Thursday, November 24, 2011

Should the Entertainment Industry go to Sharing?

The Internet is a world wide copying machine.  At the moment, the Entertainment Industry (which includes Hollywood, the Comic Book industry, the RPG "industry," and many others) represented by certain lobbyists, are trying to get the Internet censored in America.

So, after watching this video, it seems that the Intellectual Monopoly Model has been successfully challenged and found to be a dinosaur. So, what model is better for the Entertainment Industry? A model based on Sharing.

Although the word "Profit" is still being taught to children as a good thing, the best way to solve the piracy problem is dump the Intellectual Monopoly model for once and forever. Isn't it better to do this? After all, your computer doesn't know the difference between a Disney Logo and a Quantum Physics paper. It will download both without impunity.

If they shared their IM, they would be a RICHER industry. If people were allowed to write Superman and Spider-man stories without the threat of going to jail, it would generate more interest in the originals and people will read more DC and Marvel titles. All forms of Monopoly over information must be dumped if one wants to preserve the economy of Hollywood. :)

However, if you don't fight for the Internet, Hollywood would cease to exist.

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