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Why Leo? Understanding the Signs of the Zodiac

So, why the Age of Leo for setting a Roleplaying Game?  Why not Virgo the Virgin, or Cancer the Crab, or Pisces the fish? To understand that is to understand precession.  Every 26,000 years or so the Earth wobbles on it's axis.  It goes through a slow wobbling.  1 degree of precession equals 72 years, the approximate age of a human lifetime.

Each Sign is significant to the Age of the Earth.  When the Earth was created and born from the God Star Saturn, like a baby is born from it's Mother, you could say that each age or epoch was counted through that time.  Every Ancient Civilization from the Chinese to the Indians, to the Aztecs and the Romans and even the Israelites look towards a golden age of Myth and Wonder.

The Bible itself has two accounts of Creation, and the Latter-day Saints has three.  One of these accounts was witnessed by humans, the other two accounts were not witnessed by humans except through second hand account -- witnessing the creation by revelation after it had happened.  In ancient records we see that humankind is recorded through the precession of the Zodiac in the Ages of Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces -- with the Age of Aquarius coming up in a few years (next year?).

The Age of Virgo -- 14,000 BC to 12,000 BC.

The Age of Virgo is the Mesolithic Age on the Earth. Many humans recorded what they saw on the caves.  Such as Lascaux Cave in France.  They were realists, depicting what they saw and the hunts that they participated in.

In Eden, the Colony of Elohim was first established. It was a golden age, an age when the Elohim were still Gods, but working to create themselves into mortals by eating of the trees in Eden.  For however long it took them, the transition between the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo was a powerful Cataclysm. Suddenly the realists of the Mesolithic Age found themselves in the Age of Leo.  This Cataclysm was marked in the Bible as the appearance of two great lights in the sky.  The first to rule the day (the sun) and the second to rule the night (Saturn).

The Age of Leo -- 12,000 BC to 10,000 BC

The Age of Leo is marked by a sky of Wonders.  Adam and his wives were expelled from Eden because one of the wives had relations with something, or someone, vile.  They came out and started a colony.  The Age of Leo, although officially became known as the Neolithic Age, was marked by 2,000 years of invention.

The Wheel.  Domesticated crops.  Domesticated animals.  Stonemasonry.  Crime and War (Cain slew Able).  Atheism(?) (Cain again). Devilishness (Satan coming among the Children of Adam).  Metallurgy (Cainites).  the building of some Megalithic sites (the Sphinx, Baelbek, possibly Stonehenge).  The first cities (Nod, Jericho, Ain Gazal, Catal Huyuk, etc.).   Adam died(?) during sometime in the middle of the Age of Leo.  During the last half of the Age of Leo, the City of Zion was founded.

Zion is an American Socialist's dream.  No poor among the people of Zion.  They were of one heart, and one mind between one another.  There was no division, no poor or inequality.  Everyone had what they needed.  Sooner than later, the World came against Zion to slay the people -- every man, woman, and child.  Eventually, Zion was taken up into the Heavens. 

Neolithic Artists, however, changed their focus from Realism to Surrealism.  They recorded wheels, etheric sites, and many others.  The Age of Leo came to an end when Zion was taken up, and people reported that Zion had fled.

The Age of Cancer -- 10,000 BC to 8,000 BC

The Age of Cancer is marked by Cataclysm.  During the Age of Cancer, Noah was warned to build an Ark.  During the building of the Ark, people laughed at Noah.

People would say he is crazy.  However, the Earth had filled with violence.  The Earth ranged with people who made war as easily as anyone who can really count.  People were killing each other.

Noah and his 3 sons built the Ark.  They had help from the Giants, but speed wasn't important.  He would spend time warning the people about the Great Flood that is coming.  People would laugh at him and say he's just a crazy old man building the Ark so far away from any water (the people knew about Navigation).  But Noah and his sons continued.  At the end of building of the Ark, Noah shut himself up in the Ark along with baby animals of every kind and seeds of every kind (not species, kinds).

Then the Flood came.  Through the flood, the Earth separated from Saturn and came to it's present orbit over time (some years were counted as 250 days, for instance).  The people were surprised, but they were caught up in their own destruction.

After this, Noah and his children, the animals, and the plants recolonized the world.  Noah's sons colonized the world soon after that.

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