Saturday, May 19, 2007

Confessions of an LDS Free Thinker (2)

Dealing with unrequited love can really be a bear, really. Although Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Theory really help, it can be quite a burden.

I keep declaring that I love my princess. The reason why is simple, every time you declare something; something immediately happens and the Universe swings its way. Remember the power words article below? Anyway, it works in love like this. I declare my love for this woman, and she instantly responds no matter where she is in the Universe. So, she aught to know that a real man actually loves her very deeply in her unconscious mind.

My description of the last time I saw her is getting very poetic. Anyway, with legs like hers, she really should show them off. And I acknowledge that she may not want to. But this is a confession so I'd like to confess a desire. Unlike me, I have a feeling that she isn't a nudist, but I'd love her to be.

Here is my desire:
We are on a dinner date at one of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City (yes, I know, there are probably a lot of restaurant critics who have been in better restuarants in other cities -- Salt Lake City doesn't really have the best restuarants in the country let alone the Universe). While eating our main course, she reveals to me, hesitantly, that she's a nudist. Containing my excitement, I ask her out on a hiking date. She accepts and then I surprise her by showing off my hiking clothes -- going skyclad. She gets skyclad too and we have a wonderful hike, as any anxiety between us is immediately dispelled. The next week, we go to Hawaii and on one of the nude beaches in an Edenic paradise; I ask her to marry me and bring along a ring for the occasion.

That would be awesome.

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