Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First DC Adventures scenario

. . . Was loved by the player.

The player was playing a heroine that is missing an arm and both her legs.  She had cybernetic prostheses made for her arm and legs and went crime fighting with her boyfriend, Frosty.  However, Frosty was lost in Siberia when she turned 18 and started College.

Now a Theatre Major, she was preparing for the dress rehearsal of A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum.  On the way there she bumped into Richard (a different version of Nucleon) who was carrying a lot of books.  His important books were the Bible and a book on Quantum Physics and he was on his way to his car.

While at the theatre, she prepared the actress who is playing Philia by getting her into costume.  The only thing weird was that the actress had a crush on Nucleon and she had a bandaged calf. The play had a run through and the Director was giving notes on the dress rehearsal, telling everyone that they were terrible.  She slipped out and met with Richard again.

The two went out for ice cream, and they discussed the Justin Beiber fandom and compared it with Superman and Batman's fandom.  He asked about Nucleon, and she couldn't deal with Nucleon's sense of out of date style.  In fact, the player character said she would manhandle Superman for his outdated style.

Trouble, however, started in the Art Museum outside, and Richard conveniently went to the bathroom because he said he was a coward.  The player stalked off to the Art Museum, talked to the cops which mentioned a Werewolf wearing a sports bra and woman's runners briefs (a.k.a. bloomers or bun huggers). She went in to take care of the Werewolf herself.

While in there, she met Nucleon, who asked if he could help. She grudgingly accepted and the two tracked the werewolf to the Renaissance Gallery where she was holding ten hostages and threatening to bite all ten of them in order to pass on her lycanthropy.  The fight started with the player character making a gesture and the werewolf started attacking her.

Well she punched the wolf in mid-air and threw her to the wall.  Nucleon put the wolf in a bubble of air while he went to see about the hostages.  The bubble popped and the wolf landed on Nucleon's head.  Which the wolf enjoyed way too much.  After some attempts to grab her tail, the player character kidney punched the wolf, pulled her off and slammed her against the wall again.  Knocked out, the PC strangled the werewolf until she passed out, and they delivered her to the police.

Nucleon dropped the girl off at the school Swimming Pool, which was insensitive as far as the PC was concerned and the PC went back to take a shower and get into bed.  The adventure ends with her dorm mate telling her that she set up a double date with Josh and Richard for them.


and the Player ate up all that.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Would You Do if you had the most powerful copying machine in the world?

Watch this film.

IT's a good film about copying, and control of information (monopoly).

Friday, November 25, 2011

Naruto and Hinata

Besides that, I totally see this happening:
I am a big fan of a Naruto and Hinata pairing.  But I totally see something like this scene happening in Kishimoto's series. Hinata really likes Naruto, and Sakura thinks Naruto is a jerk.  I don't see Sakura changing herself to fit Naruto.  But Hinata is more flexible.  Therefore, I hope the two get together. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Should the Entertainment Industry go to Sharing?

The Internet is a world wide copying machine.  At the moment, the Entertainment Industry (which includes Hollywood, the Comic Book industry, the RPG "industry," and many others) represented by certain lobbyists, are trying to get the Internet censored in America.

So, after watching this video, it seems that the Intellectual Monopoly Model has been successfully challenged and found to be a dinosaur. So, what model is better for the Entertainment Industry? A model based on Sharing.

Although the word "Profit" is still being taught to children as a good thing, the best way to solve the piracy problem is dump the Intellectual Monopoly model for once and forever. Isn't it better to do this? After all, your computer doesn't know the difference between a Disney Logo and a Quantum Physics paper. It will download both without impunity.

If they shared their IM, they would be a RICHER industry. If people were allowed to write Superman and Spider-man stories without the threat of going to jail, it would generate more interest in the originals and people will read more DC and Marvel titles. All forms of Monopoly over information must be dumped if one wants to preserve the economy of Hollywood. :)

However, if you don't fight for the Internet, Hollywood would cease to exist.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


While trying to figure out what to do with my open source character, shaper, it hit me.  Why not make a Mutant and Masterminds supplement of a Super Hero team based on the four classes in the Expanded Psionics Handbook, and also the six disciplines?

