Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Order of Enoch, is it Socialist?

So it would seem that many scholars are proclaiming the Christ to be socialist.  These are noteworthy scholars in many Christian universities, even in BYU.   Christ does state many ideas in the New Testament that seem socialistic in nature.  However, do you notice anything about the Master of Masters?

People say he hated the rich.  He actually loved the rich.  If you read his encounter with the Young Rich Man -- he bade the young rich man to sell everything he had and to give to the poor and to become a disciple.  The rich man couldn't, he loved money more than he loved God.  This is exactly the same as Christ asking a certain Mormon to take off his underwear.  Christ was asking the young rich man to give up what he loved the most.

Christ said that it's harder for a Rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven for the camel to go through the eye of a needle.  It was this statement that Christ is often quoted for being a socialist.  Why?  Because socialists believe the Rich should pay their fair share so that poverty can go away.   However, if socialists would watch the original movie Sabrina where Bogie describes the reasons why he was creating a plastics plant in Puerto Rico was so that little kids could have shoes and go to school.  He was creating jobs (profit can be either evil or good, depending on how you look at it).

So, lets talk about and compare two systems of Economics.  The Order of Enoch and Marxist Communism.  Now people get these two mixed up, but one has to do with Central Planning and Collectivists calling the shots, the other having to do with the Individual.   They are both as far apart as the geographical poles.

The Order of Enoch will be in blue, Marxist Communism in red.

Property: Privately Owned under the Order of Enoch, except for certain community services.  These would be public utilities that will be operated by co-operation efforts.

Under Marxism, the property is state owned and state regulated.  The state owns your house, your bathroom, your toilet, and your computer.

Profits: Your rewards for your accomplishments are retained by you according to the Order of Enoch.  It is retained, "according to his family, according to his circumstances and his desires."  Surpluses are then to be voluntarily donated to the common treasury of the Order (Scriptures paraphrased by me -- and his desires actually reads his wants and his needs).

Under Marxism, you aren't allowed any sort of a reward for your hard work.  The rewards are taken away and doled out to everyone, even if one's lazy.  In other words, you are forced to donate to the common treasury of the People.

Participation: Voluntary under the Order of Enoch.  Each man owns his individual stewardship and may discontinue at any time by withdrawing his stewardship from the order. (See D&C 51:5).

Forced. In a Socialist Amerika, for example, the penalty for attempting to leave the system and flee from the country is death.

The Family: Is made the basic social unit of the Order of Enoch. It's fixed upon family members the reciprocal obligation of looking after their material needs for one another.  The order took over only when the family had failed for some reason. 

Marxists advocate abolition of the family.  They want marriage and familial relations outlawed.  They want children to be raised by the state from "cradle to grave."

Personal Security: Made paramount in the Order.  You will have the right to possess title to all property held in a stewardship permitted to each man to enjoy full independence even to the point of taking his stwardship out of the system if so desired.

The marxists will completely subborn your personal security.  You will comply and work for the state or you will have no place to live and no property of your own.  It's that simple.  Oh wait, under marxism you won't have any personal property.  Sorry about that.

Competition: Encouraged! Each man or woman may attempt to prove himself.  Say you built a plant that creates antigravity vehicles.  Under the Order of Enoch, your friend can build a plant that builds antigravity vehicles cheaper and faster.   And the anti-gravity vehicles they have are of much better quality.  This is competition.  Can you build them faster and cheaper than he can?  Sure!  Will the government step in and impose regulations?  Absolutely not.

 FORBIDDEN under Marxism.  No one can be better than anyone else, the government regulates and centralizes everything so that if you have a better idea or can do it better, you can't do it.

Supervision: Highly decentralized, the Order of Enoch is individualistic.  So, each man is given a wide latitude as to the manner in which he will develop and progress.  The judgement is on the bishop of the Church on the final results. 

Under Marxism, supervision is highly centralized and set up so those who have certain advantages can't get ahead of those who don't. 

Morals and Religion:  These were the Foundation of the Order of Enoch.  Respect for God and his priesthood was paramount of the Order of Enoch.  Respect for other religious beliefs go hand in hand.  Under the Order of Enoch, if you are Wiccan you can be Wiccan.   Accordingly, if you worshipped Buddha or the philosophy of the Jains, you can retain your beliefs.  You can even be a Flat-Earth Atheist in the strongest possible way imaginable.

Marxists believe that "Religion is the opium of the people!"  The notion that Christ came to Earth to save us from our sins and our death is superstitious claptrap.  No, you can't be a Wiccan.  No you can't be a Buddhist.  No, you can't be Muslim.  No, you can't be a Jain.  You can be a Unitarian. 

The reason why so many scholars have confused the Order of Enoch with Communism is because so many people misunderstood the economic order of the Early Christians and have assumed that Christ is now teaching Communism.  Really this is a misconception.  Jesus Christ is an Individualist.  He wants us to work out our own salvation with Him.  Communists and Marxists are Collectivists, they want a short cut for everyone to get back to heaven -- even if they deny heaven in the first place.

Communists say everyone is saved, whether they want to believe or not; do it or not.  For the Individualist, salvation is an Individual, personal responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Have actually read any Marx? The red text makes me think you have not. I'd recommend reading the Communist Manifesto. It doesn't say what you think it does.

Elton said...

Here's a question. If you were starving and your family was starving, would you have them chipped in order to get some bread? Once your chipped there's no going back.

Anonymous said...

That seems to be an admission of, "No, I have not read Marx. Don't confuse me with truth."

Aaron E. Steele said...

Don't blame Elton. Blame the education system. It clearly failed him.

Elton said...


Everyone knows that Communism is Lucifer's plan to enslave the human species on this planet.

Aaron E. Steele said...

My friend, have you even bothered to read Adam Smith, Karl Marx, or any of the other great political economists?

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