Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barbarian Queen

Barbarian Queen by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Not Belit, but close enough to make Conan's heart stop.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and the Law of the Harvest (also together called the Law of Cause and Effect) is the theme of my Comic Book. I woke up today, trying to think of something to sell my comic book when it hit me.

The Law of Attraction itself!!

Here is the Law, described in simple English and in the most technical way possible (it also happens to be my favorite piece of LDS Scripture).

For aintelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; bwisdom receiveth wisdom; ctruth embraceth truth; dvirtue loveth virtue; elight cleaveth unto light; fmercy hath gcompassion on mercy and claimeth her own; hjustice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things.

D&C Section 88:40

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law in the Universe! It is by this Law, and the proper use of it, that we get anything, do anything, or be anything! My hero, the Shaper, learned the Law of Attraction when he was ten years of age. Instead of using it to get friends or girl friends, money, or fame; he used the Law to get super powers. His super powers are general, but also very powerful -- instant manifestation of what he desires. He uses his super powers for the doing of good.

On the other side, the Law provided him with a Super Villain with the same potential --> Circe the ancient Sorceress that was thwarted by Ulysses/Odysseus. Circe is a sorceress with a timeless body. She uses the Law to control how she ages. She can be a young maid, an alluring mother, or a haggard old crone. She also used it to gain powers of magic. She uses her power for Evil.

But if Circe is ever defeated, the Law will spin out other people who understands the Law, but uses their powers for Evil to balance the Shaper's capacity for Good. Through the Superhero drama and fantasy, the Law of Attraction can be explained and taught.

Target Audience: Those who want to Learn about the Law. Young teens and young adults are the main audience of the comic series. I'm thinking of turning this into a proposal for Image Comics soon. What do you all think?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beware of PRIDE!

Pride Character Reference by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Be aware of Pride, the next supervillain to face our intrepid hero. Pride is from the People's Republic of China, and operates as an undercover agent for the Chinese Intelligence. Pride is infiltrating the criminal organization operating in the city where our hero operates. And both are on opposite sides of the Law.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Character Reference Sheet

Circe Character Reference by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Meet Circe, the sorceress that was thwarted by Odysseus and had aided the Argonauts. She has a timeless body, it can never age. She uses the same source of powers that the Shaper uses, but invokes it with incantations and magic.

Character Reference Sheets

I've done two character reference sheets. There should be one last one reserved for evil bad guys. I have four evil villains in mind for my character. I'm posting one of them, working on the other two, and the fourth has to wait until I can get the Freak 4 bundle (I also want The Freak, Herc is so cool looking!).

Shaper Reference Sheet by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

First is the Shaper. You've seen his powers (his powers are actually based on the Law of Attraction). He's quite powerful. Second is Pyregon.

Pyregon Character Reference by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

If you are wondering what this is all about, I told you. I'm thinking of doing a comic book. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing around with textures

I'm testing some new textures for M4 Basic Wear (and Hiro gratefully volunteered). The first of my new texture resembles a brick wall or mason wall, with ivy over it. Above are the shorts, below are the speedos.

Give me your opinions!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

M4 Elite Invasion: Rob!

Meet Rob! Rob is the last in the M4 Elite series. He is black, has the Adonis morph, and his own head morph. How do you like him?

Movie Poster time!!

Ready for a Movie Poster?

Shaper Movie Poster by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What the BLEEP do we Know? Review

Today, I was watching a program on Quantum Mechanics. I watched a lecture, which was very very good. And now I watched a program called "What the BLEEP do we know?"

The program is VERY VERY good. Full of good science for the first hour or so. Then it started to get philosophical and started to bad mouth religion. Then the program turned into a vehicle for a "channeler." It left the realm of truth and ventured into the realm of philosophy and conjecture.

Good Points of the Program:

1. It's true that this universe is affected by our consciousness. We can change the universe in expected ways, by changing our beliefs.

2. That our universe is full of possibilities.

3. The double slit experiment is infamous; and the program explains the experiment and its results.

Bad points of the program:

1. It comes down on religion pretty hard without explaining the original purpose of all religions --> to show the way to Spirituality. The program says that religion preys on the fears of the people, telling people that they better live their lives one way and if they don't they will be cut off and sent down to hell.

What people don't understand is that Religion, at first, teaches the way to attain spirituality. In fact, all religions do show the way: every religion in the world teaches the symbols to attain Spirituality and the way to get back to Father (ie. the Symphony analogy --> all religions play different parts of the same score, each one a different instrument in a religious symphony orchestra).

Where religion fails is that a man must eventually turn to God himself, and religion eventually fails in this purpose. All of the religions of the World are designed to fail for a man seeking truth and oneness with the Father. And strangely, for all their failure, they succeed for the man seeking Truth.

The program fails to address this.

2. The deep philosophy that the program gets into at the end should not be taken as fact. In fact, the deeper it went into Philosophy, the more it loses its credibility. In fact, for all of the truth it presents, its skews the program into a propaganda piece (just like the show I watched on Atlantis, which was deceptively pro-Gadianton Robbers).