Meet . . . 


This is a team of nine members, all who are students who attended the same Wealth Building seminar.  Each specializing in one of the six disciplines of Psionics, and three others specializing in other areas.  The team's powers come from the same source -- their indomitable belief in the Potential of the Human Spirit.  All of them received their powers after a dream that they had.

The Shaper -- Role: The Driving Force, discipline: Metacreativity.  The Shaper has psionic powers that is comparable to Green Lantern's.  The shaper can make constructs out of Matter and Energy.  The Energy he uses to shape his constructs is Zero Point Energy.  Sex: Male.  Religion: Spiritual Christian. 

The Kineticist -- Role: Raw Energy Blaster.  Discipline: Psychokinesis.  The Kineticist's powers has to do with energy.  He can't shape energy, but he can project it, move objects in space with his mind, cause explosions of energy psionically, that sort of thing.  Powers are like Phoenix of the X-Men, or Marvel Boy of the Avengers.  Sex: Male.  Religion: Hare Krishna.

The Seer: -- Role: Guidance, Discipline: Clairvoyance.  A jewish radical activist for Woman's Rights, this woman had spent her energy fighting the patriarchy.  She visited the wealth builder conference, and in her dream that night she learned of her true calling.  To help guide people to spirituality and better choices.  Her powers include clairvoyant powers.  She is the sibyl of the team.  Sex: female.  Religion: Judaism. 

The Egoist. Role: Strong Guy.  Discipline: Psychometabolism. A body building nurse, this Egoist always wanted to help people.  After the Wealth Building seminar, he had a dream and gained psionic healing powers as well as powers that augment his physical attributes.  He can also psionically -- and physically -- fuse with another to form a dynamic fighting powerhouse.  Sex: male, Religion: Protestant Christian.

The Nomad.  Fast hero.  Discipline: Psychoportation.  Once a world renowned Athlete, this young woman had her day when she ran for the 2008 Olympics.  She earned a silver medal for running the 500 yard Dash for the United States.  Hard on her luck, she attended the Wealth Building Conference.   She gained psionic powers of teleportation and movement (moving things bypassing space).  Sex: female, Religion: Buddhist. 

The Telepath. Director.  Discipline: Telepathy.  Once a psycho-analyst, this telepath had a successful practice as a psychiatrist.  He attended the wealth building seminar out of curiosity.   After all, all he believed in was tangible results and reason.  However, in a dream that night, he had his disbelief severely challenged when he received the powers of Telepathy.  Sex: male, religion: Atheist. 

The Psychic Warrior.  Weapon Specialist.  A marine, his family fell on hard times after he came back from two tours in Afganistan.  He left the army and sought to start a business starting a firing range.  He went to the Wealth Building seminar for ideas on how to build wealth.  That night, he gained a host of psychic powers.  Sex: male, Religion: Protestant Christian.

The Soulknife.  Assassin.  A woman trained as a CIA assassin, this woman joined the Wealth Building seminar to spy on the speaker to get a line on the head of the business.  When she woke up the next morning, she could form a weapon that is the distillation of her own mind. Sex: female, Religion: None.

The Wilder: Uncontrolled woman.  A black woman, this girl has emotional outbursts and a troubled marriage back home.  She joined the wealth builder seminar because she was seeking a divorce from her alcoholic husband.  The next morning, she gained psychic powers.  However, some of her powers are connected to her emotions.  Sex: female, Religion: Wiccan (Egyptian Mythos -- worships Sehkmet).

Okay, that's all I got for the team right now.  Since I got DC Adventures to make this team, expect the Default team to reside in a DC Universe.  The Team is open sourced, however, and can reside in any Superhero universe -- DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, any of them.  I'll be building a document with them empowered over the weekend. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Church of Ba'al

After reading Urban Arcana for d20 Modern, I noticed something that I dismissed.  It was the Church of Pelor.  In Urban Arcana, the Church of Pelor has migrated from the world of Shadow to the Modern World of 21st Century America.  However, I realized that it has become very, very important.  The Church of Pelor is utterly appropriate for Urban Arcana.

