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Character du Jour: Alarcawen, elocater

Sometimes, a psion Nomad and a Fighter can go together to make an interesting combination.  The Elocater prestige class in the Expanded Psionics Handbook (now Psionics Unleashed!) is meant to combine fighter and psion, or just a plain psychic warrior, in tandem.  Alarcawen, which means "Swift/Rapid Girl" in Quenya (thank you, good Professor) is an apt athlete who has learned the arts of fighting with a sword.  She is based on Wayne Reynolds' illustration of a Dromite Elocater. 

Alarcawen is a psion first, warrior second.  She was always fast when she ran through the forested meadows of her home in Massalia.  It was rumored that no one boy, elf or otherwise, could surpass her speed while she was in childhood.  When it was time for her to study, she chose to be a psion rather than monk or a rogue.  She still learned how to fight with a longsword, and she became quite proficient in it.

During the Elf Troll wars in which the elves battled the trolls while some of them looked for a new home to settle in, she excelled in combat.  Pretty soon, she learned how to combine the might of a Nomad (a psion who specialized in psychoportation) with that of a fighter.  This attracted the attention of the Elocaters of Massalia, which were a very small group.  They've been watching the elf girl since she was a child, and now they took the girl under their wing and taught them their secrets.  She now scorns the Earth and does battle against her enemies using a combination of speed and mental alacrity.

She came to Phoenicia, the City of Psionics in order to root out her enemies.  The Dark Brotherhood, a society of assassins, had slain most of her living family and now she wants justice.  But sometimes, justice takes the form of vengeance when the Law can do nothing to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Alacawen   CR 10
XP 6,400
Female Massalian Elf Psion 3/Fighter 3/Elocater 3
NG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +4; Senses Low Light Vision; Perception +11

AC 18 (22) Touch 15, Flat Footed 17 (+4 Dex, +2 Floating Leather Armor, +4 Inertial Armor, +1 amulet, +1 ring)
hp  61 (3d6+3d10+3d8+18 con)
Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +8; +10 against enchantment spells and effects; +9 against Fear
Defensive Abilities Armor Training, Bravery, detect psionics

Speed 40 ft.
Melee "Langoril" (+1 Sundering Longsword) +7 (1d8+1/20/x2) or +2 Daggers of Teleporting +12 (1d4+2/20/x2)
Ranged +2 Daggers of Teleporting +8 (1d4+2/20/x2)
Psionic Powers Known (Discipline - Psychoportation, ML 5, Power Points 27)

Level 3 -- Astral Caravan, Psionic Blast, Telekinetic Force
Level 2 --  Dimension Swap, Dissolving Weapon, Ego Whip, Thought Shield
Level 1 -- Burst, Deceleration, Empathy, Inertial Armor, Teleport Auxillary (hyp)

Abilities Str 12, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 15
Base Attack: +6  CMB +10  CMD 11
Feats: Agile Manuevers, Dodge, Expanded Knowledge, Mobility, Psionic Dodge,  Psionic Talent, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse
Skills: Autohypnosis +9, Fly +14, Acrobatics +8, Climb +4, Handle Animal (horse) +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +9, Knowledge (Psionics) +13, Ride (horse) +7, Perception +11, Spellcraft +13, Swim +2
Languages: Common, Elvish, Massalian Elvish, Orc
SQ: Elven traits, eternal grudge (Arcadian Elves), aerial acrobatics, armor training, dimensional step, discipline (psychoportation), Discipline Talents (Burst, Deceleration), freerunning, personal gravity, scorn earth, spatial awareness, terminal velocity

Combat Gear: Langoril (+1 Sundering Longsword), 4 Daggers of Teleporting (+2), Floating Leather Armor (+1); Other Gear: amulet of natural armor +1, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, 200 gp

Aerial Acrobatics
The elocater adds her ranks in Acrobatics as a bonus to any Fly checks, and her ranks in Fly as a bonus to any Acrobatics checks, due to her ability to control her personal gravity. She also treats all Acrobatics checks to jump as if she had a running start.

Dimension Step
An elocater of 3rd level or higher can slip psionically between spaces as if using the fold space power, once per day. The elocater cannot bring any other creatures with her. Her manifester level for this effect is equal to her elocater level. At 6th level, the elocater gains a second daily usage, and at 9th level, she can use this ability three times per day. 