I recommend the first hour, up to the 8th part of the program. That is the best parts of the program since they focus on the science. After the 8th part of the program, they go into philosophy, and it takes great judgment to sift the wheat from the chaff.

My Birthday List

Dear readers, my Birthday is coming up on October the 15th. And I have a few things I'd like to have for poser/DAZ Studio.

* DM's Lost Land

* Barbarian Outfit for M4 or Spartan Warrior

* Amphitrite Hair

* Marios Hair

* Hiro 4 Magnet Fits

I think that completes my birthday wishlist for the Rendering World. :) NOW FOR RPGS!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seriously, I am thinking of doing a WEB comic!!


I have the story. Post Apocalyptic hero, the last hero in a thermonuclear War that nearly sterilized the United States. All of the heroes are dead. All except for one. Being the final, U.S. hero allows me to have my superhero exhibit the strange power all of us have. An every man doing some very fantastic things (making himself younger, fly, create objects seemingly out of nothing [his forcefield counts as such]: all of which is fully explained by Science and we ourselves are fully capable of). But he is alone. No one to help him, no one to upstage.

He is alone. A lone hero dispensing justice in a beleaguered, shattered America seeking to rebuild itself after the Apocalypse.

Great story. And a great story needs great storytelling.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shaper: The Story

It came one Christmas Eve, at midnight, Central time. The missiles hit, coming from a global power. The missiles spread themselves, hitting many different cities in the USA and destroying them. Many missiles hit Boston, but one missed and exploded in Boston Bay, causing a giant tsunami that swamped the city.

In New York City, the missiles' intense heat melted the Empire State building and incinerated the Chrysler building. In Washington, DC., the Capitol building was shattered and parts of the White House was converted into rubble. The IRS building was ground zero for a missile and was left standing while everything around it was reduced to ashes.

Baltimore was reduced to ashes, and Langley, Virginia was utterly destroyed. Forty Seven major population centers, many military bases, were all destroyed in an all out nuclear attack. For instance, in the West, several dams were blown to nuclear dust: Glen Canyon Dam, Flaming Gorge Dam, and Hoover (or Boulder) Dam. The Colorado was set free, swallowing Los Angeles and creating a virtual island out of Baja California. Seven missiles hit Seattle-Tacoma, Washington; and the intense heat caused a Lahar -- a landslide of water, rock, and silt that swallowed the two cities completely up. Minnosota, Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri were so hard hit, that they became wastelands.

Salt Lake City, just days before, was in the heat of a civil religious war. The Mormons split themselves in a religious schism. The schism caused the population of the Salt Lake Valley to turn upon one another; never noticing that the Junior Apostles took the records south beyond the Colorado River. The streets ran red with blood and hate. Until five missiles fell upon the valley, ending the conflict by nuclear fiat.

In the chaos, several Superheroes were caught unawares. And they all . . . died. Except one.

The Shaper
The Shaper is a nuclear physicist who was working at the Superconducting Super Collider at Waxahachie, Texas. He and his family were vacationing in a remote part of Arizona when the bomb hit. The Bomb hit Phoenix, Arizona, so he and his family was forced to flee to Flagstaff, Arizona. When the Fallout from the Glen Canyon Dam came, the family hid in a community fallout shelter under the post office in Flagstaff.

Now, two years after, the University of Arizona State had been fully established in Flagstaff and the Shaper teaches nuclear physics there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

M4 Elite Invasion!

I recently acquired the M4 Elite bundle (yes, Rob is on his way!) for a school project. And I have some recent renders to show off.

The first is Jeremy. THEE JEREMY! I morphed him to the Adonis look, and now he is leaping and jumping around the beach. Jeremy here is rendered in DAZ Studio Advanced, with the Jeremy Elite Texture and the Jeremy head.

And what will we do without our SPARTANS from 300? Here M4 is morphed to the Spartan body type, and is wearing the Shades of Atlantis: Heirophant Uniform. He's one of the royal guard. The uniform had been conformed with the Morph Follower of DAZ Studio 3 Advanced.

Tell me what you think!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Shaper in Flight

A thermonuclear war was perpetrated on the United States of America.

Superman is dead. . .
Batman is dead . . .
Captain America is dead . . .
The Punisher is dead . . .
The Watchmen are dead . . .
The Avengers are dead . . .

But the Shaper isn't.

The Shaper is America's last superhero. He is flying over the Minnesota Nuclear Wasteland in the portrait, the last surviving Superhero, he exists to dispense the justice of a beleaguered and shattered America.

Powers: Due to a hyperactive subconscious, the Shaper possesses the power to manipulate reality consciously. He has exhibited the following powers:
  • Flight: The shaper possesses the power to propel himself at nearly limitless speed (.10 c). Combined with levitation, this gives him the power to fly.
  • Psychokinetic Force Shield: The shaper can construct a psychokinetic particle force field to deflect alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays from his body while flying over the contaminated radiation zones of America (there are 47 of them).
  • Shaping: The Shaper can construct any physical object necessary out of invisible quantum objects in the Aether. Witches and Wizards call this "conjuration," the Shaper calls it "Shaping."
Weakness: There is no limit to what he's possibly capable of, but he is still mortal and can be destroyed. He's allergic to cats, tobacco smoke, and a rhinovirus infection ("common cold") makes him break out in a rash.

