Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marching towards the Master Rating

I caught Kerry in a Sodium Attack (Na3 opening move).  Seriously, though, Kerry Shirts is the best opponent to practice openings on. :)  Chess is a fun game to play, once understand the fact that it's just a game to practice strategy.

It's not a waste of time to practice Chess.  There are many openings and mid-games that can progress from the game and can teach you many things.   The reason why I practice openings on Kerry Shirts is because he doesn't really sit back and ridicule your openings.   I believe that all openings can lead to checkmate of your opponent's king.  I proved that I can defeat Napoleon's Opening in the last three Napoleon's Opening games I've played.

Monday, October 24, 2011

enlarging the World of Warcraft

Azeroth suffers from detailed 3D animation in World of Warcraft.  It's highly detailed, but the world is so small. By comparison, the Game Daggerfall has a much larger world achieved with the Doom 3D Game Engine almost twenty years ago.

As a result, the World is miniscule compared to the world of Tamriel as presented in Daggerfall.  So, what to do?

Well, one can expand the world and leave the rest small.  But that would create a problem.  Both continents of Kalimdor and Azeroth is about as big as the Hunter Village subdivision where I live (including the Orchard subdivision).  This doesn't include the cities, which are as big as the Orchard Subdivision and part of the Subdivision that is west of us.

At the very most, the whole of Kalimdor and Azeroth is only 25 miles north and south, and 15 miles east to West.  This is the dimensions of the Salt Lake Valley.  Roughly.  So you have about a dozen ecosystems jumbled together without rhyme or reason.

So, what to do?  Expand the two Continents of course.  A garden world should be as large as Earth to accomodate at least 2 billion people.  The Eastern Kingdoms are about as big as Western Europe and a bisected Africa.

Kalimdor is as big as the Eastern United States and part of South America.  Mostly a bisected Brazil.

Northrend is about the size of Canada.  The gulf between the Continents of Azeroth and Kalimdor is the size of the Atlantic Ocean.  Now, a planet as big as Earth will have run away weather and super typhoons if the continents are as big as Azeroth.  To stabilize the Weather, there is as yet an undiscovered Super Continent in the Forbidden Sea the size of Eurasia.

Size Enlargements

Lodereon is about the size of France -- including the Western and Eastern Plaguelands.  Lodereon is split in half between the Forsaken in the West, and the Argent Dawn in the East.   The Scarlet Crusade controls portions in Loderon both West (The Scarlet Monastery) and East (the Scarlet Enclave).

The Forsaken control the Hillsbrad Foothills, which used to be the Nation of Daleran and the Kingdom of Alterac, and the Trisfal Glades.  The Forest of Silverpine is a war zone between the Foresaken and the Bloodfang worgen pack.  Undercity and Lordereon City is the size of Paris back in the 1700s.

The Hillsbrad Foothills has been taken over by the Foresaken. It's about the size of Austria.  The Alterac Highlands are about the size of Switzerland.  The Arathi Highlands, which is controlled by the collapsed kingdom of Stromgarde, is about the size of Germany.  The Forsaken and the Orcs have two footholds there.  But the major inhabitants of the Highlands are the Vilebranch trolls, the ogres, and humans of Stromgarde.  Stromgarde itself is as large as Berlin during the 13th Century.  Its split between the Syndicate, the ogres, and the Stroms.

The Hinterlands is the size of Hungary and is controlled by the Wildhammer Dwarves, a large population of High Elves, the Witherbark and the Vilebranch tribe of Forest Trolls.  The Raventusk trolls help control the Horde's lands in the Hinterlands.

The Kingdom of Gilneas is the most advanced Kingdom in the region with Everburning Lamps, firearms, Victorian fashion, and carriages. it's roughly the size of England and Wales from the Coast of Dover to Hadrian's wall.  The City of Gilneas is the size of mid-19th Century London.  The Kingdom is a war zone, divided among the humans, the Night Elves, and the Worgen -- both the ravenous Moonrage pack and the shape shifting Greymane pack.  The entire kingdom of Gilneas has been reinducted into the Alliance by the Night Elves.

