Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Technological Revolutions of the Age of Leo

Although I discuss the technology of the Stone Age, there are a couple of technologies from that time that are worth noting. Especially the Agricultural and Domestication revolutions, and the wheel!

Domestication -- was it God or was it You-Know-What?

Scientists say that the Agricultural Revolution occured in the Middle East and then spread to Europe.  The problems with wild cereals and our domestic cereals are often brought up in Television programs about that time in History.  Most notably, Stories from the Stone Age.  How did we get from wild cereals to domesticated wheat and barley?
Corn.  Where is it's ancestral grass?

Simply, we are the victims of a shell game if we are led to believe that humans did a process of selection with the gardens and wheat fields they planted and we somehow got domesticated varieties from their wild predecessors.  What is worse that corn, or maize, ancestral plant has never been located.  And maize depends entirely on humans in order to grow.  This is a scientific fact.  Every botantist knows that maize is a cultigen -- a domesticated species entirely dependent on humans to grow and flourish.

Our scientists have not been able to find the wild variety of maize.  So how can this be if the Agricultural Revolution took place in the Age of Leo? After all, maize is a form of wild grass, much like it's cousins.  So there isn't a good reason why it's ancestral wild grass is extinct.

The second hole in the puzzle of plant domestication is that we haven't been able to produce another cereal grain from wild grass in the whole history of the world!  Maslin and mullet not withstanding.  So, the question is, how did our ancestors perform such a feat?  Sources say that Cain was a farmer, but how and where did the first and second generation of Adam's seed ever get these cereal crops and where did they come from if they had no prior experience with genetics?  And even if you believe that Adam is a superstitious myth, where did a bunch of Natufians ever get their domestic cereal crops from wild grasses?

You-know-what has to come in the picture somehow.  You can't think that the Natufians ever lacked experience in plant breeding.  They had to have figured it out.  They had to have genetically engineer the grasses if you ignore all the other possibilities.  After all, wild wheat and barley have 7 chromosomes, and this increased to 42 in their domestic varieties -- their genetic code increased by a factor of 6!  Sugar Cane, another grass, had only 10 chromosomes.  But the domesticated variety has it's chromosomal count increased to 80.  This is a factor of 8!  What is going on here?  How did the Natufians ever figure out genetics if they are unsophisticated?  It had to be genetic engineering or the other -- who is regarded as superstition by many scientists.

Animal Domestication

How did we get a dairy cow from this?
How did we get a dog from a wolf?  How did we get a dairy cow from a wild aurochs?  Why are these two animals bred from aggressive stock -- one still living the other made extinct?   After all, a bunch of Natufians are still going to get a wolf if they raise a baby wolf.  And the Europeans are still going to get an aurochs if they raise a baby aurochs.

You have to change whole groups of genes to get Canis lupis familaris from Canis lupis.  Similarly, you have to do the same to get Bos taurus from Bos primigenius primigenius. So how did they accomplish it?  And why are we insulting our intelligence by assuming that the Natufians and the Europeans back in the New Stone Age were a bunch of people that accomplished this by crossbreeding?  You-know-what had to have been accomplished by Natufians and Europeans to produce the docile dairy cow and the familiar dog.

The Wheel
I touched on the wheel beforehand.  So I said it before, and I'll say it again.  The wheel was not invented by the Sumerians!  The Wheel came from the Neolithic Age, not the Sumerians.  Why?  Because there are etheric wheels in cave and primitive art everywhere.  We are fools to ignore the fact that ancient human testimony called for a planetary constellation in our Northern Sky.  All simple machines are pretty easy to figure out from Earth geography.  Except the wheel. 

In ancient times, the Age of Leo was known as the First Time by the Egyptians. A time when three planets were in a great constellation in our Northern Sky.  The Artists did not get their inspiration of the wheel from the nature all around them.  all they had to do was look up.  The artisans only had to look up.

In an inspired act of art imitates nature, Artisans made the wheel after looking up and imitating what they saw by carving wood or stone.  Disbelievers may scoff and say that humans invented the wheel by saying they saw a bone twirl in the air.  This is nonsense, a modern myth inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the same book by Arthur C. Clark.  Arthur C. Clark never did see the ancient cave art of the neolithic times, nor did he come to the conclusion that there was three planets in our sky in a great constellation.  The Wheel was invented during the Age of Leo and not by the Sumerians (who are the descendants of Elam).

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