Personality: The Shaper is confident, he is also prone to anger, and have been known to attack his enemies with the slightest provocation. His cover is a simple nuclear physics teacher at one of the surviving Universities -- Arizona State University; relocated recently to a resettled Flagstaff, Arizona. In his cover, he looks his real age, 40ish. When he becomes the Shaper, he restores himself to a youthful and vital 20 years of age.

As a superhero, he serves the folk of the Fringe (Intermountain West Region), by scouring America for survivors in the lower Forty-Eight States and attacking their enemies. The end of the Age of Heroes came at Christmas, a while ago.

Strength Level: As a twenty-year old, the Shaper possesses the strength of one who does regular strength training. As a forty-year old nuclear physicist, he possesses the same strength level.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Superhero by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Superman is dead . . .
Spider-man is dead . . .
Wonder Woman is dead . . .
Captain America is dead . . .

But the Shaper isnt.

Someone's caused global thermonuclear war and many, many people have died. This man is the only superhero left on Earth. AND HE ISN'T HAPPY! The Armies of the World, prepare for trouble because this is one superhero who is on the warpath.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fleshing out a Scenario, pt 3

At last, we can put an outline together on our scenario. Outlines are pretty important, since they give you a basic idea of how an adventure is put together. We are going to use a Step Outline for our adventure: it's a good way of outlining our adventure using the Premise, Twist, Climax formula for our adventure (all adventures have four acts, by the way).

Adventurers of Atlantis

Premise: There has been a rash of kidnappings of young women of late. Something the PCs scoff of until one of their girlfriends disappear.

Scene 1: the PCs have been hanging out at their apartment (or University Student Common building, if you are in the U.S.) and learn that there are a rash of kidnappings of young women (18-24 years of age) in their city.

Scene 2: Girlfriend shows up and tells a wierd story of how she went to a strange man's apartment and exposed herself and served him.

Scene 3: Girlfriend disappears. Investigating shows that a weird little man has been hanging around campus (or near the places of disappearance).

The Twist: A strange old man is found by the PCs, who is actually an Atlantean Theorist. The PCs chase the wierd little man, only to enter a dimensional rift through space time and end up in the city of Atlantis.

Scene 4: the PCs find the weird little man and they chase him until he reaches a bridge and he seemingly jumps off. If the PCs jump after him, they fall through a hole in Space/Time, landing in the City of Atlantis.

Scene 5: Exploring Atlantis, they find a society that is highly advanced with many pyramids around. However, they are dressed strangely, and they've been attracting a lot of attention lately.

Scene 6: One of the PCs find their girlfriend on a slave auction block, stripped nude and exposed to a lot of people. If the PCs do anything to try and save their friend, they are taken into custody for disturbing the peace.

The Climax: The PCs are told that a group of Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Magan (modern day Kenya). The PCs battle it out with the Lemurians in Maganese lands.

Scene 7: For all their strangeness, the PCs are eventually released from Custody and will have all charges dropped against them if they will do something for Atlantis. Basically, stop the Lemurians from harming Atlantean interests in Magan (modern day Kenya).

Scene 8: The PCs are sent in an Atlantean jet aircraft (if the GM wants to be more fantastic, he can change it to a flying chariot or something like that). They then are teleported to the Magan coast where they meet the Lemurians.

Scene 9: the first meeting with the Lemurians did not go well, and it results in a fight. The Lemurians either slip away or defeat the PCs (and lets them live) while they continue their objective, the Maganese Uranium Depot.

Scene 10: the PCs meet the Lemurians at the Uranium Depot and they battle it out royally.

The Closing: The PCs return home, and one of the PCs is given the feeling that the Atlanteans might call upon them again.

Scene 11: After defeating the Lemurians, and gaining an enemy, the PCs return to Atlantis silently hailed as heroes. They proved themselves to the Atlantean government and are allowed to go home. Any PC who wishes to purchase their lost girl friend may do so to save her from a life of slavery.

Scene 12: After going through a hole in Space/Time again back to the modern day, the PCs return to their modern lives. Although, give the wisest a chance to sense that the Atlanteans are not through with them.

There you go, a step outline for our adventure. The adventure is completely outlined, so you can run it. Remember, not every adventure will go as planned. The first rule of playing a Roleplaying Game if you are the DM running an outlined adventure is to expect the unexpected (players do strange things like mess everything up in a planned adventure).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fleshing out a Scenario, pt 2

Now we have everything externally, now we have to provide what is going on in the fight scenes. A fight scene should be dramatic and fun. So we need to make sure we prop the two scenes with fun and profit.

The first fight scene introduces the Lemurians, which are a competitor nation against Atlantis (sort of like USA vs. Russia during the Cold War). The scene also reveals the Lemurians' motive for being in Magan (ancient Kenya), an Uranium depot built by the Magans. So lets list what is what in our first fight scene.

- Rumble in the African Coastal village -

Lemurian inorganics: 2 per player character level (AI controlled mecha, 4 hit points; they blow up easily)
Indumat (named Lemurian leader)
Gandira (Lemurian Sorcerer)

Set Pieces
These are the fun stuff that the enemy and the heroes interact with.

