Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Voice from the Garden -- A Vision in Reverse

Some Millennial Day poetry.  Some of you Socialist Americans might dig this poem. 

I was in the mind of God.
Having communion with the father.
My body asleep.
My mind Quickened.
As though I was fully awake.
No words were spoken.
All was Peace.
I was as filled with Joy as I had never known.
I saw The north American Continent as it is now.
Then I saw My house here in Texas.
The the Ocean had risen to above the roofs.
Only the grain silo protruding from it's depth.
I was looking for My house.
For the water had covered it.
Then I felt that time itself was going back towards Present time.
The water began to recede.
I began to see the roof of my house.
It was leaning to the side.
Time moved more swiftly back toward now.
It came closer to now and slowed.
Then by my house I saw.
The ground was heaving to and fro.
It looked like the ocean as it heaves in a hurricane.
as time moved more I heard the Roar of a mighty earthquake.
I saw my house.
It was falling upright.
Back onto its foundation.
And the roar ceased.
I began to wonder.
I saw a Voice, which cried;
Look over here.

And I saw ALL the nations.
of the World under Christ.
The children were without words
Such as War, murderer, thief, hate,
betrayal, profit, weapons, because there parents did no longer teach them, for there was no longer a use for them,
You see that everyone who had,
Freely gave.
Those who would steal were not stealing
for it was free to take.
 There was one law.
 Love one another.
ALL of the rich of the old world had given back that portion
That was not theirs. That no one would have need.
I looked for the Voice which I saw.
And  He said  I was the Voice from the Garden.
I fell toward my knee. And before knee hit.
He lifted me up. And said.
I was That Voice In the garden.
Come you must rest in the library of Adam.
My body awakened.

That's it.
The way I see it.
 We have got a choice.
Things aren't set.
We can change.

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