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Psionics in my world plays a very important part.  For Magic, Arcane and Divine, descended from Psionics during the End of the World.  When the Lemurians and the Atlanteans came to the world, they brought psionics with them.  Shapers shaped the world according to their will, savants moved matter with their minds, nomads teleported through the world,  Egoists learned how to control their own bodies, telepaths can receive and transmit thought waves at will, and Seers see into worlds beyond sight.

Then everything changed.  A great cataclysm happened, destroying the civilizations of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans.  The Great Cataclysm resulted in the destruction of human civilization and the appearance of other civilizations.  The Coming of the Elves, for instance -- the orcs, and others came through their own gateways.  To escape, some of the Atlanteans and Lemurians went into the hollow of Terre.   Those left above were forced to survive.

The powers and knowledge of psionics was completely lost for a time (through the Copper and Bronze Ages).  However, as Mankind rebuilt himself, he learned magic from the elves.   But psionics was preserved in the mythical kingdom of Vedicia.  During the Early Iron Age, psionics filtered out of the Spice Route, reaching the known world.  In time, three cities -- Phoenicia, Syracuse, and Sybaris became the three main human cities that had a majority of psionic populations.

The influx of psions, psychic warriors, soulknives, and wilders came during a combined army of Human, Dark Elf, and Orc army invaded Vedicia and absolutely destroyed most of the Vedan Civilization.  However, some of the psions struck back, overthrowing their oppressors in little of 100 years and fracturing their little empire.  But the damage was done -- if it was damage.  The seeds of psionics have been spread throughout the world.

The Three Psionic Cities of the Known World


Phoenicia is the most Eastern city in the Known World. Pheonicia's culture is an ahistorical mixture of Hellenic, Vedic, and Medieval Persian culture.  The people dress strangely in silk and cotton outfits.  This is simply because Phoenicia is beyond the Dragonwall and the Hordelands near the desert and in warmer climates.   Most people in Phoenicia wear very little, being affected by Vedic fashion, it seems.  While others wear a lot of clothing because of the proximity to the desert.  A few are outright nudists.  But this is mostly because of the Pheonicians' beliefs.

A Phoenician by Genzo []

They believe that they are literally gods, so their whole government is based on government by the Self. They have not conquered poverty, but they believe they are free and their city state is ruled by a Republic -- a Representative Form of Government (the representatives make laws, and the people govern themselves -- little laws are needed).  The main discipline being taught here is Metacreativity.

Fashions range from Skyclad (nude), to revealing clothing that leaves very little to the imagination, to costumes coming out of the Tales of Sinbad, to Arabian Dishadi Thobes.  Veils and burqas are simply not in vogue.  Phoenician fashion is often handmade from cotton and or silk, and ranges from the simple to the extravagant.

Hero Classes (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5):
Psion (all disciplines, although Metacreativity is prominent)
Psychic Warrior (Main warrior paths include Brawling, Mind Knight, and Weapon Mastery paths)
Wilder (prevalent among the poor and destitute, where they can't get proper psionic training)

Hero Classes (4e, see the Player's Handbook 3):

Other Disciplines (i.e. Prestige Classes):
Metamind (Psionics Unleashed/Expanded Psionics Handbook)
Chakra Savant (Bruce R. Cordell's Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)
Dream Keeper (Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)
Dream Wright (Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)
Plangent (Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)
Psychic Chirurgeon (Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)
Spirituel (OGL version of the Ardent -- Hyperconscious/Mindscapes)

Paragon Paths (4e, again see the Player's Handbook 3):
Argent Soul
Psionic Binder
Eternal Blade
Steel Ego
Cerulean Adept

Part 2: Syracuse and Sybaris!

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