The coastal village with the fight scene takes place in a fisherman's market.

Fisherman's Stall
  • There is a lot of fish. Not much work against inorganic robots, but a mullet is better than nothing. Some of them are even still alive!
  • There are knives for cleaning and gutting fish
  • Fishing poles
  • A fisherman's net can be used on Lemurian inorganics.

Fruit Cart
  • Bananas are everywhere, so are a lot of exotic African fruits.
  • Fruits can be tipped over, causing everything to be slimy and slippery.
  • Horned melons can be used to bash people.
  • Durian fruit is imported from Khmer lands (modern day Cambodia), and is a disgustingly stinky fruit. The enemy could rub it into the PCs' faces.
  • There are ropes, knives, and machetes that can be used as found weapons.

Chicken Stall
  • Chickens must get loose!
  • The cages can be used to bash inorganics and heroes alike.

- Uranium Depot -

The Uranium Depot has refined Uranium-235 bars. The Uranium was refined by the Maganese government for use in a Nuclear Power facility. The bars are highly radioactive and are kept in lead-lined containers. The Uranium is very heavy to lift due to its density (92 protons and 92 electrons, along with a mess of neutrons -- not to mention the alpha and beta particles -- and gamma rays -- it outputs).

Unnamed inorganics

This is the big fight scene. The inorganics are being used to handle the Uranium as the Lemurians are preparing to ship it away. If, during the fight, one of the containers is open, radiation spills into the area. Radiation kills PCs quickly, so every round take the PCs take a hit to hit points, strength, and constitution. Radiation sickness is -3 Con intially, plus -3 Con secondary damage.

A psychokinetic, particle, or magic force field can contain the Radiation.

Next: tying it all together.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finding a Mate

Naked Jen (yes, that naked Jen) had put up her own personal on her own web log. I thought it was a wonderful thing to do! I don't get very many responses from women using an on-line dating service -- but those that do often say they hope I find a match. Now that I have a gay admirer, someone I really don't desire, it's become quite hard.

So, I thought I'd put up an ad for myself here on my own web log, in hopes that a wonderful woman would meet me and in hopes goes for a date. So here goes:

Me, Myself, and I by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Okay, that is me, currently. I am not in the perfect shape. I have a gut that sticks out, but I can still see my penis. My real skin is white, and I do have that hair color. I have most of my hair and I still take walks everyday to help my body get into the right shape, or at least stay active.

Perhaps you like my face? If so, read on . . .

I am a nudist, practicing in secret but openly on the Internet. I am a being of Light, I am made of Light. Wonderful bright and pure, a being of light. I study a lot of things, often to the chagrin of my parents who can't seem to understand that I'm voracious for knowledge. I usually put that knowledge to good use. Usually. I play Dungeons and Dragons and a bunch of other Roleplaying Games, I find it wonderful to create my own worlds! I do this currently through DAZ Studio, and Maya and 3D Studio Max in the future!

I am focused on Exaltation. Now if you are asking what that is, I will tell you -- "Exaltation is eternal life, the kind of life God lives. He lives in great glory. He is perfect. He possesses all knowledge and all wisdom. He is the Father of spirit children. He is a creator. We can become like our Heavenly Father. This is exaltation." -- Gospel Principles

I desire to be an Exalted human being after the order of Michael and according to the pattern that the Savior, Yeshua ben Joseph of Nazereth (Jesus the Christ) has set for us. A Creator with a capitol "C." Being an Exalted Creator will give me the most happiness in the next life. I am also Spiritual, having a personal relationship with God. I allow the Spirit to direct me where it will lead me.

I still live with my parents, but that is because it is hard to get by without an income. Most of you wished I had a job, trading my dollars for hours. If I did have a job, trading hours for dollars, I will never ever make enough to make sure you have a home and the luxuries you enjoy. If I had a regular job, you will also have to work at a second income to make sure we have our house. But understand this -- I WORK BECAUSE I CHOOSE TOO, NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TOO! I work to produce and I will get paid by what I produce. Simple as that. Ahem, if you are still with me, read on . . .

Now to get to the nitty gritty -- I also desire a woman with like talents and like intelligence. Same level of wisdom, same level of intelligence, same level of Spirit. The woman I desire must possess the same level of knowledge, the same level of understanding. She must be also capable of love. She must accept me totally for who I am: that is love.

I desire a woman who is willing to support me as I build financial freedom and create a company that will benefit thousands and thousands of people. I'm studying Media Arts so I can eventually produce 3D films.

I like cats. I don't like dogs. Dogs bark, and make my adrenaline pump through my system. They provoke a fear response in me because they bark so loudly and I can't stand dogs. Even if they are genetically engineered from wolves through many generations. Cats are quieter, they meow, but most often or not they are quieter than dogs. But I used to own a dog once.

I desire you to love, be kind, be submissive, and be understanding. I desire an eternal mate, one whom will understand that there are women who are dead (as in legally dead) who also desire me for a mate (her name is Annette, or Ann -- late of France). Oh yeah, you've got to want to play -- cerebally, physically, and in all things. Play is so important, I desire a mate who will play. If you are willing to try me out, well . . . the comment section is down below.