Pelor is Greyhawk's Sun Deity.  Ba'al is Earth's Sun Deity.

The Church of Ba'al is alive and well in Modern America.  Every Christian in America has been duped into worshipping Ba'al.  The Ba'alim, or Priests of Ba'al, have infiltrated the Christian Church in almost every aspect, and have now infiltrated the Church of Christ in America in all denominations and sects.  Ba'al worship has replaced Christian Worship and the Priests of Ba'al do good in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ desires worship of the Most High during the Sabbath.

The true Christian Sabbath is the Lunar Sabbath, which in 2011 is on a Tuesday.  Ba'al's Priests however has tricked the Christians into believing that Sunday, and Sunday only, is the Sabbath.  They have tricked Christians into believing that since Christ rose on the Sabbath, and that the Sabbath is Sunday.

The Priests of Ba'al whisper good things into the ears of Christians.  They proclaim them from oaken pulpits and tell the Christians that they can seek perfection.  They tell the Christians that Pornography is a scourge and one must avoid it.  They tell the Christians to rely on them for Salvation.  They also tell the Christians that it's better to be spiritually prepared for the Second Coming of Christ than it is to be physically prepared.

These Priests of Ba'al have forbidden men and women to marry, they have given heed to seducing spirits, and the doctrines of devils.  The priests of Ba'al speak lies in Hypocrisy, and have seared the consciences of Christians with a hot iron.   Some of them command to abstain from meats, which was created to be received with thanksgiving of Christians.

Most Atheists have accused Christians of being hypocritical.  The Atheists are right, when they are speaking about the priests of Ba'al.  Most Christians, however, are in utter confusion.  As a Christian myself, the worship of Ba'al is an abomination and must be stopped by Christians if we are to get the United States on Track.  However, the priests of Ba'al infiltration into the Church is so complete that it will take a Divine Miracle to do just that.

So, who is Ba'al?

From Wikipedia (not the best source, but the one where you can copy text -- it comes in handy, actually):
Baʿal (Biblical Hebrew בעלpronounced [ˈbaʕal], usually spelled Baal in English) is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning "master" or "lord"[1] that is used for various gods who were patrons of cities in the Levant andAsia Minor, cognate to Akkadian Bēlu. A Baalist or Baalite means a worshipper of Baal.

Ba'al is a title meaning "Master" or "Lord."  The false god Ba'al is a canaanite deity from Tyr and Sidon.  He is a Sun deity, meaning that the Ba'alim are sun worshippers.  However, in Ancient Times, the children of Israel had begun worshipping Ba'al -- calling Yahweh "Ba'al" and offering sacrifices up to Ba'al instead of Yahweh.  Eventually, during the reign of King Ahab, Yahweh sent Elijah to prove to the children of Israel that Ba'al was false and that He, Yahweh, was God.

The contest was over sacrifices.  It was to see which God listened.  The Priests of Ba'al would cry to Ba'al, they importune him, they would finally resort to self mutilation to prove themselves and gain Ba'al's attention.  Through all this, Ba'al would not listen.  After the Priests of Ba'al have let a lot of blood and exhausted themselves, it was Elijah's turn to call upon Yahweh.

Elijah then would have his bullock drenched with water and then he called upon Yahweh.  Yahweh responded by sending "Fire from Heaven" which burned the sacrifice and licked up the water.  The "Fire from Heaven" was an Interplanetary thunderbolt of plasma.

After the spectacular display, Elijah slew the priests of Ba'al and the Children of Israel had repented and started to call Yahweh by his rightful name -- YAHWEH and not "Lord."  However, that wasn't the end of Ba'al worship.  The Ba'alim went underground and infiltrated Judaism again.