The Kingdom of Quel'thalas is controlled by the Blood Elves.  it's the size of Scotland (using Hadrian's Wall as a border again).  This includes both Quel'thalas proper and the GhostlandsSilvermoon City is about the size of Edinborough during the 17th Century.  The neighboring Forest Troll kingdom of Zul'Aman is about the size of Poland. The Island of the Sunwell is the size of Orkney Island, and is mostly controlled by the combined forces of the Scryers and the Aldor.  The village of the Sun Well itself is about the size of Skara Brae.


Across the Thandol Span, the Wetlands is about the size of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana combined.  The Wetlands is dominated by Bayous and mountains, with the Red Dragonflight based in the west.  The Twilight Highlands is about the size of Austria.  While Technically considered part of Khaz Modan by cartographers, the Twilight Hammer and the Black Dragonflight politically control the land.

The Dwarven Kingdom of Kaz Modan includes the regions of Dun Morogh and Loch Modan.  It's the size of the Austria-Hungary Empire (Austria and Hungary combined).  south of Dun Morogh and Loch Modan is a desert.  The desert that comprises the Badlands, the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes is as large as the Sahara Desert.   The Searing Gorge, however, is dominated by lava flows from 5 volcanoes.   The Bio Diversity there is almost nil thanks to the Black Dragonflight and the Dark Iron dwarves.   The Badlands has a biodiversity the size of the Sonora Desert, and the Burning Steppes is a bleak place that is like the Mojave desert and Death Valley combined.

South of the deserts is the Medieval English (early 15th Century) Kingdom of Stormwind. The bastion of human power, the kingdom stretches from Elwynn Forest to the Redrock Mountains, to Duskwood, to Westfall.  The Kingdom is the size of Spain, and is technically a Nation with all of it's Armies fighting elsewhere (Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, and Gilneas) and the Feudal Lords pre-occupied.  it's mainly a forest kingdom ringed by Mountains.  Since the Cataclysm, roving bands of human hunters in the forests have joined the fray.  Duskwood is mostly under control of the Nightbane pack of Worgen.  Recently, a number of Greymane worgen have come from Gilneas to reclaim the Nightbane worgen's reason and sanity.  They have resettled Raven Hill.  The Greymane pack's experiment with Nightbane worgen Sven Yorgen was successful, sort of.  Duskwood is the size of Romania.

 Beyond Duskwood are the Deadwood Mountains and Deadwood Pass, the Swamp of Sorrows which is a huge Bayou about the size of the Czech Republic where the first battles between orc and man were fought.  South of that is the Blasted Lands where the Dark Portal is located.  It's about the size of Iraq.

The final piece of the puzzle is Stranglethorne Veil.  The size of Niger and Chad put together, Stranglethorne Veil is controlled by jungle trolls.  Only the humans of Stormwind have a token presence here, where as the Horde took back a small part of the Darkspear tribe's ancestral lands.  Southern Stranglethorne Veil is controlled by the Steamwheedle Cartel of goblins.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Worgen Pathfinderized

This page updates the Worgen to Pathfinder.  Enjoy. :)

In the World of Warcraft The Worgen are an Alliance Race, the inhabitants of Gilneas. As the Graymane Wall kept people out of Gilneas, the Worgen curse had ravaged the inhabitants of Gilneas transforming them all into the deadly Worgen. These werewolves of Azeroth are the humanoid combination of humans and dire wolves, looking much more beastial than human.

The Foresaken fear and revile the Worgen, and the Foresaken Queen Sylvanas Windrunner has marched an army upon the Gilneans and the Greymane tribe of Worgen (at the orders of Garrosh Hellscream). To help fight the Foresaken, a secret druid sect within Darnassus had come to help the Worgen. The Druid sect bring Druidism to Gilneas, which a significant number of Worgen embrace.