P.s.: if you are looking for a muscle bound guy from the get go, know this -- I am planning to do the Body for Life program. but as it stands now, getting free weights is a little beyond my ability. :) So I do what I can, and walking is a good start to start with. :)

Fleshing out a Scenario

in part 2 of our series on fleshing out scenarios, we will deal with the Atlantis Scenario: Adventurers of Atlantis.

Adventurers of Atlantis

Premise: There has been a rash of kidnappings of young women of late. Something the PCs scoff of until one of their girlfriends disappear.
The Twist: A strange old man is found by the PCs, who is actually an Atlantean Theorist. The PCs chase the wierd little man, only to enter a dimensional rift through space time and end up in the city of Atlantis.
The Climax: The PCs are told that a group of Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Magan (modern day Kenya). The PCs battle it out with the Lemurians in Maganese lands.
The Closing: The PCs return home, and one of the PCs is given the feeling that the Atlanteans might call upon them again.

With these barebones, you have everything you need to make an interesting scenario. Now lets fill in the missing holes. There are a couple of sets:

1. The PC's Apartment
2. An alleyway
3. The City of Atlantis itself.
4. The African Coast.
5. The Kenyan countryside (where our battle takes place).

There are a couple of named NPCs.
1. Agathon (Atlantean Physics Theorist -- can also be a sorcerer)
2. Praxiteles (Atlantean governor who asks the PCs to counter the Lemurians)
3. Indumat (Lemurian commander)
4. Gandira (Lemurian sorcerer -- may be a reoccuring vile villain)

And there are mooks:
Lemurian mooks (which can be anything from Lemurian troops to inorganic machines).

Since this begins all the action, a romantic foil (a femme fatale or something else that foils the PCs) is intentionally left out. This adventure is meant to introduce the PCs to the world of Atlantis. So, we have our beginning and our end.

There are two fight scenes: the scenes introduce the Lemurians and help move the action. We need to establish why the Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Mythical Kenya. Perhaps there is a gene laboratory in ancient Kenya that the Lemurians need something from.
Perhaps there is a store of Uranium that the Lemurians need for power generation.

Let us use the second, there is a store of Uranium in ancient Kenya that they need.

The first fight happens in Ophir where the PCs find out that the Lemurians are looking for an Uranium Depot, and the second fight happens around the Uranium depot itself. You just need some set pieces. Which I will reveal next time.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More Atlantean Adventure Scenarios

As I wait for my latest DAZ Studio project to actually render (yay!), I have some more Atlantean Adventure Scenario ideas. They still follow the same format: Premise, the Twist, and the Climax.

A Princess of Atlantis
The Premise: The PCs are called to Atlantis from the modern world to deal with a problem of politics. The King's daughter has been kidnapped by the Sea Peoples (other wise called the Philistines) and they are demanding a ransom from the king for the return of the Princess Antheia, his third daughter.
The Twist: The daughter has been enslaved by the lord of this particular tribe of Sea Peoples, the Prince Thamar.
The Climax: The PCs and Prince Thamar battle it on the Sea of Tartessos (Mediterranean Sea), only to witness the extremely gorgeous Princess Antheia declare herself the sex slave of the most heroic PC of the group!

The Isle of Fire
The Premise: The Isle of Fire is a place rich in minerals. But it is colonized by monsters, and only the best heroes go to face the monsters there. The Atlanteans want to form a colony there, however the Mother of All Monsters, the Echidna, also resides there. The PCs are called from the Modern Day to go to the Isle of Fire to see how to deal with the Echidna.
The Twist: One their way to the port city of Mneusis, the heroes stumble on a twenty-five feet tall giant that is immobilized by a rock with a lead symbol burned into it. The giant is none other than Typhon, but he looks positively human.
The Climax: The heroes face the Echidna, to persuade her either by the word or by the sword to allow the Atlanteans to settle and form a mining colony here.

The Hippodrome of Atlantis
The Premise: The PCs go to Atlantis on their own accord to see the horse races at the Hippodrome. Although no gambling is allowed, the horse races at the Hippodrome is the Atlanteans' national past time.
The Twist: One of the jockeys is murdered, a rider named Hyppolytos, and the PCs are drawn into the mystery. The actual murderer is a man named Cleonastes.
The Climax: finding the clues and questioning the right people will bring Cleonastes out in the open. the PCs' solving of the mystery will cause Cleonastes to panic. The PCs must stop him before he jumps off the highest turret of the Hippodrome!

Atlantean Adventure Scenarios

Yes, I am an Atlanteologist. I was watching a lot of movies on Atlantis yesterday, and I spent hours watching different movies present their arguments about Atlantis. Some of the movies sucked (one of them was pro-Secret Society). Anyhow, I present the following scenarios for gaming in Atlantis. The world that is presented in these Scenarios can be the GURPS Romantic Atlantis (found in GURPS Atlantis), or Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game.

The Scenarios are presented in Premise, the Twist, and the Climax format from Feng Shui. So they are bareboned, allowing you to build your own adventure for your group.

