Monday, December 5, 2011

First Issue of Dynamic Duo released

Whoa, what a DC Adventures session!  Set in Keystone City, the Duo defeated their first Supervillain -- which isn't a real Super Villain anyhow, just a kid with flame powers he hardly knows how to fully control yet.

So, I need to make a list of villains.  First of all, I need to make a list of the Flash's villains.

Here are a list of the Rogues --

Then a list of the Reverse Flashes
The Rival • Professor Zoom • Zoom • Inertia

Then a list of the general vileness that the Flash deals with on an ordinary crime stopping spree.

So . . . Opening Heroes and Villains, Volume 1 I need to pick out the best villains from this list.

Da Krusha is a Powerhouse (like the Hulk), and the Burst is a Paragon (like Superman, but his powers need a special chemical to activate.)  So, the best way to find the right villains is to look up the Hulk's rogues gallery.  The hulk deals with many other powerhouses.

So we have:

1. Abra Kadabra (Flash Villain)
2. Captain Cold (Flash Villain)
3. Flamester (Original Villain, based on Fire)
4. Gorrila Grodd (Flash Villain)
5. The Joker (Batman Villain)
6. Killer Croc (Batman Villain)
7. Killer Frost (Firestorm Villain)

if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments section.

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