With the fall of Gilneas to the Cataclysm, most Worgen and Gilneans escaped to Darnassus with their king, King Genn Greymane.  Lord Crowley and a few stayed behind and made alliances with the Worgen pack in Silverpine Forest in order to free Gilneas from the horrors of the Foresaken.

Classes: In World of Warcraft and true to their humanity the Greymane Worgen can become mages, warlocks, warriors, priests, and rogues. The Gilneans also study druidism and know how to hunt. As hunters, their beastial natures can aid the Worgen in their relationship with animals. Especially wolves.  A significant number of Graymane Worgen are barbarians because they give in to their animal natures, however not a few are Tinkerers (engineers).

Appearance: Greymane Worgen are the combination of humans and dire wolves. They look mostly humanoid, except with claws on their hands, a wolf's hind legs, and a wolf's head. They are also furred and the average Greymane worgen stands about seven feet in height.

Region: Gilneas. The Greymane Worgen are confined to Gilneas until the Cataclysm brought about by Deathwing. Like Duskwood, the kingdom of Gilneas is plagued by darkness.

Affiliation: Alliance. The Night Elves had come to induct the Worgen into the Alliance. Greymane is their rightful ruler, as they are attacked by the vile Foresaken. The Worgen are now the Alliance's wild, bestial race.

Faith: The Light and the Wyld. Some, or most of the Gilneans still belong to the Church of the Light. The Church of the Light thrives among the Worgen as part of the human heritage. However, Gilneas is the only human kingdom who had humans trained to respect nature. The Druidic Worgen embrace the Wyld and lead a good number of Gilneans to spiritual peace with Azeroth.

Names: the Greymane Worgen use human names or they may use Worgen names for their children. Worgen names include: Whitemane, Furyclaw, Scarpelt, and Greyhide.

Shapechanger Subtype: The Greymane Worgen are humanoids with the Shapechanger subtype.

Strength +2, Constitution +2, Charisma -2. Worgen are mighty, but their bestial natures detracts from their reasoning and their social interaction.
Medium: as medium creatures, the Worgen have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Worgen land base speed is 30 ft.
Shifting (Su): A Greymane worgen has two forms: human and worgen. The base form is worgen. As a standard action, a Greymane Worgen may shift from human to worgen or from worgen to human. This can happen at anytime of the day, thanks to druid Magic and Alchemy. The act of shifting from human to worgen transforms the human into a monster, and gives the worgen the barbarian rage.
Access to Shifter feats: A worgen may gain access to the Shifter feats presented in Races of Eberron and the Eberron Campaign Setting, and may take the Shifter traits of Longtooth, Wildhunt, or Dreamsight.
Claws: The claws that the Worgen has offers 1d4 pts of damage in an unarmed attack.
Low-Light Vision: In Worgen form, Greymane Worgen can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to discern color and detail under these conditions.
+2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks: the Worgen's bestial nature enhances many of his physical skills.

Also, the Worgen may take Worgen levels to tap more fully into his Worgen heritage.


Typically, a Greymane Worgen is a human who has been once bitten by the worgen that overrun Gilneas.  The wound festers with active druid magic, changing the human and linking his spirit with that of the Wolf.    There are three levels of the Greymane Worgen class that allows the human to tap the beast and gain some of the powers of the Wolf.

Greymane Level

1st.  Base Attack: +0  Fort Save: +0, Ref Save: +2, Will Save: +2  Reactive Shifting, Worgen Instincts, +1 Intellect/Intelligence

2nd. Base Attack: +1 Fort Save: +1, Ref Save: +3, Will Save: +2  Wild Run, +1 Spirit/Wisdom

3rd. Base Attack: +2 Fort Save: +1, Ref Save: +4, Will Save: +3  Worgen Ferocity

Hit Die: 1d10.

Skills: 2 + Int. Modifier.