Adventurers of Atlantis

Premise: There has been a rash of kidnappings of young women of late. Something the PCs scoff of until one of their girlfriends disappear.
The Twist: A strange old man is found by the PCs, who is actually an Atlantean Theorist. The PCs chase the wierd little man, only to enter a dimensional rift through space time and end up in the city of Atlantis.
The Climax: The PCs are told that a group of Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Magan (modern day Kenya). The PCs battle it out with the Lemurians in Maganese lands.
The Closing: The PCs return home, and one of the PCs is given the feeling that the Atlanteans might call upon them again.

Heroes of Atlantis
Premise: The Atlanteans call on the PCs again, transporting them to the City of Atlantis while they dream. The Atlanteans tell the PCs that the Lemurians they fought are in the Hordelands of Eria (Modern Day Utah). The Atlanteans want the PCs to investigate.
The Twist: The Lemurians are investigating the ruins of a possible laboratory, but they themselves are attacked by Monsters. (Use any monster you like, DM).
The Climax: The PCs must band with their enemies to defeat a powerful monster.

Sorcerer of Atlantis
Premise: An Atlantean Sorcerer has gone rogue, researching the Philosopher's Stone. The Atlanteans must call on the PCs again, transporting them after they had their time in the Gym.
The Twist: The Philosopher's Stone requires living beings to be manufactured. The sorcerer wants to create a Homunoculus in the shape of his dead wife (a living human by Alchemy).
The Climax: The PCs must try to defeat the sorcerer either through negotiation or through force, before he creates his Homunoculus.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I haven't posted about Nudism in a long while.

Basically, nudism is the practice and philosophy of living naked. You get naked, you live that way, its simple enough, right? Well, being nude all the time presents its challenges. People object to it because they are afraid of what people will think of them. Particularly if you are a gamer yourself: and your body is flabby.

Most people think only those with hard bodies, or thin bodies, should have the right to be nude. This is wrong thinking. Nudists come in all ages, all shapes and sizes. Hard Bodies may need not be the only ones to apply. In fact, many nudists and naturists are Christians: so any religious affiliation is also allowed.

Nudism isn't:
* About sex.
* About getting girls.
* About exhibitionism (that's different).
* About rebelling.

Nudism is:
* About body image.
* About love.
* About enjoying yourself in the nude.
* About being free.

In fact, if you want to lose weight and reshape your body, Nudism is a natural first step in the process. By accepting your body as you are, you can reshape it easily into the look you want to be. Loving yourself, being one with yourself, allows you to shape your body more easily. Naturism often distinguish themselves from nudists: they are typically nude in nature, they say. But the end result is the same. Your nude, your in touch with your surroundings, and you are part of your surroundings: whether you are in a building or in a forest. The end result is always the same.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Please, don't annoy the Lamia

Annoyed Lamia by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

A lamia is from mythology. They have been portrayed as having the body of a lion and the body of a woman merged together, they also been portrayed as very old witches that steal a star's heart and eat it. But they make great half-snake and half-woman types. Can also pass as a yaun-ti.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Battle of the Philosophers!

My own investigations into the philosophies of the Battle of the Sexes have come up with several conclusions.

1. A nation where the sexes are divided against themselves can't possibly prosper efficiently.

2. The Battle of the Sexes as we know it was never meant to be natural.

3. Women can't have both butter (a home life) and Guns (a career). A woman must give up one to feed the other.

4. I have also came to realize, unrelated at first, that sex was made so that Joy can be realized.

I have come to feel that sex is the most enjoyable thing we humans really have, and that the Battle of the Sexes is an artificial state that is not natural. The whole thing about the Battle of the Sexes has been mythologized terribly. Even the matriarchal societies of the distant past has not escaped the modern mythological pen. So, why all the smoke and mirrors?

In truth. I don't know. I can only report on what I observe and what I desire based on the observations for female friends. First of all, I'd like to say I am not at all pleased with my Sisters-in-Law in how they treat my brothers. First of all, my Sister-in-Law Crystal rules the roost around here. Second of all, my Sister-in-Law Andrea does not respect my brother Seth. So, how am I going to relate to this?

I don't desire a woman who are like either of them, simple as that. I'd rather go through life Unmarried than be treated like how my brothers are treated by their wives. I am sick and tired of so called "female superiority" and the way they throw it around. I am sick and tired to see how my brothers are upstaged by their mates.

Moreover the LORD saith, BECAUSE THE DAUGHTERS of Zion are HAUGHTY, (proud, arrogant) and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton (winking) eyes, walking and mincing (flirting) as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: (ankle bells).
Isaiah 3:16 (Greywulf and Marjorie: this is based only on an observation on where I live, not all women in general. Look closely and the key word is Zion in that passage).

I'd rather be loved and respected by my mate.

