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Hunter Village in the World of Shaper

Hunter Village is a simple village of farmers at first glance. However, at second glance there seems to be a large industry built to support the adventurers Hunter Village trains. Located in "the boonies" between Granger and Magna, Hunter Village includes swordsmiths, armorsmiths, general supply stores, and an adventuring academy.

Controlled by the best adventurer in the land, Hunter Village gets contracts from the Intermountain region and the rare contract outside the borders of the Intermountain region. Under control of a Lord Mayor, the village is a republican entity within a kingdom that is dominated by a mixture of Church and State (in a wierd synthesis, the kingdom has traits of a secular and a religious state). Also, Hunter village boasts six Samurai clans, six of the ten that escaped when the Emperor of Japan extended his influence and tried to disband the Samurai clans. The other four clans are in Sand Village and Forest Village respectively.

Hunter Village trains the following types of adventurers.

Rangers: The kingdoms, baronies, and republics of North America have their soldiers. Sharpshooters all of them; their adventuring counterpart are the rangers. Rangers are trained to handle white ops. Adventures that don't concern with espionage or assassination. The rangers are experts in wilderness and urban combat, reconnaissance, bowmanship, and are trained to handle difficult missions. Some rangers are trained to take a pet and to use their pets in combat.

Wizards: Wizards are trained to cast magic and to provide artillery backup. While the armies of the world have cannon, adventuring teams are designed to be mobile, and cannon is not practical. So wizards are trained to provide cannon on adventuring teams. There are two types of wizards: Combat Wizards and Nuclear Wizards.

Combat Wizards back up the team during normal adventures, they are trained to use spells that cause damage on a personal to a small area (like ten to thirty feet square). Nuclear Wizards are trained to use spells that cause widespread damage. They are often used during wartime.

Rogues/Ninja/Spies: Most every adventuring team does a little infiltration, and rogues are trained to do it. Hunter Village trains its rogues for two kinds of missions: White Ops and Black Ops. Rogues trained for white ops are highly skilled: they are often acrobats or gymnasts, and have skills dealing with trap disarming, removal, light espionage, and infiltration.

on the other hand. When the Samurai families immigrated to the Kingdom of Loch Salann, two clans of ninja came with them. Shinobi are trained to handle Black Ops: Assassination, deep infiltration, intelligence, and heavy espionage are some of their talents and skills. Shinobi are never apart of the usual Adventurer team; but are sent in teams of themselves. The normal Hunter Villager calls them "Black Ops" teams.

Samurai: While the other four villages do train swordsmen, the usual role of the swordsman is taken over by the Hunter Village samurai. Although proud clans, the six clans know that their traditions of Kenjutsu and Bushido will fall in disarray and be forgotten if not practiced. So, the Samurai took over the role of training swordsmen in Hunter Village. As time went on, five clans dispersed themselves to other parts of the Kingdom where they train and practice their arts quietly.

Hunter Village swordsmen are Samurai. They are trained to conduct themselves with honor and to use Kenjutsu. They also use Bushido (the Way of the Warrior) as their guide. Hunter Village samurai train to fight with no armor or little armor.

Medics are trained to heal people who are hurt or injured. An important part of Adventuring teams, most adventuring teams would be lost without medics coming along with them. Most every team that Hunter Village sends out has a medic with them. Some medics are trained in sorcery that helps to heal people while hurt them. Others are priests who join the adventuring teams against the wishes of their families.

Shapers: Because of the social stigma a shaper carries with him in society; a shaper isn't formally trained. Also known as psions, shapers are feared and reviled for rejecting both religion and wizardry. Declared apostate and renegade, they are often shunned. Unless they use their power. Shapers are very few and inbetween. The interesting thing about North American shapers is that most of them are truly Christian and call Jesus Christ the Maker -- a title of respect and reverence.

More of the World of Shaper

So, last time we talked about how the world was set up so that Wizardry and Religion does not accept shaping. So lets talk more about the nations of North America in this Era and how everything is set up.

It's the present year and North America is split into several political entities. These include:
* The United States -- which is made up of the New England Colonies, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The nation also includes the Iroquois Federation and the State of Ohio.

* The Crown Colonies: The Crown Colonies are made up of all the Southern States: Virginia, Georgia, The Carolinas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The Crown Colonies is currently a Monarchy under the Leadership of Charles Stuart III.