After Yahweh came into his mortal form as Yahushua ben Joseph ben Judah and completed his mission, the Priests of Ba'al killed most of his apostles and infiltrated the Church.  They've been stuck in the Church of Christ ever since.  They have replaced Yahweh with Lord in the Holy Scriptures, and called Yahushua the Lord Jesus Christ -- giving Yahushua the name of another false deity -- Zeus (Iesous -- "HEY ZEUS!").  When the Christian Church was restored (as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), it was so that there would be a people prepared for Yahushua's return.

However, in the 20th Century, the Ba'alim have infiltrated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have wickedly subsumed the worship of the Christ with the worship of Ba'al.  The infiltration is so complete that now Yahushua has to set aside a people from the people he set aside.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was never meant to be popular.  The people were meant to be "special" and "peculiar" to the people of the world.

We were meant to be persecuted while we quietly gathered those who would listen so that they will be physically saved for the Second Coming.   However, all of this has been undermined.  In our zeal to be popular, we have allowed the Ba'alists to infiltrate the Church and takeover the Church.  So, the takeover is so complete that we have broken mostly every commandment.  We have coveted, we have taken the name of Christ in vain, we have crafted graven images and bowed down to worship them.  We do not keep the Sabbath day holy.  We have children who speak ill of their parents and fight their parents, we have committed Adultery as a body -- having left the Christ and sought other gods -- the god of Money (Mammon), the god of Popularity, the god of Fear, the goddess and god of Christmas, the goddess Eoster, and the gods of Hallowe'en.

When I found out about our sins, I was shocked!  But yes, in our Zeal we have allowed ourselves to go to sleep and not notice the corruption that has taken place.  Ba'al is the most worshipped deity in North America.  He is worshipped mostly because of confusion of Ba'al over the Christ.  However the Christ promised that one day the Ba'alim will be overthrown and that his people will call him Ishi -- or Husband, instead of Ba'al, or Lord. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Merlin, inc.

The Detective Agency with a little magic, Merlin, inc. is a d20 Modern campaign with a Pathfinder twist.  You use d20 Modern to create your character, but Pathfinder rules to do it. Written in the style of a T.V. series, the PCs are hired by Merlin to investigate crimes of a Supernatural nature.

Set in West Valley City and Salt Lake City, the Urban environment, and both downtowns are the perfect place to handle crimes from Shadowkind and to investigate cases of the Unexplained.  After all, as things get close, Quantum fluctuations the Ether bring shadowkind to our Earth and century and also magic.  It's the PCs job to investigate these weird occurrences as Private Investigators of the Paranormal (no Department 7).  The Campaign is an open ended type of show.

Formula: The characters are Private Investigators under Merlin who investigate unexplained phenomena and the Shadowkind culture in Salt Lake City and it's vicinity.

Theme: Should everyone be governed by the Rule of Law?

Tone: A mixture of The Real Ghostbusters, combined with Castle and Mr. Merlin. And, since yours truly is a Martial Artist -- with some of the Martial Arts world combined in.  There is some seriousness combined with comedy.

 Set Pieces:

Standard Optical corporate headquarters stands in for Merlin, Inc. headquarters.  Merlin, Inc. is behind Standard Optical.  It's located on 1901 Parkway Boulevard, West Valley City, UT 84119-2092.

The inside of the detective agency.

Other locations:

* Magic Shop
* Prancing Pony on Redwood Road -- the Bugbear owner is a contact. (Wendy's Restaurant is used as a stand in.)
* Draco Industries.
* The Spider's Haunt (Upscale Restaurant).
* Hunter Village -- West Valley City suburb as a home base for the PCs. 

Campaign Episodes:

Merlin Inc. 101 -- Ensemble.  Premise:  The PCs pay a visit to the nearby Prancing Pony on 3500 S. and find that the cash register's takings for the day has been stolen.  The proprietor, an elf,  hires the PCs to find the missing money.  Little do they know that Merlin the Magician, now a Detective looking into retirement, is watching the PCs. 

102 -- Focus: PC #1.

103 -- Focus: PC #2.

104 -- Continuity.

105 -- Continuity. 

106 -- Focus PC #1.

107 -- Ensemble.