Class Skills: Climb (Str), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Gilneas) (Int), Perception (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Survival (Wis).

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Greymane Worgen with levels in only "Greymane" are proficient only with simple weapons, firearms, and the ability to use light armor.  This list excludes all crossbows.

Reactive Shifting: You can shift from human to worgen as an immediate action.  This allows you to shift even when flatfooted or when it is not your turn.

Worgen Instincts:  Tapping into your animal side grants you a +1 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks, and a +2 bonus on Initiative Checks while in Worgen form.

Wild Run: While in worgen form, you can run on all fours like a wild dire wolf and cover great distances.  This increases your overland speed to 250 as long as you are on all fours.

Worgen Ferocity: Greymane worgen are tenacious combatants, and you are no different.  While in worgen form, you continue to fight without penalty if you are disabled or dying.  So, when reduced to 0 hit points, you can act as if you weren't disabled.  You do not use one hit point for performing a standard or otherwise strenuous action while at 0 hit points.

When reduced to -1 or -9 hit points, you don't fall unconscious.  You do not automatically lose 1 hit point each round when at -1 to -9 hit points.  However, when your current hit points drop to -10 or lower, you immediately die.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Atlantis as History 2650

Atlantis is a myth, the historians say, something concocted by Plato as a morality tale about his ideal Republic.  However, so much evidence about the lost Adamic Civilization has come to light that we need to seriously question the mythic implications.  Is Atlantis a myth or is it reality?

Many cities that have sunk during the last ice age have been recently found.  Implicating high civilization during the Neolithic, or New Stone, Age.  Although they didn't leave any records, except those in the World Wide Language, we must take into account that the accounts in Genesis and the Book of Moses are authentic and should be looked at.

The reason is, we are making the same mistakes as the Adamic Civilization did during the beginning of the Age of Cancer.  Atheism is rampant, we are not challenging the demoniacs at Bohemian Grove.  Our civilization is embracing women's liberation movements, gay rights movements (and even Gay Parades that proudly turn what is right into what is wrong); and we are fighting endless wars that benefit only the State and not the people.

Sexual perversion is rampant, and the State is bringing in Islam -- a vicious political ideology disguised as a religion of peace, to replace Christianity.   This free e-course will introduce Atlantis as a viable plane of study.  In order to fix the problems of today, we must study the past.  This course will start the reader on an Odyssey that will take them into the ancient past.  Introducing the Lost Civilization as a reality and challenge the status quo that our Civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement.  We are in a position that we can't go forward until we look back, backwards into the Ancient Past.

This first video introduces the concept that Man is actually older than supposed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Golarion Campaign

So, I started a Golarion Campaign last night that was just on the fly.  When one of my players mentioned that a land was ruled by wizards that had a lot of Tech, I said -- the land is ruled by psychics.   The land in is Numeria.

Numeria is a land where space aged tech have landed and the wizards there are trying to understand it.  Actually, Numeria is a land ruled by an oligarchy of wizards who are trying to understand the tech that landed there.  Well, never mind the details.   I have the book of Races of Eberron and Secrets of Sarlona, it's the perfect time to actually USE them.

Adding five new races to Golarion is easy enough.  The races are:
* Warforged
* Shifters
* Changelings
* Kalashtar
* the Inspired.

Warforged in Golarion

Warforged Juggernaut by *BenWootten on deviantART

The Warforged are an invention of the Taldans.   Using creation forges, the Warforged were created for a war long ago and now only one Creation Forge is in operation.  The Warforged come in many flavors, but the most popular are the standard model and the Scout model.  Warforged are found everywhere these days, although the Creation Forges have gone out of operation in most states.  The only known working Creation Forge is in Taldor, but there are rumors that Cheliax has a working Creation Forge, as their Warforged are often taught to serve the forces of Evil.

Pathfinder Statistics:

Warforged are a living construct.  Use the statistics in Eberron Campaign Setting or Races of Eberron except for these changes.