* Beyond the Colonies is the Great plains which are controlled by the Lakota Sioux Empire. The United States does control the territory of Missouri, however. But the great plains did not offer any hope for long term settlement other than for dairy farming, vegetable farming, and grain farming. There is limited U.S. and Crown Colony settlement in the great plains.

* Texas. The Republic of Texas is it's own country.

* The Intermountain Region: the Intermountain Region comprises the Kingdom of Loch Salann -- which is in the vicinity of Utah -- parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The Colorado Barony, which includes most of Colorado, Wyoming, and the rest of New Mexico. Neo Massalia, which includes Western Montana and Northern Wyoming. And the Eastern Part of the Barony of Oregon.

* The West Coast region. The West Coast region includes the Barony of Oregon and the Republic of California. Nevada is considered a wasteland and wasn't fit for settlement.

The Adventuring Villages

The Major Villages of Adventures in America equal exactly five. All are farming communities except they produce a large amount of Adventurers which are trained to handle any situation when called upon. The Adventurer villages are communities in which contain a large amount of curious people who undertake dangerous missions. All of the villages are mercenary populations, not one of them undertake missions lightly.

They are the Amazon Village, Hunter Village, the Sand Village, the Forest Village, and the Swamp Village.

The Amazon Village: Located on the Columbia River in the town of the Hood River, Amazon Village is established. Amazon Village is notable because its adventurers are all women. Named after the Amazons of myth, the adventurers of Amazon Village serve the Barony of Oregon and its ruthless Feudal Lord -- Lord Alistair Shockley. The Amazons also receive contracts from the Republic of California, and their adventurers are seen as far east as the Northern Lakota Sioux Empire. The Amazon Village is in competition with Hunter Village, so they are often at war with one another.

Hunter Village: Hunter Village is located in the Kingdom of Loch Salann. The village is mostly dairy farmers and vegetable farmers; however they train many adventurers and serve the entire Intermountain Region. Also, due to the Kingdom's good relations with the Empire of Japan since the 19th Century, there are a large amount of Samurai families ( about six) that reside in Hunter Village who maintain their ideals and culture.

Hunter Village is outside Salt Lake City, the capital of the Kingdom of Loch Salann. It resides in the boonies near the mining town of Magna. Hunter Village is named for the little hamlet it grew out of -- hunter. More will be on Hunter Village later.

Sand Village: In the location of Las Vegas is the Sand Village. Hardy adventurers as if there ever was some, the Sand Village contracts from the Orcish Horde, the Navajo Nation, Mexico, and the Southern Republic of California. The Sand Village is allied with Hunter Village since the Second World War.

Forest Village:
The Forest Village is located in the deep forests of Pennsylvania. Although the Amish surround the Forest Village, the Forest Village are not Amish. They are rough and tumble adventurers who are allied with Hunter Village during the Second World War. Forest Village serves the whole of the United States. Forest Village is in direct competition and has made enemies with the Swamp Village.

Swamp Village: Located in the swamps of South Carolina, the Swamp Village is composed of hardy adventurers who don't bow to the authority of King Charles Stuart the Third -- a direct descendant of the deposed English King -- Charles the First. But they are loyal to the Crown Colonies and its people; which is why they are enemies with the Forest Village. The king, having grown a spoiled child, tried to gain control of the adventurers of the Swamp Village but had no success. The Swamp Village had in no time declared itself it's own political entity and told the King where to stick his authority. Still, the King had to begrudgingly let them have their own way since the village serves the Crown Colonies by handling any emergency that crops up in his little kingdom. Swamp Village isn't allied with any other adventuring villages.

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Barebacked rogue

Barebacked Rogue by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Did you know that my character had a tattoo on her back?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rogues, Thieves, and Acrobats

Human Rogue by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Every adventure team needs an acrobatic expert in espionage. Here you go, I haven't decided what to name this character yet; but the whole of the morph for Aiko 4 (MH Anny) is going to be used for a character in my manga.

She's going to be to the main character what Hinata is to Naruto. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Working on a Texture Set

I'm working on Alternate Textures for Orion1167's Chaos Seed for Poser and DAZ Studio. There are going to be nine sets planned:

3 Satin/Silk ones
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
3 Animal prints or animal based ones:
  • Leopard Spots
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Tiger Stripes
2 Leather sets:
  • Buckskin (White) /w Dakota Sioux designs
  • Black Cattle Leather /w European Heraldry
1 Linen set /w Greek or Egyptian designs

Here is a look at the first set done. Needs some tweaking (my father suggested using crocodile leather as a texture for the boots; the gloves are made of snake skin).

