Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Musings

Having Olympic fever isn't really much of a disease for me. Sure the Olympic spirit is reduced after the olympics, but its fun to see the Olympians compete. Often for themselves and not for the glory of the Media circus around the Olympics.

The sacrifices the athletes make are powerful enough to make or break Champions. They are often asked to sacrifice their time and their effort to be the best they can be. Being caught with Olympic fever for a long time, I've often wondered about my progeny. Wouldn't be nice if one of them became and olympic champion in their own right? Ha, they aren't even born yet and I'm already thinking of raising an Olympic Champion. So, does this mean that I'm sure I'm going to meet their mother? Lets just say it's a big possibility.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Understanding Attraction

I understand my attraction to my cousin. It is quite simple really. We are both the same, and or nearly the same. I love what my cousin was, as she is now, and what she has become. She has all the attributes I'd like as a companion.

a. She's an at home nudist. Bully for her.

b. She took responsibility for herself by leaving the Church and becoming a wiccan. I love and admire her for that.

c. She's willing to critique my artwork and give some helpful suggestions. I perceive that she really does love me. Woot!

d. When we message each other, its like best friends or true friends. That is so awesome!

Now where is her doppleganger in all but genetics?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Naturist Picture of the Day

Oh, I've become quite the Artist. I use Daz|Studio from Daz to make my 3D renderings. Most of my renderings are on Renderosity. But I liked this one, so I thought I'd post it here too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've now gone and done it. I've taken my feelings of love for my cousin to a higher, and deeper level. My cousin in Norway is a Wiccan. I found this out from my other cousins about two weeks ago, and rather than choose to denounce her and judge her as wayward; I've chosen to be proud of her and to admire her.

One of my best friends, Dave Sharp, said that the best way to support someone is to love them. And when you love them, they automatically feel your love. So, I started to love my cousin to show my support. Little did I know that I would actually be attracted to her spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. Someone could say this is unfair, that it is wrong to be attracted to my cousin in such a way. I don't believe so.

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