108 -- Focus PC #3.

109 -- Focus PC #4.

110 -- Continuity. 

111 -- Ensemble.

112 -- Focus PC #5.

113 -- Change of Pace. 

114 -- Ensemble. 

115 -- Focus PC #1.

116 -- Focus PC #2.

117 -- Ensemble. 

118 -- Continuity.

119 -- Focus PC #3.

120 -- Change of Pace.

121 -- Focus PC #4.

122 -- Ensemble.

123 -- Focus PC #5.

124. Continuity.

125. Continuity -- Series Finale.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Magical Detective Agency

I had a dream last night about being apart of a magical detective Agency.  I wasn't spell slinging (and who'd want to?) but the agency was a detective agency that dealt with dangers of a magical nature. I dreamed that we were handling an inner city crime.  The imagery was inner Salt Lake City or downtown West Valley City in the industrial district.

We were investigating something, and Shirley McLane was in the dream.  I explained to her that we called ourselves Rip Tide.  This would make an interesting D20 Modern setting.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I had a dream

I had a dream where Evil had come to my land and I was sent to find someone to battle it.  Our valley was invaded by troops with an evil design.  They killed all who stood in their way to fight for freedom.  Those that were left retreated and they sent one of their own out on a Journey to find someone who can vanquish the evil.

The details were:

There was an Idyllic land, a modern city, and the journey took place over the mountains.  The rest is spotty.  But I didn't write it down as soon as I woke up. :)  There were some symbols I had to step on, though.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dragon Sketch

This is a place holder for my dragon sketch, just a sec.  Yeah, it doesn't look very good, but my first painting in photoshop with an accursed mouse.

I wish we were living the Law of Consecration so the makers of the Wacom tablets would just give them away! grrr . . . . I hate not having one for this class.  Anyway, the mouse isn't the best way to do this, but it's the best I've got.

The dragon is mythological in nature and I am going to refine it the best I can with this mouse.  Workflow so far: 1 hr. 30 mins. to do this sketch.  I've included Venus and Mars in the picture to show that I'm doing an interplanetary comet made up of the two bodies.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Myth and Roleplaying

Once there was a hero . . .

Who took up arms . . . .

To save the beautiful princess . . .

From the Dragon.

Thus begins the discussion in the video: "Remembering the End of the World."  The video talks about a dozen or so Archetypes that exist in human myth: the Hero, the Princess, the Dragon, the Great and Wise King.

When gamers roleplay, they are taking on the roles of the mythic Archetypes in order to defeat monsters of Chaos -- both real and imagined.

Black Dragon by *BenWootten on deviantART

To say the least, we role-players which to relive the mythic archetypes.  In a strong way, we are re-enacting the stories and the legends of the ancient Mythmakers.  We are the Hero in the story, off to fight powerful chaos monsters such as the Dragon, or the Chimaera, or the Gorgon.  Especially with her long, disheveled hair of snakes.   We act the part of Perseus, Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, even Arthur and Saint George.

We relive these Archetypes.  But where do they come from?  Carl Jung however said that they were deep archetypes, a part of the human psyche that was in borne that couldn't go away.  However comparative Mythologist David Talbot has other ideas.

What if the Hero in the story was actually a planet?  The planet Mars.

In Roman Mythology, Mars was the God of War and Agriculture.  Unlike modern representations of Ares -- as an Evil god who wanted perpetual war and conflict; Mars was was a hero god -- who saved the Princess from the Dragon.

Mars was the prototypical hero.  As for the Princess -- what if she was also a planet?  The planet Venus.  But that still doesn't explain the Chaos Monster or the Good and Wise King.  Let us reveal these archetypes for what they are: a planet and a comet.  The Good and Wise King, the archetype for all kings here on Earth, is a planet.  The planet Saturn.

The Chaos Monster, the Dragon -- a monster who has remained in man's imagination for a very long time -- is a creature that has no basis in the biological world.  Part serpent, part bird, part tiger, part leopard -- the dragon is the combination of all life.  But it has long flowing hair and is associated with Lightning.

