Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Atlantis -- Series Bible

Campaign Bibles are cool, and so are series bibles.  Lets see, where shall we start?

Long ago, before the Planet was born, the Gods sat in counsel and set about planning and constructing a world.  As all things began with a thought, so do planets.  The Gods formed the World out of Elemental Chaos, planning and organizing the Elements into a globe of a garden variety.  This world was named Earth by the Gods, and soon they had formed a colony on the planet and they themselves became mortal in order to have children.  Michael and his three wives: Eve, Sarah, and Lilith had come down to sire and bear the races of men.

From ivory skinned Eve came all those who were White -- these races soon will be known as Caucasian or Western Indo-European in later generations.

From yellow skinned Sarah came all those who are Yellow and had Asian features.  These races soon will be known as the Sino races: i.e. Mongolians, Yellow Huns, Chinese, Koreans, Indo-Chinese, Malayasians, Vietnamese, and the Japanese.

From ebony skinned Lilith came those who will be known as Africans.  However, the Titans came to Earth from the Stars in a thousand years after Michael and his wives had ascended to Heaven.  The Titans, being much more technologically advanced than the humans had conquered the world (i.e. Europe, Egypt, and Asia Minor -- also known as the Middle East).  They ruled for 500 years until their descendants -- Half Titan and half human, dethroned them.

One of these half-gods, known as Poseidon, chose to explore the ocean and surveyed all that was beyond.  After voyaging on the ocean from his native Europe, he came upon a lost continent (North America).  The continent had a people who were never subjugated by the Titans.  The land was incredibly virgin to Poseidon.

Eventually, he met a striking young woman known as Cleito, who lived with her mother and father Evanor and Elassippe.  Poseidon eventually fell in love with her and married the young maid.  Eventually, from their union, she bore him five sets of twins.

When the twins reached their teenager hood, Poseidon allowed them to explore the world.  When the Twins returned, they had learned much about all of the World and then Poseidon divided the land between them.  He then named the continent Atlantis after his first son, and named the ocean he crossed the Atlantic -- also after Atlas his first born.  Then, when the twins started their own families, Poseidon and Cleito had left for Europe.

Atlas set about helping his brothers found his cities, and left his first born son to found the City of Atlantis.  After that, the City of Atlantis has grown.  However, the wars that they took part in had wiped out an entire people -- like the people of Cainan had done to the tent dwelling people of Shum 1,500 years ago.  Having committed Genocide, the Atlanteans foreswore violence in favor of science and peace.  The pact they swore was the Symphonia Ethicos.

Flash foreword.

It's the Height of civilization in Atlantis and the Atlanteans have discovered many things in the Sciences.  They also expanded their civilization outward, affecting certain civilizations themselves.  The Atlanteans' have a priesthood, but a scientific basis on what they pursue is important to them.  Atlantean society, although open and fluid, is basically divided into:
The Elite -- which is the High Atlanteans.  These are the rich and powerful and Abundant.
The Scientists -- Which include University Professors, Museum curators, scholars, astronomers, and inventors.
The Mystics -- Which are really those that manipulate the universe psionically.  The Mystics are divided into seven different casts themselves:
  • The Telepaths -- who aid in Government of the people.
  • The Seers -- who comprise the Atlantean Priesthood.
  • The Egoists -- who are natural Athletes.
    The Kineticists -- who deal in the willful manipulation of energy.
  • The nomads -- who deal in quick transportation.
  • and. . . 
  • The Shapers.  Who the Priesthood dread.

Besides the Mystics, their are people who are trained to use their minds in combat.  These are known as the Psychic Warriors of Atlantis.  And beside those, there are those with potential who are not trained but figure out how to use their potential.  These are known as wilders.

The technology of Atlantis is a mixture of wierd Steamtech and Ultra-high Psi-tech.  Engineering geniuses have blended the two, as well kept some items separate and pure.  One of these items is the Obsidian Pyramid.  A small, handheld black pyramid (with scintillating Atlantean designs) that is capable of transporting a person anywhere, anywhen if used incorrectly.

Well. . . there was a problem when one of these were used.  Trouble with the Atlantean government had forced a child to use an obsidian pyramid to teleport herself away from the Authorities, even as they had killed her Master, the inventor Jason, in front of her.  She appeared in Modern Day America holding the obsidian pyramid and was found at the side of a lake by a teenager.  She then identified herself as Amestris and passed out.

~ More Later ~

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