Beginning at 2nd level, an elocater's land speed increases by 10 feet. This is treated as a circumstance bonus (it does not stack with terrain-based circumstance bonuses, such as the circumstance bonus from using skate on a decline). This bonus increases to 20 feet at 5th level and to 30 feet at 8th level

Personal Gravity
As long as the elocater is within 1 foot of a sufficiently stable solid or liquid surface, she can change her personal gravity with a thought (free action). As a result, she may move on walls, ceilings, etc. as if they were level floors, including being able to run, jump, and take 5' steps.

Personal gravity is constantly active, even when unconscious, unless the elocater deliberately suppresses it (a free action), is heavily encumbered, or is slain. If the elocater is carrying a medium load or wearing heavy or medium armor while using personal gravity, her speed reduces to 10 feet per round.

Scorn Earth
At 1st level, an elocater’s feet lift from the ground. From now on, she can float a foot above the ground, but still move and act as if she were standing on solid ground. At distances greater than 1 foot from any sufficiently stable surface, her speed diminishes to 10 feet per round, but she can move in any direction (including straight up or down). Melee and ranged attacks suffer increasing penalties as if she were the subject of the defy gravity power.

Scorn earth is constantly active, even when unconscious, unless the elocater deliberately suppresses it (a free action), is heavily encumbered, or is slain. If the elocater is carrying a medium load or wearing heavy or medium armor while using scorn earth, her speed reduces to 10 feet per round.

Spatial Awareness
Beginning at 2nd level, an elocater's hyperawareness of spatial relations lets her use the battlefield to her advantage. When she attacks with a bonus from higher ground or is flanking the attacked enemy with an ally, the first attack she makes against that enemy each round gains a +2 insight bonus to her attack roll and damage roll (if the attack hits). Furthermore, due to her ability to reorient herself, enemies no longer gain a bonus when attacking her from higher ground. At 5th level the insight bonus increases to +4, and at 8th level the insight bonus increases to +6.

Terminal Velocity
As long as either personal gravity or scorn earth is active, if the elocater would be in a position to fall (for example, stepping over a pit), she instead hovers at her current position, as if standing on solid ground. As a move action, she can safely float or jump down 30' (she can float down an additional 30' per additional move action spent in this way).  

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Orgonite for your Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns

By Terry H (Flickr)
Orgonite is a compound that is easy to make by anyone.  It is proven to change negative energy into positive energy -- proven by layman experience.  The compound does this continuously all the time, without electricity.

In the real world, Orgonite actually exists and actually has these properties.  It it made of 50% metal and resin and has a crystal embedded in the center.  The substance is used to bust the nuts off cellphone towers, electric generators, and more by changing the frequency of the energy produced to a more life giving frequency.  It's not a joke and it's not a game.  It's actually based on scientific research.  However, thanks how the original researcher of Orgone was treated, it can't be properly explained by physics scientists or engineers as to how orgonite actually works.


Orgonite in the D&D game has psionic and magical applications.  Since the compound is used in simple energy conversion, it can be created by alchemists for use in the Wizardring World and the Psionic World.  In the typical Medieval Society, Orgonite is regarded by the superstitious as something that belongs to the Wise (Witches and Wizards) and will typically avoid the stuff on the advice of their parish priest or local cleric.

In a principality or country of Psionics, the people are generally more enlightened (about Renaissance or Age of Reason level) and it is produced more.  Orgonite has the same properties if used by a psion or a wizard, it's the only substance that transcends the Psionics Opaque barrier.  

[Begin Open Game Content]
However, it is incredibly easy to make (requiring a DC 12 Craft (Alchemy) check).  The materials needed are a double terminating quartz crystal, some pine tree sap or resin, an alchemical hardener (to turn the sap into amber), and fine metal filings.  The material in which the amber sets needs to be lightly treated with olive oil (except if paper is used for the mold).

A layman can use orgonite to ward off mental affecting spells that could potentially harm him.  An orgonite pendant will give him a +2 item bonus to his will saving throw against spells like Irresistible Dance, Confusion, and Insanity.  Unfortunately, an orgonite pendant can't tell the difference in how Charm Person, Charm Animal, and Charm Monster is used.  It actually amplifies the effect of Charm spells due to the energy being seen as positive, and gives the layman a -2 penalty against these sorts of spells.

