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Orgonite for your Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns

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Orgonite is a compound that is easy to make by anyone.  It is proven to change negative energy into positive energy -- proven by layman experience.  The compound does this continuously all the time, without electricity.

In the real world, Orgonite actually exists and actually has these properties.  It it made of 50% metal and resin and has a crystal embedded in the center.  The substance is used to bust the nuts off cellphone towers, electric generators, and more by changing the frequency of the energy produced to a more life giving frequency.  It's not a joke and it's not a game.  It's actually based on scientific research.  However, thanks how the original researcher of Orgone was treated, it can't be properly explained by physics scientists or engineers as to how orgonite actually works.


Orgonite in the D&D game has psionic and magical applications.  Since the compound is used in simple energy conversion, it can be created by alchemists for use in the Wizardring World and the Psionic World.  In the typical Medieval Society, Orgonite is regarded by the superstitious as something that belongs to the Wise (Witches and Wizards) and will typically avoid the stuff on the advice of their parish priest or local cleric.

In a principality or country of Psionics, the people are generally more enlightened (about Renaissance or Age of Reason level) and it is produced more.  Orgonite has the same properties if used by a psion or a wizard, it's the only substance that transcends the Psionics Opaque barrier.  

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However, it is incredibly easy to make (requiring a DC 12 Craft (Alchemy) check).  The materials needed are a double terminating quartz crystal, some pine tree sap or resin, an alchemical hardener (to turn the sap into amber), and fine metal filings.  The material in which the amber sets needs to be lightly treated with olive oil (except if paper is used for the mold).

A layman can use orgonite to ward off mental affecting spells that could potentially harm him.  An orgonite pendant will give him a +2 item bonus to his will saving throw against spells like Irresistible Dance, Confusion, and Insanity.  Unfortunately, an orgonite pendant can't tell the difference in how Charm Person, Charm Animal, and Charm Monster is used.  It actually amplifies the effect of Charm spells due to the energy being seen as positive, and gives the layman a -2 penalty against these sorts of spells.

Because of it's properties, Alchemists and Wizards with the Craft Rod item creation feat can use Orgonite to make Metamagic rods. Since orgonite can amplify positive energy, wizards simply need to magically attune the orgonite to amplify magic.  An Orgonite Rod can simply be attuned to one metamagic feat.

For a Psion, since Orgonite can awaken and amplify psionic energies, it can be used to make a metapsionic talisman.  A psion with the Craft Psionic Talisman feat just simply needs to make the orgonite talisman with the above materials and psionically attune it to a metapsionic feat.

CRAFT PSIONIC TALISMAN [Psionic Item Creation]

You can make psionic talismans.

Prerequisite: Manifester 9th.

Benefit: You can create psionic talismans. Crafting a psionic talisman takes 1 day for each 50 gp in its base price. To craft a talisman, you must use up raw materials (metal filings, pine tree resin, alchemical hardener, quartz crystal) costing a fraction of its base price.  Then you must spend a day attuning the talisman to a metapsionic feat or power that you know.


Metapsionic, Burrowing (example)

Aura: Strong psionic, ML 17th

Slot: None; Price: 3,000 gp.; 11,000 gp (normal), 24,500 gp (greater); Weight: 3 ounces.

Description:  The holder can manifest up to three powers per day that are burrowing as per the metapsionic feat.

Requirements: Craft Psionic Talisman, Burrowing Power; Cost: 1,500 gp (lesser, 50 gp for materials; rest for attunement); 5,500 gp (normal, 50 gp for materials, rest for attunement), 12,500 gp (50 for materials, rest for attunement).

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