* +2 Constitution, +2 Strength, -2 Charisma.
* Favored Class: None.

Warforged Scouts are halfing sized living constructs.  Use the statistics in Monstrous Manual 3 except for these changes:
* +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma.
* Favored class: none.

Shifters in Golarion

Shifters are found most every place in Golarion, but are mostly found in Nirmanthas.  Mostly hidden in the forests rather in the villages, Shifters are seen as an aberration.  The result of Lycanthropic mating with humans.  Shifters have been able to breed true in the last thousand years.

Shifter Racial Traits:  Same as found in the Eberron Campaign Setting (3.5 edition) or Races of Eberron.  There is no change except:

* +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence.
* No favored class.

All shifter traits are present in Golarion.  The Dreamsight trait is rarest of all, but Dreamsight shifters are usually the wise men and women of the village and scattered among all shifter communities.  The Saartuk shifters in Secrets of Sarlona are found in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and Varisia out on the isles.

Truedive Shifters are found mainly in Thuvia and atheist Rahadoum, living in coastal villages.  Longstride shifters are found running the deserts of Qadira and Osirion; and Wildhunt shifters -- descended from werewolves, are found all over the northern Inner Sea region; while Razorclaw shifters -- descended from were tigers, are found mostly in the Mwangi expanse.


Changelings are the result of humans mating with Dopplegangers.  Like the Shifters, they've been breeding true for a thousand years.  Changelings are found all over and not in great numbers.  They usually worship Desna the Mistress of Dreams (becomers), or Norgorber the master of Secrets (Passers).  The faction known as Reality Seekers actually worship Irori to follow a path of perfection.

Changeling traits: Use the traits listed in Eberron Campaign Setting or Races of Eberron except for the following changes --

* Natural Linguist -- Changelings add Linguistics to their list of class skills for any class they adopt.
* No favored class.

The Kalashtar

The Kalashtar have escaped the realm of Dreams and have come to Golorion.  Well, a piece of their souls at any rate.  The Kalashtar are the result of good aligned Quori that have merged with the souls of monastic humans.  The place of origin of the Kalashtar is the continent Vudra -- but most Kalashtar have European traits, although there are some with a strong Indian background.

The Kalashtar worship their own religion, the Path of Light; which is considered to be an offshoot of Issaism as practiced in Vudra (which may or may not be true). In the Inner Sea, the Kalashtar are found all over except the Mwangi Expanse.  They usually gather in cities, with the highest populations found in Taldor, Absalom, and Osirion.  The Kalashtar are actively fighting evil in Cheliax and fighting for their right to worship as they please in Rahadoum.  There are no Kalashtar in Qadira since they are persecuted for their religion in Qadira.

Kalashtar Traits:
As in the Eberron Campaign Setting or Races of Eberron.  Note that the Kalashtar are naturally psionic.  I use the Psionics Unleashed document so they have a full working mind link and access to psionic professions.  If you use this campaign guide and do not have Psionics Unleashed Kalashtar can be sorcerers with the Dreamspun bloodline to represent psions.

The Inspired

The Inspired are a race of evil humanoids that have taken over parts of Vudra and created their own little Empire similar to Sarlona.  The Inspired have infiltrated Rahadoum and Numeria.

My Dreams last night.

I was setting up a campaign for Pathfinder that is really out of the fly without any preparation.  Until my prospective players said some things that really got my mind going.  But first -- my dreams.

It's not every night you dream a combination of a south pacific island with a progressive culture (New Zealand?), Bob Hope, monsters, frog people, jets, and conspiracies.  For that actually happened.

I was dreaming last night that something weird was going on at an island on the South Pacific that has to do with frogmen that were trying to infiltrate the government using replicants out of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Bladerunner) and themselves.  Bob Hope found out about it and tried to convince the authorities, who brushed him off.  He got me to investigate with him and we investigated a cave with higher tech inside it than normal.  Of course, we were driven off by mechanical, monstrous bulls (or was it a dog?).