Chaos Seed Texture WIP by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Character Set: MH Anny for V4A4

Every once in a while, you come across a character set that you just fall in love with. While searching for some clothes for my manga, I came across just one particular set. It's MH Anny for A4.

This particular set is a manga character, yep, a manga character. After seeing what ManiHoni can do with his texture sets on MH Zowie, MH Anny has the same hi-rez texture. Well, almost. ManiHoni produces some of the best character sets.

The video shows off MH Anny. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alyssa Returns!

Alyssa returns, with a different hairstyle and head.

Race: Massalian Elf
Affiliation: Blood Knights (Yes, I have to work on getting a blood red texture for Angeluz).
Personality: Protective, Loyal.

Allyssa is the Blood Knight that is sent to protect Vanyamórë from all threats. She is loyal to her princess and her king.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Personality: Vanyamórë is caring, brave, and speaks with the Authority of the King of Neo Massalia.

Vanyamórë, the Dark Beauty of Neo Massalia. Having grown up in the kingdom of Neo Massalia (Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado); Vanyamórë is a mage on a mission. She has come to the Kingdom of Loch Salann to learn the secrets of Loch Salann's technology.

She is also infatuated with the Shaper, Michael. As a member of a warlike culture, Vanyamórë is the princess of her kingdom and thus is accompanied by a battlemage and a Knight of the Blood. However, as a Wizard, she is trained in the traditions of magic and she uses the five techniques ( Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo, and Rego) and the forms (Animal, Aquam, Auram, Corpus, Herbam, Ignem, Imaginem, Mentem, and Vim). She is essentially a fire mage, but she is drawn to the shapers for some reason. She wants to know why they can violate some of the limitations of Hermetic Wizardry. Another reason to meet Michael.

Despite being an Atheist, Vanyamórë has the name of God embroidered on her garment (Adonai Elohim) as well as many alchemical symbols printed on the fabric of her garment. (Sun and the Lion, the Dragon, the symbol for alchemy, the symbol for gold, and Squaring the Circle).

This is the result of restructuring my manga's genre. The conflict is between Metacreativity and both Religion and Magic. This suit is the Chaos Seed suit, but I retextured it to be satiny or to be made of cotton. It's bright blue, so she won't draw much attention to herself.

The World of Shaper

Come to think of it, as "Shaper" is all about the Law of Attraction -- I might hide it better if it were a work of modern fantasy than a work of superheroic fantasy. Long ago, I made something up that could work, and since I've been seeing a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - 鋼の錬金術師) so it's become an inspiration for me.

So let us get to work.

Shaper is all about the Law of Attraction. That is the central theme of the story. The Law of Attraction is called the "Law of Attraction" because that is the way it works. The Law, as it is defined, acts because we attract who and what we most think about. The Shaper is a young man who uses the Law of Attraction directly for everything he does.

The concept of Shaper comes from the Law of Attraction and how we actually use it. We are vibrational beings, and we can change the vibrations around us to get a desired result. The word shaper comes from the Dungeons and Dragons Psionics Handbook (3.5 Edition). In the Psionics Handbook, metacreativity was introduced into the psionicist pantheon of power. The power to create something seemingly out of nothing.

Our hero, the Shaper, is really a person who can use this power. He learned it at a young age: having rejected both Religion and Wizardry in order to get it. He rejected both religion and wizardry, to learn metacreativity. In the process, he really learned what he needed to know to stand on his own two feet. But in so doing, he is rejected and considered an enemy: an apostate and heretic by both traditions.

Wizardry and Religion

Religion -- it is Religion's duty to bring the people to Spirituality. However as time passes, Religion and Spirituality become separate and religion is corrupted into a means of control. The Master who founded the religion is eventually forgotten, or worse, worshiped. Religion in this case, is controlled by the disciples of the disciples of the disciples of the Master. Religion controls the truth, and dispenses truth in a watered down version to the general congregation in order to control them.

The priests of the Religion are capable of creating miracles, but they often use the word "channel" and give all the credit to God (Ha’adon Adonai). The religion, a form of Christianity, is monotheistic and priests form the priesthood. The religion is built around the idea that Men need a prophet, an intermediary to God in order to speak for them and to speak for God. The shaper believes in Christianity but is outside since he has a personal relationship with God -- Spirituality. For this, he is considered apostate.

