Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Energy, the Medium of 3D Computer Art

As 3D artists, we are dealing with pure electrical energy.  But that is the key, Energy.  According to Physics, Energy is the ability to perform work.  According to Spirituality -- Energy is the key to everything.  Everything is energy -- a quantum wave of unimaginable possibilities.

Human beings here on Earth (and other intelligent, thinking beings elsewhere in the Universe) all possess Intelligence.  They vibrate at certain frequencies and can change their vibrations at will.  When a human being dies, his or her consciousness jumps to a higher energy level, while their body becomes an organic sculpture that is readily decomposed.   Element are things that can be changed.  To put it simply, Intelligence are things that Act, and Element are things that are acted upon.  Basically, humans have the ability to collapse the Quantum Wave in an infinite number of patterns -- there is nothing a human being cannot do, cannot have, and cannot be.  They can do it Consciously (and become the thing that Athiests don't believe in), or they can do it Unconsciously (and become the thing that Athiests believe in).  Everything is in waves, we just change the unobserved into the observable.

Energy is infinite in the Universe, it's all around us, waiting to be used.  Computer 3D Artists sculpt energy into what they want to do with it.  That's all they do.


So, I don't know why there is division among 3D Artists.  All 3D Artists work in the EXACT same medium and they use the EXACT same creation process.  Thought -> Visualization -> Emotion -> Action -> Manifest.  Some 3D Artists have a quicker workflow: their workflow from thought to Manifestation is in minutes to hours (they use models purchased from stores like DAZ 3D and Renderosity).  Other 3D Artists have a slower workflow (they do everything from scratch up and work in Maya, 3D Studio, Mudbox, ZBrush, and Cinema4D).  Their workflow from thought to Manifestation is in days (measured in months and years).


Other artists use Energy as their primary medium, but they also work with matter.  Sculptors of Marble just take away the excess stone.  Clay sculptors just shape and mold clay.  Painters brush oils, acrylics, and watercolors on paper or canvas.  People who make bronze statues just need to pour the molten bronze into molds.  People who draw take pencil to paper, and on down the line.  Computer 3D Artists work in absolute pure Energy.  As long as there are electrons, and electricity (which is energy), we can create anything and have it with Artistic value.

Energy is the ultimate plastic medium.  It can take any shape, any color, any shade, any value.  Matter, which is spent energy, has to be coaxed to be molded.  Energy can be readily molded, shaped, sculpted, cut, formed, kneaded, cooked, baked, rendered, and whatever else to take the shape you need it to be.

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