Sunday, February 7, 2010

Character DuJoir: Sakura the Psychic Warrior

Sakura the Psychic Warrior 2 by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Sakura is an Atlantean Psychic Warrior who immigrated to Atlantis from the Far East.  She joined the Atlantean Army because her family was rich and noble.  However, after training as a psychic warrior and on her first Campaign she had a stupid commander who she went over his head and helped the Atlanteans defeat the Hyperboreans (re. Norsemen who vyke).  However, no good deed goes unpunished and she was immediately court martialled and sold into slavery.

She was bought by her current Master who tried to save her from a life of slavery.  However, the taskmasters were too thorough, she's thoroughly submissive now.  She won't leave her master's side.  She acts as body guard, guide, and other things -- although some of the things she wants to do makes her Master sweat.


greywulf said...

Quick question: what lighting are you using? I think this would benefit from a little more shadow detail. Either UberEnvironment2 (Park) or Light Dome Pro's Cloudy setting would do wonders for it.

Just a suggestion :D

Elton said...

I'll need a bigger set for Light Dome Pro, and I think I need some a tutorial on how to use UberEnvironment.

greywulf said...

Consider it added to my list :D

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