To be fair, the Dragon or Chaos Monster is a comet.  A comet of planetary size and proportion . . . once again, the planet Venus.   How can the Planet Venus be both the beautiful Princess and the Chaos Monster?  In ancient times, the Mother Goddess was also the Goddess of Death and Misfortune.  In India, Khali is or was worshipped as the Goddess of Life and Death.  The same is true of Aphrodite, who is the Goddess of Love and Death in Greek Mythology.  According to the Egyptians, the planet Venus is associated with the Goddess Hathor -- who could turn into the terrible lioness Sekhmet.  And the planet Venus is also associated with Isis, the queen of the Gods.

And as for Saturn as the wise and good king of Heaven?  In a revelation to Abraham about the stars and the planets Yahweh (Jehovah) revealed: "These are the governing ones; and the name of the great one is aKolob, because it is near unto me, for I am the Lord thy God: I have set this one to govern all those which belong to the same order as that upon which thou standest."

--- Abraham chapter 3, verse 3. 

Most Mormons, who have this revelation, believe that the star Kolob is in the Center of the Universe, or the Center of the Galaxy.   However, this tradition is wrong and in error.  Kolob is a planet.  The planet Saturn.  

The word kolob is related to the word qelb, an Arabic word that means to turn around -- to rotate.  According to Yahweh, the planet Saturn was meant to be the lesser light (yes, Genesis says it was the moon).  The star which was the nearest unto God's throne.   It was to be used according to the times and seasons, as one revolution of Saturn's poles was to be as a day unto Yahweh -- one thousand years according to our reckoning here on Earth.  In ancient times, Saturn was worshiped by astronomers who were heathens.

Saturn became Osiris to the Egyptians, Saturn to the Romans, Chronus to the Greeks, Huang-di to the Chinese, and Brahma to the Hindus.  As the unmovable first sun, Saturn became the prototype for all kings on Earth.  The good and wise king, who brought prosperity during Man's golden age -- the Garden and the Time of Perfect Virtue. 

These are the archetypes that satisfy Roleplaying, but lets focus on the Dragon for a moment.

I'm interested in Astronomy and Mythology on how they relate.  When David Talbot talked about the Dragon being a monster that has no place in nature, it clicked when he said that the dragon was a comet.  In China, comets are seen as good luck.  However, in Europe, comets were seen as things of dread.  They are both these things.

I wanted to model my own dragon, my own representation of the comet Chaos Beast.  Although I have the DAZ Eastern Dragon and can use it at any time, modeling my own would be a challenge.  I thought I would base it on the paintings of this man in Nikko.  He draws the dragon with only two arms and a long sinewy tail.  How to accomplish this feat?

By using Pixologic's Z-Brush.  Z-brush allows one to sculpt completely in 3D with an orb of modeling clay made out of energy.  The program works in billions of polygons, allowing one to sculpt in fine detail.  After the initial sculpture is complete, I can paint it (texture it).  Afterword, one can export it to DAZ Studio 4 Pro and use the figure setup tools to set the dragon up and articulate it.  After this is done, I can then save it in DAZ Studio (with DS presets) in order to prepare the model for sale in the Renderosity Marketplace (DAZ Studio only, however enterprising people should be able to set it up for Poser).  Along with it's Maya and Vue counterparts.

The idea is to prepare a creature that represents a comet, seen in the sky.  Although uniformatarists scoff at the idea of Cataclysm or Catastrophe -- these are what the archetypes represent.  They represent stories of Catastrophe from days gone by.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why I like the Sodium Attack

This is why I like the Sodium Attack. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Man in Nikko paints a Dragon (re: Electrical current in space) in one stroke

This is a way cool, way awesome video.  Now, don't lie if you want a dragon like this when you go to Nikko.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Voice from the Garden -- A Vision in Reverse

Some Millennial Day poetry.  Some of you Socialist Americans might dig this poem. 