Because of it's properties, Alchemists and Wizards with the Craft Rod item creation feat can use Orgonite to make Metamagic rods. Since orgonite can amplify positive energy, wizards simply need to magically attune the orgonite to amplify magic.  An Orgonite Rod can simply be attuned to one metamagic feat.

For a Psion, since Orgonite can awaken and amplify psionic energies, it can be used to make a metapsionic talisman.  A psion with the Craft Psionic Talisman feat just simply needs to make the orgonite talisman with the above materials and psionically attune it to a metapsionic feat.

CRAFT PSIONIC TALISMAN [Psionic Item Creation]

You can make psionic talismans.

Prerequisite: Manifester 9th.

Benefit: You can create psionic talismans. Crafting a psionic talisman takes 1 day for each 50 gp in its base price. To craft a talisman, you must use up raw materials (metal filings, pine tree resin, alchemical hardener, quartz crystal) costing a fraction of its base price.  Then you must spend a day attuning the talisman to a metapsionic feat or power that you know.


Metapsionic, Burrowing (example)

Aura: Strong psionic, ML 17th

Slot: None; Price: 3,000 gp.; 11,000 gp (normal), 24,500 gp (greater); Weight: 3 ounces.

Description:  The holder can manifest up to three powers per day that are burrowing as per the metapsionic feat.

Requirements: Craft Psionic Talisman, Burrowing Power; Cost: 1,500 gp (lesser, 50 gp for materials; rest for attunement); 5,500 gp (normal, 50 gp for materials, rest for attunement), 12,500 gp (50 for materials, rest for attunement).

[End Open Game Content]

OGL Section 15:

Orgonite for your Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns, Copyright 2011 by Elton Robb.  Author: Elton Robb

Note: All items in this article known as "product identity" as defined by the Open Game License are under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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Also known as: Martial Monks, psychic gymnasts, psychic healers, Goku rip-offs

House Redoran warrior, by yours truly
Egoists are psionic martial artists, concentrating their energies on their bodies.  They are psions who have high intrapersonal intelligences.  They are completely in tune with their bodies.  Because of this intuition, egoists are capable of manipulating their bodies with their will.   Egoists usually learn martial arts to augment their own combat abilities.  Although some have the ability to heal others.

Egoist Psionic Powers List

Level 1 --- Minor Metamorphosis, Natural Healing, Thicken Skin
Level 2 --- Animal Affinity, Chameleon, Empathic Transfer
Level 3 --- Ectoplasm Form, Hustle, Metamorphosis
Level 4 --- Psychic Drain
Level 5 --- Psionic Revivify, Psychofeedback, Restore Extremity
Level 6 --- Cleanse Spirit, Greater Metamorphosis
Level 7 --- Fission
Level 8 --- Fusion
Level 9 --- True Metamorphosis

Class: Psion (Psychometabolism speciality)
Feat: Unarmed Martial Strike
Feat (Human): Psionic Fist
Feat (Psion): Up the Walls

Class: Psion
Feat:  Psionic Talent
Feat (Psion): Psionic Meditation
Powers: Empathy, Natural Healing, Heal Light Wounds

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Map of Phoenicia completed

Map of the land of Phoenicia by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

A map of Phoenicia and the surrounding lands are complete.  I did it this morning, so enjoy.

Oh, you do need a Deviant Art account to see the whole thing -- and make sure you have mature settings set to on.


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Popular at Open RPG

It seems that little old me has become popular recently.  Gamemastering on OpenRPG, and I've been attracting a lot of watchers.

Now why on OpenRPG am I doing this?  I just do my best to Gamemaster, that's all.  People are attracted to my games.  They are attracted because I do my best.  It's that simple.  But Gamemastery should not be a popularity contest.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blue Planet RPG

I got a game going with the Blue Planet RPG.  I did find some players that were interested in playing an interesting Sci-Fi game.

Blue Planet is the best Sci-Fi RPG that has been built to Hard Science so far.  Even topping SpaceMaster from ICE.

Welcome to Poseidon, 2199 AD

Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity's future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. A world where GEO Marshals enforce the peace and wired mercs patrol deep waters in deadly fighter subs. A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy. Welcome to the world of Blue Planet.
This GURPS version of the critically-acclaimed "Blue Planet" background is being published under license from Fantasy Flight Games.

