Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kobold Publishing kickstart press release



I'm really poor.  I live on 5 dollars a day.  My family has been in absolute financial distress since 2004, and there's little to do but perfect my Poser Art while the Computer Graphics Society condemns us all poser and DAZ Studio users.

No more.

Since I'm so poor, I figure I have really nothing to lose on a risky venture.  So, writing an adventure using kobolds as the antagonists, I noticed that I ran into a snag while planning all the Poser 3D Art.  Sixus Studios' Raptorian is missing and Rawn's lizard men for M4/V4 isn't really something you can rely on for kobolds.  They are too humanoid.

Faced with a choice of being cheap or going all out, I could either get someone to draw B&W art for me.  Or I can risk it all in a Kickstart and have the Kobold created as a 3D poser figure.  I talked to Chikako of Mirye Software and Meshbox on the possibility of having a kobold created with clothes to my specifications.

The price tag for creating the Kobold in 3D Studio MAX and having it painted in Mudbox, along with a selection of clothes and weapons is $4,200 dollars (that includes transfer of Copyright).  I'm having the Copyright transferred to me for several reasons -- this figure cannot achieve it's full potential if either Meshbox or I kept it shut in a Copyright chest.  I'll be selling it through Meshbox, Mirye Software, and Renderosity with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (the least restrictive of the Creative Commons licenses).

  Yes, I can see your mouths drop.  "$4,200 dollars?  Where are you going to get that kind of money?!" you say.  Others are saying, "Your going to put a Creative License on your Kobold figure, you're crazy!"

The answer to the first question: through Kickstart.

Boss Kobold by *StressedJenny on deviantART

Since the Kobold is going to be the single most expensive item in making this adventure, I'm making it my mascot.  So, I checked to see if a d20/Pathfinder/D&D 5e publisher existed under Kobold Publishing.  Well, the name isn't registered.  There is a Kobold Quarterly, but no Kobold Publishing.

I'm doing this for a couple of reasons.

Today, I'm having a conversation with Rite Publishing on doing pro bono work as an intern for doing their layouts.  It would be great if my family is more prosperous to just intern, but since we are in financial distress I need to do something to ease the distress.  I'm going to take the intern job while raising money for the adventure.

So I am announcing my intentions of forming Kobold Publishing, Ltd.  Kobold Publishing, Ltd. works on producing Adventures for the Pathfinder roleplaying game.  Each adventure will have the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License as well as being produced under the OGL.  Our mascot is the kobold that I'm spending so much money on making a reality.

Each adventure will be produced in a heroic fantasy vein.  Some will feature psionics, some not.  But it will be all adventure.  Plus, with the Creative Commons license, Wizards of the Coast can publish one of my adventures for D&D Next, Paizo can make a competing copy, and many other possibilities.  The possibilities are endless when you grant FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

I'll put up a Kickstart page on Kickstarter soon.
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