I was in the mind of God.
Having communion with the father.
My body asleep.
My mind Quickened.
As though I was fully awake.
No words were spoken.
All was Peace.
I was as filled with Joy as I had never known.
I saw The north American Continent as it is now.
Then I saw My house here in Texas.
The the Ocean had risen to above the roofs.
Only the grain silo protruding from it's depth.
I was looking for My house.
For the water had covered it.
Then I felt that time itself was going back towards Present time.
The water began to recede.
I began to see the roof of my house.
It was leaning to the side.
Time moved more swiftly back toward now.
It came closer to now and slowed.
Then by my house I saw.
The ground was heaving to and fro.
It looked like the ocean as it heaves in a hurricane.
as time moved more I heard the Roar of a mighty earthquake.
I saw my house.
It was falling upright.
Back onto its foundation.
And the roar ceased.
I began to wonder.
I saw a Voice, which cried;
Look over here.

And I saw ALL the nations.
of the World under Christ.
The children were without words
Such as War, murderer, thief, hate,
betrayal, profit, weapons, because there parents did no longer teach them, for there was no longer a use for them,
You see that everyone who had,
Freely gave.
Those who would steal were not stealing
for it was free to take.
 There was one law.
 Love one another.
ALL of the rich of the old world had given back that portion
That was not theirs. That no one would have need.
I looked for the Voice which I saw.
And  He said  I was the Voice from the Garden.
I fell toward my knee. And before knee hit.
He lifted me up. And said.
I was That Voice In the garden.
Come you must rest in the library of Adam.
My body awakened.

That's it.
The way I see it.
 We have got a choice.
Things aren't set.
We can change.

Energy, the Medium of 3D Computer Art

As 3D artists, we are dealing with pure electrical energy.  But that is the key, Energy.  According to Physics, Energy is the ability to perform work.  According to Spirituality -- Energy is the key to everything.  Everything is energy -- a quantum wave of unimaginable possibilities.

Human beings here on Earth (and other intelligent, thinking beings elsewhere in the Universe) all possess Intelligence.  They vibrate at certain frequencies and can change their vibrations at will.  When a human being dies, his or her consciousness jumps to a higher energy level, while their body becomes an organic sculpture that is readily decomposed.   Element are things that can be changed.  To put it simply, Intelligence are things that Act, and Element are things that are acted upon.  Basically, humans have the ability to collapse the Quantum Wave in an infinite number of patterns -- there is nothing a human being cannot do, cannot have, and cannot be.  They can do it Consciously (and become the thing that Athiests don't believe in), or they can do it Unconsciously (and become the thing that Athiests believe in).  Everything is in waves, we just change the unobserved into the observable.

Energy is infinite in the Universe, it's all around us, waiting to be used.  Computer 3D Artists sculpt energy into what they want to do with it.  That's all they do.


So, I don't know why there is division among 3D Artists.  All 3D Artists work in the EXACT same medium and they use the EXACT same creation process.  Thought -> Visualization -> Emotion -> Action -> Manifest.  Some 3D Artists have a quicker workflow: their workflow from thought to Manifestation is in minutes to hours (they use models purchased from stores like DAZ 3D and Renderosity).  Other 3D Artists have a slower workflow (they do everything from scratch up and work in Maya, 3D Studio, Mudbox, ZBrush, and Cinema4D).  Their workflow from thought to Manifestation is in days (measured in months and years).


Other artists use Energy as their primary medium, but they also work with matter.  Sculptors of Marble just take away the excess stone.  Clay sculptors just shape and mold clay.  Painters brush oils, acrylics, and watercolors on paper or canvas.  People who make bronze statues just need to pour the molten bronze into molds.  People who draw take pencil to paper, and on down the line.  Computer 3D Artists work in absolute pure Energy.  As long as there are electrons, and electricity (which is energy), we can create anything and have it with Artistic value.

Energy is the ultimate plastic medium.  It can take any shape, any color, any shade, any value.  Matter, which is spent energy, has to be coaxed to be molded.  Energy can be readily molded, shaped, sculpted, cut, formed, kneaded, cooked, baked, rendered, and whatever else to take the shape you need it to be.
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