Saturday, December 3, 2011

The First Appearance of Ferro Girl

I GMed a second game based on the DC Universe using DC Adventures (M&M 3).  The player was a Canadian, goes by Fox on OpenRPG.

Ferro Girl was designed so that her power would increase the more clothes she took off.  Strangely enough, there is a scientific explanation for this sort of power.  The human body produces its own electric current and magnetic field (some would equate this with the aura).  When we wear clothes, our bodies' electrical currents are disrupted.

In the case of Ferro Girl, she has a bioelectric signature that is about as powerful as Magneto's. While Magneto's costume doesn't interfere with his power, Ferro Girl's does.  Ferro Girl is PL 15 when nude, but the power level reduces the more her body is covered.

The first adventure is more cerebral than the last.  Fox's character goes to college at a young age, and takes psychology.  Both Heather (my first DC adventures player) and Fox (my second) approaches the world in different angles.

They were discussing the superhero community in the city where they were going to college when a bank robbery took place.  Fox's character excused herself and turned into Ferro Girl, and zoomed in there to fight.  She managed to stop three bank robbers, and one of them managed to blow his face up.  Apprehending two of them, she returned, and changed.  Happy, she bumped into Richard, an older student compared to her.

Polaris is not Ferro Girl, but Ferro Girl's costume is similar to this.
He talked about how Ferro Girl's first adventure had gone public and how it was a big success and an inspiration to Nudists allover the world. Even more elated the civic Ferro Girl returned to her dorm to see any of the news about herself.

Fox enjoyed it, even though I never referred to the books and played it ad hoc.

Next Issue: Ferro Girl meets the girl with super powered Prothesis.  And what about Nucleon anyhow?

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