I talking about this?  It disturbs me.  Greatly.  That a BDSM fetish group is invading Lupin Lodge.  They are putting on a "human fox hunt" and some will be wearing costumes to do it.  It's pretty destructive to the naturist movement, and what is scarier is that AANR -- the American Association of Nude Recreation -- is not doing a thing about it.  If this gets out, and it will, it will embarrass AANR and TNS.

I'm a nudist.  I'm saying it right now, I'm a nudist!  I'd rather be naked, but I want to do it in an environment where my way of life is respected and not seen as some aberration.  I want my comic to reflect my philosophy about the body.  Chaste nudity, not sexual nudity.  Nudism isn't about BDSM, really.  This is really bad for Naturism and it's bad for the country as a whole.

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