Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uhm . . . Is the OSR making waves?

Greywulf (Robin is ecstatic about this particular product.


Really, he says everything in this post.  Really, the Dungeons and Dragons red box is an exciting product coming out of Wizards of the Coast.  But is this the new Roleplaying Holy Grail for Old Schoolers or better yet, kids?

Well, it is important that we need new kids into this hobby.  Roleplaying is actually the cheepest game you can buy, since the replay value is potentially infinite.  The number one thing about Roleplaying Games, and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, that it provided a group of kids a way to play.  The best edition of this is Original Dungeons and Dragons that came out in a White and blue box.  This edition is represented by Swords and Wizardry.

Through the years, Dungeons and Dragons evolved, revolved, and revolved again.  It changed from a game where you could do anything into a game that is based on the group mentality and sport mentality.  And sadly, this 4th Edition is lagging behind in sales than the 3rd Edition did (which the OGL helped sell so well!).  Because of this, Wizards has streamlined D&D and rebuilt back into Basic D&D.  Represented by a Red Box.

So, will kids stop paying $19.95 to World of Warcraft to buy the red box and begin adventures in their own conworlds?  Or will it tank?  What will time tell?  Will guys who like playing without all the stupid accounterments of D&D, and just sit down and use the game to collectively tell a story within a Constructed World (me) use this?  Probably.  Maybe.  Only time will tell.

I would like this product to be bought up by kids, first and foremost.  Not by any kid, but the kids who wants to use their imagination to play and have fun.  It is these kids that the game needs to cater too.  If these kids don't get a game to play with that is easily accessible, then the Roleplaying Hobby could die. 


greywulf said...

Exactly so.

Just as the original Red Box edition of D&D was pivotal in the rpg explosion as a whole, so should this be (I hope!). That all depends on Hasbro & WoTC's ability to market this effectively - not something they've been very good at doing with the D&D brand so far. They can get Magic:the Gathering sold everywhere, but D&D is stuck still stuck in the bookstore shelves where the cool kids don't go. The need to fix this (which, incidentally, is where the hobby's shift into CCG territory comes in. But that's another blogpost for later in the week).

If they do that, it will benefit all of the rpg hobby - not just D&D, but every game, whether old school, fantasy, sci-fi or modern. It's the first step into the role-playing hobby. It needs to succeed. I just hope Hasbro are up to the task.

Elton said...

This may be the best thing about Hasbro buying WotC. They aren't going to screw up. What Hasbro needs to do is to realize the potential of D&D and the good that can come out of it. That's all they need to hear.

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