Thursday, September 10, 2009


I haven't posted about Nudism in a long while.

Basically, nudism is the practice and philosophy of living naked. You get naked, you live that way, its simple enough, right? Well, being nude all the time presents its challenges. People object to it because they are afraid of what people will think of them. Particularly if you are a gamer yourself: and your body is flabby.

Most people think only those with hard bodies, or thin bodies, should have the right to be nude. This is wrong thinking. Nudists come in all ages, all shapes and sizes. Hard Bodies may need not be the only ones to apply. In fact, many nudists and naturists are Christians: so any religious affiliation is also allowed.

Nudism isn't:
* About sex.
* About getting girls.
* About exhibitionism (that's different).
* About rebelling.

Nudism is:
* About body image.
* About love.
* About enjoying yourself in the nude.
* About being free.

In fact, if you want to lose weight and reshape your body, Nudism is a natural first step in the process. By accepting your body as you are, you can reshape it easily into the look you want to be. Loving yourself, being one with yourself, allows you to shape your body more easily. Naturism often distinguish themselves from nudists: they are typically nude in nature, they say. But the end result is the same. Your nude, your in touch with your surroundings, and you are part of your surroundings: whether you are in a building or in a forest. The end result is always the same.

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