Still, the frog people revealed themselves and they tried to take over the world.  We were going to fly some jets to find out what was happening but then . . . *shrugs.*  I woke up.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lady Robin Hood

A poster mock up for a possible series on the BBC -- the British Broadcasting Company.  If The Adventures of Merlin can mess with with Sir Thomas Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur, they can go off the wall and do a series with the Earl of Locksley and Marion's Daughter.

Lady Robin Hood, Tuesdays on the BBC 2.  :)

Don't worry, the American Broadcasting Company or the National Broadcasting Company will pick it up. haha!  Done in Photoshop CS5 with MjRanum's Stock and a photo of the Japanese countryside.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Done with a photo from Wikipedia and stock photos.  Entitled:

"Steve Jobs Breaking Through"

Done with Photoshop CS5.  Steve Jobs - 1955-2011.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs had Died

Yeah, it's late, and it's not quite losing a surrogate father (E. Gary Gygax), but Steve Jobs has died.  Steve Jobs had started Apple Computer corp back in the 70s.  He was one of the flower children that had got Apple turned around in the 90s and finally become a company that can compete with Microsoft Corporation.

With Steve Jobs, Apple had always been on the cutting edge; like introducing the Macintosh a little early.  Most of the world wasn't ready for the Macintosh computer when it first came out in 1984.  And through the Nineties, Windows became king because most games were written for windows than the Macintosh.  However, in the 2000's; Apple started bouncing back with the iPod.

Apple found that it could do better offering computer appliances rather than computers.  Although this user doesn't have an iPad (whats up with that?), he is happy with this Macbook and Mac Book Pro.  Although tablets are the future (good luck, next year is 2012.)  The one thing I'm happy about Steve passing is that he doesn't have to deal with the troubles we are heading into.  He's spared the terrible things that are coming and on the other side he can do a lot for the people on the other side.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


If anyone out there thinks that they can ban human pornogaphy (photographs of women or men in revealing clothing, provocative nude, or actually performing sex); they have another thing coming.  You can't get rid of it that way.  It will go way underground and it will be easily found.

Understandably, a woman would feel hurt if she seen her husband viewing human pornography (see above).  Nudists like myself understand what the cure is.  Going back to an edenic society where everyone is nude.  Principally, the added addition of Polygamy according to the Lord's Law will also be an added solvent to the problem.

Pornography isn't a simple violation of the Law of Chastity as people think it is.  The man longs to look at other human beings in the nude to remove the mystery of the body.  Purists want to keep the body a mystery, thinking that is what the Lord hath commanded when our parents was kicked out of Eden.  However, the Lord said moderation in all things -- including covering of the body.

I think we are paying for it when we have gone to the extreme.  How do you expel pornography from our society?  The cures are laid out by the Lord.  Nudism and Polygamy (note: the polygamous man has to be a righteous person to take care of all of his wives).  Unfortunately, we the Latter-day Saints rejected both.  The first came by the Spirit, so it became a reality among another people (the Germans).  The second was a Commandment of the Lord and we rejected the second to gain Statehood.  Angered, the Lord took away the priesthood of the Leadership of the Church.  So, we have pornography as a persistent pollution until we come to terms that Polyamorous love is what is needed for the human race to progress.

Yahweh will have a humble, believing people; and he will get a humble, believing people even if He has to  chastise us with nuclear weapons.

Book of Jubilees

The Book of Jubilees is apocryphal.  Meaning it is not accepted as scripture by any Authority.  However, the Book of Jubilees has some details about the close of the Age of Cancer and the Age of Gemini.

For instance in the Book of Jubilees, Canaan was given as his portion the land of Morocco and Niger (West Africa).  However, Canaan settled in Palestine instead because of it's richness and fertility.  His brothers Mizraim (husband of Egyptus, the founder of Egypt) and Cush (father of the Black Africans) warned him about settling in Palestine.  But he ignored them and his father, Ham.  Ham cursed Canaan for not taking his allotment and instead usurping a small portion of Shem's inheritance.

