Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Power Words

While reading Mamoreal's blog Being REAL, I caught the sense that this wonderful sister doesn't have the concept that she is in control of her own actions. Well, she does, but she doesn't fully understand her real powers over herself and how she wants to be. So, this is a blog entry for her.

There are four powerful words we learn in the English Language because they define self, choice, and intentions. These Power Words do not have any noticeable effect, at first, like the Power Word spells in Dungeons and Dragons and the d20 System. But they are more powerful since they define our focus and shape our world. These words are:

  • I believe
  • I can
  • I choose
  • I am
I'll go through these one by one.

I believe: I believe is usually a power word stating our faith in something. Believe is a power word relating to faith. When we believe in something, we are stating that we have faith in it. Most of the time, this is something we cannot see, touch, or realize its there. Like electricity. A lot of people can't define electricity, they can't see it or give any kind of physicality to it. But they know its there. They become aware of its presence when they flip on a switch, or turn on the Television.

I can: I can is a statement in intention. "I can become wealthy," "I can marry." When we say "I can" we are stating our intentions or a preconcieved option we've already taken.

I choose: I choose is even more powerful than I can, since it means that you are declaring a choice through your own free agency. I choose is more powerful than "I can" and "I Choose."

I AM: Whoa, talk about power. "I am" is a very, very special phrase in the English language. It is special because it is a declaration of self. I am is something you say when you want to define yourself and who you want to be. I Am is so powerful that the phrase God uses when talking to Moses was translated to "I AM" by the translators of the Bible. When you say I am something, you are declaring to the universe that you are that something. I am in love. I am wealthy. I am poor. I am "suffering" unrequited love (yes, it's painful, but temporary). When I finally go through the House of the Lord, I will be getting something wonderful -- my true identity as to actually who I am.

These are the four power phrases. Use them wisely.

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