There is a GURPS Version as well as a Second Edition Version that was produced by Fantasy Flight Games.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Noble House

The Dragon Folk by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

This is the Noble House of Draco.  The house that tattoos it's members with the iconography of dragons. I'm thinking of adding them to Phoenicia.  Are they allies, or are they foes?  Only you can decide for sure.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

After the New York Gay Vote

Chris Sawyer, a furry artist based out of Los Angeles asked:

All of these banners appeared on freeway overpasses here in Los Angeles bearing dire religious messages.

I can't imagine what the knuckledraggers in the mid west might be doing. Come on christian america! Why is gay people having equal rights so scary???


Verily, thus saith the Lord concerning that which shall shortly come to pass. Yea, that which shall terminate in the death and misery on hundreds of millions. This people will not heed the signs given. Their sorrow after the events of 911 have passed quickly. They laugh at a woman who mocks my commandments, who wears the suit of a man, and surrounds herself with people who have rejected me and my commandments. They who turn away their ears from hearing my commandments; their prayers shall be an abomination unto me.
The destruction of the twin towers of Babylon, and the fires and deaths only portrays that which shall shortly come upon this whole nation. They embrace the pollutions and doctrines of Babylon. I have said that Babylon would be destroyed in one hour. Those high buildings of glory both came down in one hour. Such shall this contemptible, despicable nation be. It shall perish in one hour. Scorners shall see it come. 
I told Isaiah when the towers fall there shall be great slaughter. And devouring fire, tempest, and hailstones.      ("A"-bomb-a-nation" = Fallout)
The abomination of desolation shall stalk the land and consume the wicked. Yea, men shall curse God because of that sickness. They think their judgment is more righteous than God. They will pray in vain for peace. But I will not hear them, because they have rejected mine word. That law which is my command. As with the minister so it shall be with the people. The rich and the poor. The high and the low, they shall all shed blood and rot together. The merchants of the earth shall weep when they see the smoke of Babylon burning. Because no one will buyeth their merchandise any longer. 
The blind leaders, and all the people have closed eyes and cannot see the signs of their destruction in time to repent.
I cannot void my words given unto holy men in the past.
What has been fortold must come to pass. Men and women harden their hearts instead of opening their eyes to see what will save them. Instead of seeing the sin of this nation, they accuse others to justify their abominable acts.
I have said before that the righteous few left shall tread upon the ashes of the wicked. The daughters of Zion are about the most rebellious. They teach their children not to obey our fathers commands. But they embrace the doctrines and heathen ideas of Babylon. See how many will embrace the heathen idea of Babylon and decorate their homes and shops, with ribbons and ornaments in the shortly coming days ahead. 
I shall scab their heads, and slay their men because they continue in their traditions. Why should I continue with this generation any longer?  Yea, the past 40 years have been enough. They have no prayer in their schools. The races mix their blood to their own death. They strive for the pleasures of this world and embrace the sins of Sodom.
I have told thee before that I have had enough!
Some ask how could such disaster as 911 happen? Others know, how could it not happen! This people reject the words of Moses; the commands of God to his people. Today they have so rejected God that they are no longer his people, and they  deserve what they get. I say again some women are the worst. They shall weep bitter tears in vain for their children because they have taught them by their own example to reject God and all of his commandments which are written to see.
I told thee before that they will reject thy warnings until their blood is shed. This must be so because they have rejected me and the holy men that I have sent before thee.
They will excuse away thy words as those of a crazy man.
Yet they seek not to know and understand themselves.
I must rid the earth of their kind. My Kingdom shall come, the time is fulfilled, my Kingdom shall be established.
My rule shall come. They who fight me shall be slain before me as I have said in the past. Woe unto Zion, thy destruction and desolation is at hand. Weep ye for their sins.     Even so, Saith the Lord your God.

Plain, isn't it?  People laugh at the man who received this revelation, but I can't ignore this.  There are too many people who see and say the same thing.  Forcing the Christian Church to marry those with same sex attraction is prelude to Nuclear Annihilation.   Besides, Gay Advocates are useful idiots to the corrupt and evil among the ruling class.  They will probably be the first up against the wall when the Communist Revolution comes.  Is there any reason why Jesus should not order the U.S. to suffer Nuclear War?
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