Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What the BLEEP do we Know? Review

Today, I was watching a program on Quantum Mechanics. I watched a lecture, which was very very good. And now I watched a program called "What the BLEEP do we know?"

The program is VERY VERY good. Full of good science for the first hour or so. Then it started to get philosophical and started to bad mouth religion. Then the program turned into a vehicle for a "channeler." It left the realm of truth and ventured into the realm of philosophy and conjecture.

Good Points of the Program:

1. It's true that this universe is affected by our consciousness. We can change the universe in expected ways, by changing our beliefs.

2. That our universe is full of possibilities.

3. The double slit experiment is infamous; and the program explains the experiment and its results.

Bad points of the program:

1. It comes down on religion pretty hard without explaining the original purpose of all religions --> to show the way to Spirituality. The program says that religion preys on the fears of the people, telling people that they better live their lives one way and if they don't they will be cut off and sent down to hell.

What people don't understand is that Religion, at first, teaches the way to attain spirituality. In fact, all religions do show the way: every religion in the world teaches the symbols to attain Spirituality and the way to get back to Father (ie. the Symphony analogy --> all religions play different parts of the same score, each one a different instrument in a religious symphony orchestra).

Where religion fails is that a man must eventually turn to God himself, and religion eventually fails in this purpose. All of the religions of the World are designed to fail for a man seeking truth and oneness with the Father. And strangely, for all their failure, they succeed for the man seeking Truth.

The program fails to address this.

2. The deep philosophy that the program gets into at the end should not be taken as fact. In fact, the deeper it went into Philosophy, the more it loses its credibility. In fact, for all of the truth it presents, its skews the program into a propaganda piece (just like the show I watched on Atlantis, which was deceptively pro-Gadianton Robbers).

I recommend the first hour, up to the 8th part of the program. That is the best parts of the program since they focus on the science. After the 8th part of the program, they go into philosophy, and it takes great judgment to sift the wheat from the chaff.

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