In the Lord's plan for marriage, if I read Joseph Smith's words correctly, a woman submits to her husband ideally. Consider this passage from Ephesians: Therefore as the Church is subject to unto Christ ( the Messiah), so let the wives be to their husbands in every thing.
Ephesians 5:24

This is only according to what I observed. According to the Gorean model, a slave does exactly this. A total power exchange. Only to an extreme (I believe John Norman wrote the books to such an extreme level in order to show his philosophical argument). In the books you have slaves submit to the commands of their Masters. Even rape is acceptable, since the slaves are treated as property. However, while experiencing Gor lifestylers, they all can be as individually different as anything.

I'd rather be loved and respected by my mate. I DESIRE a mate who will submit to me in everything, that will respect my authority (at least, over myself), and love me for who I am and not try to change me into something they think I aught to be. I am not a Bishop nor Stake President in the Church. I never am and I never will be. I never want to be Bishop, and I never want to be Stake President. I am not a door mat to be walked over, or something to be shown off. A real marriage is a partnership, where the wife submits to her husband in every thing.

In modern marriages, I see the opposite is true. I have observed this fact in my Sisters-in-Law and how they treat their husbands. Feminism, the philosophy that women have equal or exclusive rights to men, is only a symptom of a wife's unsubmissiveness to her husband. The philosophy gives her an excuse.

Aren't women the equal of men?

Yes. And no. Quick answer. Women are the equal of men in opportunity but they are not the equal of men biologically or spiritually since both women and men are different sexes. Women and men are equal in everything according to opportunity. Women cannot have a family and a career at the same time. She must feed one or the other. Men, however, can have both a family and a career because through his career he can feed his family.

What about the Economic Situation? It takes two incomes to provide everything a family needs.

This is because the Federal Reserve has been steadily inflating the money supply so that a household requires two more more types of income to provide everything the family needs. The solution is to abolish the Federal Reserve and to make our money be backed 100% by Gold. Also, we need to make sure that a open, free market exists in America to make sure everyone is able to buy and sell goods (a combination of Austrian and Chicago style money policies). But that is beyond the scope of what I'm observing in modern human relationships (actually, in truth, it's related).

Why a submissive wife?
I'm better off with a submissive wife. Really, I am. An unsub or dominate wife is not something I'm looking for. Give me a girl who will submit to me, and I'll look after my responsibility (feeding, clothing, and sheltering her). Give me a dominate wife, and I won't be married long. :)

I'd rather have a wife who will respect me and be submit to me in every thing. :)

A Good Cup of Atlantis!

I think I'm getting better. After reading the story synopses of 10 of John Norman novels, and waking up to thoughts of Atlantis this morning, I felt that Atlantis needed to come to life. again.

Using GURPS Atlantis as the base (the other two are far too fantastic [Twilight of Atlantis, and Atlantis: the Second Age] although fun beyond belief), I wanted to do a romance type campaign. After all, who'd want to save a family member from slavers from a parallel Universe? (hurray for the Many Worlds Interpretation!!).

Usually you get to work on PRODUCTION DESIGN. So lets work out Production Design for Atlantis:

As I said -- the folks over at Deviant Art are pretty much stuck on three aspects of Atlantis: Atlantis undersea (the technology to build an undersea arcology is a bit too high, even if we do have the capability to build an undersea arcology off the coast of Florida, the Lords of our Dystopia would say it will COST too much to establish an undersea colony), Disney's Atlantis (which was good), and Stargate: Atlantis (which is VERY good).

I imagine Atlantis to be pretty much as Plato described it (its science fiction, actually -- Plato combined several stories into one to illustrate a truth). On the North American continent (the Ancients of the Early Bronze Age knew about America, it became a "Lost" Continent when later generations eventually forgot all knowledge of America).

Atlantis itself is an Ancient Empire that devotes itself to the pursuit of Science in the manner of the Hellenic period (i.e.the so called Alexandrian Empire). It is a culture based on learning, inventing, and increasing technology. The game is set during the Atlantean 4th Dynasty. Technology equals that of Ancient Alexandria during the time of Archimedes. Atlantis is dependent on slave labor, although inventors are starting to bring about revolution (Atlantis is teetering on an Industrial Revolution, although the conditions aren't fully there yet).

There are more slaves in Atlantis than Atlanteans, although strange new inventions [off in the world of weird, fringe science] allow Atlanteans to skip dimensions to specific ones and take people for slaves.

Slavery works like the model presented in Conan the Barbarian. Both men and women can be taken as slaves. Male slaves are often used both in hard labor, and fine technical work (like cutting gears precisely), and in some instances, pleasure. Women slaves are used for a variety of other services, including pleasure as well as house work. However, a beautiful girl slave is more valuable than a muscle bound male slave.

More on this later.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Elves can be Barbarians

Another treatment of the elvish Barbarian. This time more Sonja and less Brittany.

Barbarian Elf by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


... And I still managed to get a render off.

Model Shoot by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

The Gummi Bears

Here is the intro to Disney's Gummi Bears. I suppose that Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was so successful that Disney had to have a crack at D&D, the Disney way. Yes, I totally admit that I totally liked the show. If you have little D&D players growing up in your household, this cartoon is a nice way to introduce the subject of imagination (just make sure they know the difference between reality and fantasy).

