Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Roleplaying a Geeky activity?

Quite simply put. . . no, not actually.   Roleplaying is not a geeky activity, it's a social activity.  While you don't see roleplayers getting gold medals during the Olympics, Roleplaying Games harkens back to the Olympian Games and the Pythian Games where stage actors actually competed.

Not there is any competition in playing Dungeons and Dragons anyway.  But the value of roleplaying is the fact that you get to create a character and actually roleplay that character through problems and situations that the gamemaster presents.

So far, in my Pathfinder Game, I have been presenting problems to my players that they would have have to solve.  The problems have been different and provides them with opportunities to solve these problems.  So far, only one character is overpowered (it's our ranger) in regards to the rest of the group.  the GM, me, has been so far unable to defeat her.   Lucky me.

So, if playing roleplaying games is geeky, then lets say that playing football is geeky. Roleplaying is a form of amateur dramatics that harkens back to the Olympian and Pythian Games.  You are put on stage in Hamlet, where you have no script to play -- just that the Director just gives you the problem and have you work it out through Roleplay.

it's a lot like Who's Line Is It Anyway? and similar television shows.  Without the audience. :) 

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