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While trying to figure out what to do with my open source character, shaper, it hit me.  Why not make a Mutant and Masterminds supplement of a Super Hero team based on the four classes in the Expanded Psionics Handbook, and also the six disciplines?

Meet . . . 


This is a team of nine members, all who are students who attended the same Wealth Building seminar.  Each specializing in one of the six disciplines of Psionics, and three others specializing in other areas.  The team's powers come from the same source -- their indomitable belief in the Potential of the Human Spirit.  All of them received their powers after a dream that they had.

The Shaper -- Role: The Driving Force, discipline: Metacreativity.  The Shaper has psionic powers that is comparable to Green Lantern's.  The shaper can make constructs out of Matter and Energy.  The Energy he uses to shape his constructs is Zero Point Energy.  Sex: Male.  Religion: Spiritual Christian. 

The Kineticist -- Role: Raw Energy Blaster.  Discipline: Psychokinesis.  The Kineticist's powers has to do with energy.  He can't shape energy, but he can project it, move objects in space with his mind, cause explosions of energy psionically, that sort of thing.  Powers are like Phoenix of the X-Men, or Marvel Boy of the Avengers.  Sex: Male.  Religion: Hare Krishna.

The Seer: -- Role: Guidance, Discipline: Clairvoyance.  A jewish radical activist for Woman's Rights, this woman had spent her energy fighting the patriarchy.  She visited the wealth builder conference, and in her dream that night she learned of her true calling.  To help guide people to spirituality and better choices.  Her powers include clairvoyant powers.  She is the sibyl of the team.  Sex: female.  Religion: Judaism. 

The Egoist. Role: Strong Guy.  Discipline: Psychometabolism. A body building nurse, this Egoist always wanted to help people.  After the Wealth Building seminar, he had a dream and gained psionic healing powers as well as powers that augment his physical attributes.  He can also psionically -- and physically -- fuse with another to form a dynamic fighting powerhouse.  Sex: male, Religion: Protestant Christian.

The Nomad.  Fast hero.  Discipline: Psychoportation.  Once a world renowned Athlete, this young woman had her day when she ran for the 2008 Olympics.  She earned a silver medal for running the 500 yard Dash for the United States.  Hard on her luck, she attended the Wealth Building Conference.   She gained psionic powers of teleportation and movement (moving things bypassing space).  Sex: female, Religion: Buddhist. 

The Telepath. Director.  Discipline: Telepathy.  Once a psycho-analyst, this telepath had a successful practice as a psychiatrist.  He attended the wealth building seminar out of curiosity.   After all, all he believed in was tangible results and reason.  However, in a dream that night, he had his disbelief severely challenged when he received the powers of Telepathy.  Sex: male, religion: Atheist. 

The Psychic Warrior.  Weapon Specialist.  A marine, his family fell on hard times after he came back from two tours in Afganistan.  He left the army and sought to start a business starting a firing range.  He went to the Wealth Building seminar for ideas on how to build wealth.  That night, he gained a host of psychic powers.  Sex: male, Religion: Protestant Christian.

The Soulknife.  Assassin.  A woman trained as a CIA assassin, this woman joined the Wealth Building seminar to spy on the speaker to get a line on the head of the business.  When she woke up the next morning, she could form a weapon that is the distillation of her own mind. Sex: female, Religion: None.

The Wilder: Uncontrolled woman.  A black woman, this girl has emotional outbursts and a troubled marriage back home.  She joined the wealth builder seminar because she was seeking a divorce from her alcoholic husband.  The next morning, she gained psychic powers.  However, some of her powers are connected to her emotions.  Sex: female, Religion: Wiccan (Egyptian Mythos -- worships Sehkmet).

Okay, that's all I got for the team right now.  Since I got DC Adventures to make this team, expect the Default team to reside in a DC Universe.  The Team is open sourced, however, and can reside in any Superhero universe -- DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, any of them.  I'll be building a document with them empowered over the weekend. :)

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