Of course, what really got me into D&D was Classical Mythology. The ancient stories of the Greeks, to explain the world they lived in, totally inspired me. When I got the Red Box, the myth and legend can come alive. And that is the point of playing D&D today. To bring your heroes alive and to live the stories. Dungeons and Dragons is good for kids, even though elements of the Supernatural and occult are introduced, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with your kids teaches them critical thinking. Also, thinking under pressure, being cool when a crisis is created. With a bright, young precocious creative child, Dungeons and Dragons can help them develop their creativity in ways people couldn't have imagined.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dragon Hunter in Dystopia

Dragon Hunter in Dystopia by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Still testing out, getting ready to do that image I want to do for the DAZ Contest. If you look in the background, you see the Dystopian city block I used.

Entering the Realm of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk Girl by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Cyberpunk is cool. Cyberpunk 2020 is cool, and Shadowrun has lots of awesome. But a Dystopic future isn't at all "awesome" and "cool." I bring you another character in Cyberpunk scenes.

Rolemaster Scenarios

The best thing about Rolemaster is that it was crafted for novel storytelling play (yes, I say novel as in Darkwalker on Moonshae or Hart's Hope or even A Darkness at Sethanon). Rolemaster characters are designed to be rich, strong, and alive. Whether it is Rolemaster Classic (1985-1989 edition); or Rolemaster the Standard System/Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; you are participating in a living novel.

The combat system is as gritty as it gets because it is crafted for a Living Novel. So Rolemaster scenarios are actually the start of campaigns. Lets take a look at some to get our creativity flowing.

Invasion of the Orc Horde: simple, direct, and to the point. Take a horde of orcs and have it invade the Empire of Man. Orcs and Humans have been done in the Warcraft Universe. But if we take a look at the invasion through the eyes of characters and not through the eyes of a general ordering armies to march under the banner of the Humans or the Horde, you have lots of opportunities for roleplay. (In Lord of the Rings, Man was seen as a threat to the Dark Lord Sauron's power, so the Dark Lord mounted an army of orcs to destroy Gondor).

Lost City of Ophir: This is an Indiana Jones' type Scenario (Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Ophir!). The Player Characters are hired by an adventuring company to go explore a lost kingdom in the desert, jungle, or mountains and have them bring back any artifacts they find. The GM can go hog wild with this: competing adventuring companies (Belloque not withstanding), elaborate traps, hidden dangers, and monsters' lairs. Exploring an ancient ruin gives you an opportunity to relive the excitement of Indiana Jones, all seen through the eyes of a PC group!

Consequently, the scenario can be worked for Dungeons and Dragons, an Ancient Ruin is a dungeon after all. But it is the Roleplaying before you get the job, interviewing for the job, what the job is, getting there, meeting your competitors on the way, and finally getting in to get the Lost Gold Idol of Shakti or whatever. . . . and the consequences afterwords.

The D&D scenario usually starts like the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, get in, face the traps, get the idol, set off the traps in the process, get out, only to be accosted by a small army of gnolls and your competitor. And then lose your artifact to your competitor. "Alas, Doctor Jones, we see again that there is nothing you can get that I cannot take away."

Ladyhawke: This movie is a classic Werewolf story. By night, Nevaar is a wolf, and by day Isabel is a hawk. The two were damned by the Bishop of Aquilla to live as human beings either by day or by night, and as animals by day or by night. Although it too can be retooled for D&D, Rolemaster can be used to recreate the movie's passion. The player characters are represented by Nevarr and Mouse; with the NPCs as Isabel, the friar monk, the Bishop of Aquilla, and the captain of the Aquillan guard.

Tying the three together and you might get:

An Orc Horde is threatening the Empire of Tyrannus. The Empire of Tyrannus is ruled mostly by the Church, although the Kings ruled over small kingdoms in the Empire and were often competing with the Church for State power (this is often when nobles leave their lands to the Church or the State, and the Church would often use guilt to get what they want: while the State could use the lands to pass on to another feudal lord young and loyal to the State).

The Orc Horde are a bunch of barbaric neanderthals led by a competent leader. Their ancestral lands themselves are failing and the Empire of Tyrannus -- decadent, failing, decaying; is a source of gold, silver, and prosperity. The horde is Mid-Iron Age technology and they are going up against a kingdom of Crusades technology. But they have magic on their side: Shamanism, evil warlock magic, as well as axes and swords.

The City of Aquila is a city that is ruled mostly by the Bishop of Aquila. The bishop has his own guards and his own army. The City is a prime target for the barbarian Orc Horde and there were skirmishes and small battles between the armies of Tyrannus and the Orcs outside the city. However, in a twist of fate, the Bishop of Aquila had cursed the Captain with Lycanthropy and his lover (whom he had wanted) with therianropy (she changes into a Hawk). The captain his lover swore revenge and were never seen again.

With the Captain gone, Aquila doesn't have competent leadership. So the city hires a company of Adventurers to go to a lost ruin to find an artifact of great power, or a relic of faith to turn the tide against the invading heathen. The city hopes to use the artifact to turn the tide of battle, using firepower or faith to repel the Orc horde. The relic or artifact must be obtained before a competing kingdom, the City of Berlogue, obtains it since they are also facing invasion from an orc army.

That is where the PCs come in. :)
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