This curse was not fulfilled until the Lord gave Canaan to Abraham and his descendants the Israelites.  So, Canaan had a double curse upon him.  Not only was he to serve the sons of Shem and the sons of Japheth, but he and his seed were cursed for usurping Palestine for themselves instead of settling in West Africa like they were supposed too.

Can the Apocrypha be trusted?  not totally.  Some of it requires personal revelation to read.  Reading the passage about ham having discourse with his son about setting Palestine and not Morocco is telling of Ham's character.  Ham loved his brothers.  When Canaan usurped Palestine from Shem, he took part of Shem's inheritance (The Fertile Crescent and Americas comprise all of Shem's inheritance) rather than what was rightfully his.

Ham is worthy of his Celestial Inheritance and this passage in the Jubilees proves it.  Ham was a prophet who cursed his son for stealing land from his uncle.  From Canaan will eventually come the Hittites and the Khitai -- the people of Cathay or China.

If Canaan did settle in the land of West Africa, however, his sons will still settle in Turkey and then still travel to China.  Although they will have built boats and sailed down the Mediterranean and into the Aegean Sea and settle Turkey.  And then, they moved east.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The First Day of October

and it has been quite a week.

This is the fourth day I used my new MacBook that I received from school.  The MacBook is an old stock that comes loaded with some programs -- Adobe CS5 and Office 2008.  As such, my old MacBook Pro still works satisfactorily and I networked both of them together.

As I use my MacBook for school and work, the pro has taken on a role for rendering.  As I have them networked together, I can play my iTunes library on my new mac while using DAZ Studio on the other, just to show off.

Also, on this day, General Conference is supposed to convene.  I am waiting for baited breath, not on what they say.  But on what would happen.  The Father or the Christ are going to cause the Salt Lake Valley to shake and shake violently.

The Parowan Prophet says its supposed to happen today, since its the third year of Obama's reign in the White House (yes, I say reign).  I believe the Prophet, but I believe Christ.  Christ has his own time table as to when this happens.  Whether Salt Lake City shakes today or next year, it doesn't matter really on the Prophet's veracity as a prophet.  His primary job is to warn the people of our sins and abominations.

1/10/2011 @ 4:35 am   And not many days away and Salt Lake City shall shake violently and another river shall appear and flow into the valley. Not the Jordan River from Utah County. But a new river shall begin small and become a large river.
“Say that Salt Lake City shall soon be shaken back to its foundations. Waters shall flow forth from the mountains and the wise shall perish. The wicked to be burned as a new river will appear and grow the seasons. The temple destroyed with the new river of blood. Fire and floods shall make a man cry. Hidden valleys will bring new waters. Good trees will grow upon desolate lands. Fish will swim in the Great Lake. Fishers will search them. The last shall be the first. The deaf and blind will see and hear. The earth will shake and rest. The rest shall be shaken. Women will cry and be happy. And men will be happy to die. And the bees shall search for the fruits of the trees. What is written will be spoken that ye may read. Resist God and ye shall lose. Lose thyself and find God. Blind dogs will eat their own vomit. From ashes will come beauty. The Eagle will be plucked. The bride will show her jewels. So God will rejoice. I come in the fire. Tares in the fire will clean the earth. And trees shall rejoice when the orchard is burned. When smoke is gone. Then men will live. And brides will have a new song. The avenger will rejoice. Prepare for that day. Great stink in the desolate cities. As mountains are laid low. Egypt’s plagues will return.”

Yes, I know, it's heavy stuff.  However, the Earthquake is to shake the people.  The time of separating the wheat from the tares is now.  Pretty soon, however, I should have a new comic to publish on this blog, or it's own blog, I haven't chosen yet.
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