Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dark Forces

Drinking Problem

I put up Nina Paley's "Drinking Problem" with Meme and Eustace for a simple reason.  You, mainstream astronomers, have a drinking problem.  You won't simply take no for an answer from Nature and now think up crazy ideas that you push to us, the general public.

You simply have the brass to dictate to Nature how she ought to act and be:

Body Image

Really, nature doesn't look the way you want Nature to look.  In all simplicity, It looks at your wonderfully constructed equations and simply doesn't follow them.  Nature doesn't manifest Dark Energy, Dark Matter, or Dark Forces. 

Dark Matter.

Well, you had something there with Dark Matter until you say it isn't made up of atoms.  So, you're looking for neutrinos, which are made up of Dark Matter but doesn't have mass.  Okay . . .

Dark Energy.

Energy is neither dark nor light, it simply is energy.  Some of it is invisible, some of it is very visible.  But it's the same, Energy.  Matter is spent Energy, but it can be converted back into unspent Energy.  Energy, whether it is intelligent or not, is simply energy.  You can lull your sheep into believing in Dark Energy, but the next thing really shows you are off your rocker.

Dark Forces.

You are not only thumbing Nature's nose, but your taking Sir Issac Newton's work on Physics and flushing it down the toilet with dark forces.  To create your perfect universe, you have divided everything up into a dichotomy.   Matter vs. Dark Matter, Energy vs. Dark Energy, Force vs. Dark Force.  This is so medievalistic it reminds me of Saint Cyril when he vivisected Hypatia on a Christian altar.  Our Universe still works in some absolutes --> 1+1 will always be 2.  An object at rest will stay at rest until a force acts upon it.

You are creating an ideology and calling it science.   You are drunk with theories and mathematics you don't realize that you are creating a religion.  You have your creation myths, your saints, your god, and your theology.  You have perverted science; and are slowly transforming it from the quest for truth about the world around us into a pseudo-science.  The young must be indoctrinated into your ideology and you use Mathematics to cow everyone else into believing you.

You deserve the label "astrologer" and all the respect due to the term.  You, who won't take no for an answer to your big bang.  You, who have prevented real scientists from getting telescope time, or preventing their work to the public.  You are drunk with fame and T.V. time.  You are so drunk with your own knowledge and supposed wisdom that you have become blind.

Your big bang theory is built like a house of cards.  You treat us like sheep and have deluded us into believing you.  You prevented Halton Arp from publishing his materials, and you prevent other scientists from being seen and heard.  Well, you astrologers, your theory's time is limited.  You astrologers who will not take "no" for an answer to the Big Bang Theory and make up all of these fantastic constructs are drunk with yourselves.  You're like Meme in this strip:

Not a Good Idea

Really, guys, get a clue.  You are so in love with your fantasy that you will not allow reality to have its say.

Except on the Internet.

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