Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roleplaying on World of Warcraft

Roleplaying on World of Warcraft is a messy affair. Many people that play on a Roleplay Server do not understand the seperation of imagination from the real. This is one of the lessons I learned this week. So, lets talk about Roleplaying on World of Warcraft, and what it means.

Roleplaying in a fantasy world means that the life you roleplay in that world is just that -- Fantasy! In World of Warcraft, when you RP, you can be anyone, at any time, at any place. Its a fantasy, this means that it isn't REAL! Nothing that happens on World of Warcraft is meant to be real when you roleplay.

So here is my Rant for roleplaying on World of Warcraft. It either doesn't exist, it's frustrating, and its something that can cost you friendships if you aren't careful. People who play on the many World of Warcraft Roleplaying Servers are not Roleplayers at all! They play World of Warcraft for the fun of it and when you do RP, they think you are projecting your real self all the time.

It makes me sick that people confuse romance on an RP server in World of Warcraft to be the real thing. Although I had many opportunities to build a romance, I bungled them all. This is because people can't discern what is fantasy with what is real. So, if you want to play in World of Warcraft, I suggest buying the World of Warcraft pencil and paper RPG. Then you get a group of friends and have a grand time of free entertainment.

The idea to create a living novel, or story, is very appealing to creative types. It also is very fun and very exciting. The dynamic that World of Warcaft actually presents is strong and powerful, if everyone roleplayed their roles and understood that what happens in World of Warcraft, under a RP server, does not have a bearing on the real world.

So keep this in mind when playing World of Warcraft. Roleplaying in World of Warcraft does not usually exist, and when it does, becareful because most people have a tendency to blend the real world with the fantasy world.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jules Verne

Before I talk about the Journey to the Center of the Earth film I saw yesterday, I should probably talk about the Grandfather of all Science Fiction: Jules Verne. Jules Verne is an inspiration to me in various ways. although more indirectly through movies produced based on his works than with his works themselves.

Jules Verne is responsible for my journey into Atlanteology. More so than Ignatius Donnelly, which I will talk about later. Jules Verne, when he wrote his Exploration Imaginares, was a visionary man. He also inspired many people to build on his ideas. These people are called Vernians, since they take Jules Verne's writings as fact.

At present, my favorite novels of his are: A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Paris in the Twentieth Century, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days. The last of which inspired a Forgotten Realms novel -- Around the Realms in Eighty Days.

Jules Verne is the Author who wrote memorable impressions of Atlantis. Atlantis was first introduced in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as a group of ruins. Something that stayed in my mind.

Many authors of Adventure and Science Fiction look to Jules Verne for inspiration. Aside from Sir H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines and his adventures of Alan Quartermain, Jules Verne is directly responsible for today's Adventure and Science Fiction. Aside from Plato, which started the Fantasy and Science Fiction Genre (if you read the Timaeus and Critas, which I have) Jules Verne has helped many bring their imaginations to life. And George Lucas is right, there are people without imaginations.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Working with Dreamweaver is a little more involved than I had anticipated. I'm not sure where to start working with Dreamweaver since I had first worked with Dreamweaver before. Using Dreamweaver to work on my new webpage has brought me some consternation. Taking a beginning web authoring class should help.

As you can see, I'm still planning my "Journey to Atlantis" website. One of the stock photos I'm collecting for the site is this Temple of Karnak photo. All the photos will come from Stock Exchange; and will be selected for non-profit website use.

This is going to be an awesome web page. Not much flash content, since I can't get the hang of it without someone teaching me step by step some of the stuff I can do with it. But since it's about campaign options, not much flash will be needed.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cult classic song.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Friend

I have met and made a new friend in Vicki Layne. Everyone else, as far as her conversion to Nudism goes, I have little in the way to worry about it. I don't think she's even a clothist. She skinnydips, sunbathes naked, and everything else. She's also not an exhibitionist, since she doesn't even exhibit her WoW avatar for the kinks of others.

I believe she's a "secret nudist." She'll be naked, but only in secret; without anyone watching. In otherwords, she's a nudist in a tortoise shell waiting for a good reason to burst out. She just needs the right social circumstance to try social nudity, and then I think she will try it like a fish to water. As it stands, I think she will only get naked for me.

I'll see how it goes with her, to see if she is open to trying it later. If she is, I'll invite her down here and try to see if we can get in on some nude Karaoke or a social skinnydip somewhere where we won't get in trouble. Maybe Diamond Fork.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Journey to Atlantis

Rather than make up an entire book devoted to Atlantis, I think I shall make up a webpage instead. The web page, called "Journey to Atlantis" will focus on gaming in Atlantis and will provide options on how you can roleplay in Atlantis with a variety of Game Systems.

The web page will also explore Atlantean themes, and use stock photos as well as illustrations to deal with Atlantis: the tale, the Archaeology of Atlantis, Atlantis in Myth and Legend; and so forth to help you have a good background on Atlantis to produce a powerful game for your players.

The website is designed to give you options, and is pretty much system generic. It's going to be a fun web page about Roleplaying in the one city that captured man's imagination since Plato.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Confessions #5


Apparently, I'm teasing myself.

Months ago, my Mom felt that I was actually going to get married and have children. I believe her in principle. However, I see little of how I'm actually going to have a happy marriage with the usual Latter-Day Saint woman. I've changed so much that I felt that I can't have a marriage without a dimension of nudism, naturism, or skinnydipping in it.
The last LDS girl I've dated hated nudity, she thought that the body was ugly, and a wicked thing.

That was before I was talking seriously about getting together with another woman, with two kids as part of the package. She hated nudity, but worse of all, she couldn't see how our relationship would work, so she broke up with me. Then I met a girl through the same medium: WoW.

She's a full nudist, 19, and probably has an attractive body. I'll never know since she quit WoW; good for her. Really. So I left my email address with her brother -- who is trying to prevent us from communicating. He believes that on-line relationships eventually end up in heart break.

I told him that I've been proven wrong thrice, meaning I also believed such. Three of my cousins met their mates through on-line relationships. Daniel, Melinda, and Angie (last names removed). Daniel got married and has a happy relationship with his wife, even though a terrible car crash took his life. Melinda met Andreas (whomever) through Everquest. She flew to Norway to marry and be with him. Angie met Mojosam (the guy's real name I do not know) on WoW, and she recently moved in and is currently co-habitating with him.

(if you are going to demonize her in your heart, please stop now. I've been communicating with her enough to know that she and Mojosam happy with the arrangement. )

With this last girl, I think I messed up big time. I never fully intended to do anything; just have fun and act out the fantasy of being a nudist. However, I desire to be with this girl. She's fully the manifestation of my desires, and I desire to communicate with her more thoroughly.

However, it is clear to me that a normal, dyed in the Wool, LDS marriage with the regular LDS girl from Utah is probably going to cause a problem. I can't be with a woman who thinks her body and my body are ugly; and that nudity is only for sex. It's not going to happen. The marriage will have an element of lust built into it (since she won't want to see me without the temple garment, often). If she's hardnosed, she may complain about my nudism to the Bishop, which could cause a complication.

I can't have a normal, dyed in the wool -- I'm the bishop's or relief society President's daughter -- LDS marriage. I am not Peter Priesthood. I never can be. I never wanted to be cookie cut in that role. I just wanted to be myself.
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