Monday, May 28, 2007

Birthright Campaign Setting

I've been reading an old favorite AD&D campaign setting. Birthright is one of the best campaign settings to come out of TSR in a very long time. The idea about Birthright is roleplaying High Fantasy with a bent on politics and intrigue. In Birthright, you play kings, queens, counts and contessas, barons and baronesses, earls, lords and ladies, and princes and princesses. You can also play pontiffs in a mighty theocracy; or be adroit corporate businessmen and merchant princes.

Fighters, Rangers, and Paladins manage Law holdings and make war. Clerics, Priests, and Druids manage Temple Holdings, theives and rogues manage guild and trade holdings, while sorcerers and wizards control mighty source holdings. Finally, the cultures are based on real world analogues: The Anuireans are based on Early Renassiance England and France (i.e. around the time of Henry Tudor VII); the Khinasi are based on the Spanish Moors at the hieght of their power; the Brechts are based on the Hanseatic League, the Rjurik are based on the Viking and Pictish cultures; and the Vos are based on the Mongol culture with a strong Russian influence.

In the Campaign Setting, which is taking some ideas from the Highlander franchise and turned them into an interesting campaign setting. The game is based on Richard Baker's old novel manuscript: Kingmaker.
It's awesome to be reading about it again. I'm looking forward to playing it as Atlantis is shaped.

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