Sunday, December 5, 2010

If 4e was released with a Creative Commons License

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Interesting question.

One thing for sure, if it was released with a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, I'd be tearing into it and throwing out all the stupid miniature rules (DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!)  I'd create some modules around the Yaun-ti, since they are the most interesting monsters in D&D that WotC claims that it has copyright over (the second being Mind Flayers, which are based on HP Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu mythos).  I'd also be addressing a few rules that I've seen of late.

Take Sampson of the Bible.  Sampson was a judge of Israel who also happened to be Dan's local hero.  He was strong enough to kill a lion, to carry away city gates, and to cause the Temple of Dagon to fall and destroy the entire Philistine Aristocracy.  I'd say he had a STR of 30 (of course he sinned and had his hair cut off, so he lost his strength "it went back down to a measly 9.")  For some dumb reason, the ability scores are linked to one's level.

Actually, one of my 4e players made an issue of it when I didn't think there was one.  He thought I was insane.  Actually I was so incredibly tired I didn't want to discuss the issue.  I wanted to show he had super strength (in RM, Sampson would have a bonus to his strength not a modification to his strength score.  The "supernatural" bonus would be about +10 or +15 for RMFRP).

Secondly, I'd do something about the pidgeon-holing.  I just don't know where to begin.  I'd probably throw out the extended roles and try something different (I'm beginning to think that the pidgeon-holing is a core aspect of the system, but if we just got rid of that).

So, what would you do if WotC released 4e with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license?

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Dyson Logos said...

I would ignore it, although maybe some of the off-shoots would be more interesting.

As it stands, I just don't have time for 4e. I've played it a few times (and enjoyed it immensely), but its not "my game".

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