Wizardry -- Wizardry is the power to do extraordinary things. It is the power which man can manipulate and create dazzling effects -- i.e. magic. Wizardry, like Religion, is something that has lost it's original roots. As Religion is all about revelation or built on revelation by the Masters of the past, Wizardry is occultic in nature and depends on instruction and investigation.

In the world, Wizardry came to the knowledge of men by way of the "Eastern Sage" from the ancient kingdom of Sargon. Western Wizardry depends on limited power. It's power is limited. Also, the Wizards of today are rejecting their ancient mystical roots in favor of the opposite: logic and reason. However, almost all wizards have the name of God (Adonai Elohim) embroidered on their garments, either in Hebrew or in Tengwar. The Shaper rejected Wizardry and has embraced metacreativity. For this cause, he is heretic to the tradition of Wizardry.

The World of Shaper

The manga primarily takes place in the Kingdom of Loch Salann, or the Kingdom of Salt Lake. The continent: North America. The Kingdom of Loch Salann has all of the Territory of Utah under its control, plus some of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and California. The Kingdom of Loch Salann is allied with Neo Massalia (controlled by the Massalian Elves), the Horde (orcs), the Empire of Japan, and the United States of America.

The Kingdom of Loch Salann is enemies with the Middle Kingdom (China), India, and the Barony of Oregon. The current king of Loch Salann is Fuhrer King John.

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Massalian Elf Mage

Massalian Elf Mage by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Even some mages deserve some classy garments. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shaper Manga coming along!!

But I still have a dearth of sets, hair, and clothes. :(

The only limitation of Poser 3D? Your limited by your pocketbook, not by your imagination.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shaper Cover up!

The Shaper Manga is happening. :)

The cover is up.

Shaper Front Cover by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

It's my Birthday!

Its my Birthday today, everyone!

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Anubis, Dossier

Anubis by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART
Real Name: Raymond Drake
Identity: Secret.
Occupation: High School Student, part time adventurer
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California
Known Relatives: Raymond Drake I (father), Margaret Pickett (mother), Sir Van Drake (Great Grandfather -- Deceased)
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Powers: Because of a mystical curse that Sir Van Drake got while adventuring and digging in Egypt some one hundred and twenty years ago. Raymond can transform into a Lycanthrope called a werejackal. His wereform allows him increased strength, better reflexes, and slightly better speed. The curse, called the Curse of Anubis, was placed on that particular branch of the Drake family because Sir Van Drake managed to loot the tomb of a Egyptian Pharaoh on an archaeological dig. The Pharaoh was protected by the Curse, which will transform whoever would loot his tomb into a werejackal -- one of the servants of Anubis. The curse is meant to travel through the generations until one of his descendants manages to redeem the family name in some way.

As a lycanthrope, Anubis is hard to kill except to silver. He can take wounds that would kill a man, but silver is deadly to him.
Paraphernalia: Drake uses two khopeshes (curved Egyptian swords) in his quest for justice. He also has two bracers made of bronze that act as moonlight collectors, which will allow him to transform to Anubis when he likes.

In the 1880s, when the science of Archaeology was still being developed, Van Drake became fascinated by the ancient Pharoahs. The dilettante studied Archeaology and became an Egyptologist in Oxford before traveling to Egypt. The new archaeologist got a job cataloging relics for the University in Cairo. Two years after, the young archeologist managed to finance his own dig for the Pharoah Amenhotep III. However, when he recovered the relics he had become a victim of the curse of Anubis.

The curse was that he'd become a werejackal during the light of the full moon, one of Anubis minions, until he could redeem himself. Sir Van Drake never did redeem himself or his family. Twenty years after, becoming the beast during the light of the full moon he brutally killed his wife and escaped into the countryside. He was eventually hunted down by hunters and shot and killed by taking three silver bullets in his heart. Because he didn't redeem himself, the curse passed through his family for the next twenty generations.

However, as the curse spread and diluted through the Drake family, the werejackals in the family became less and less feral until the fifth generation when they can fully speak. However, Raymond is the next Drake the curse has come to. Born in California, Raymond's family moved to Utah after they sold their home. It was during his teenaged years that Raymond figured out that he was different. In sixth grade, he became attracted to another boy. However, a gay teen growing up in Salt Lake he had to hide his feelings.

Now, at fifteen, he goes to West High School. He managed to keep his orientation a secret. It was also at 15 that the curse came fully upon him, surprising his father by turning into a werejackal. Also, Drake suddenly knew that he had control over his faculties as a Werejackal. He talked in English perfectly, even if his voice was deeper.

The turning point came when his sister was kidnapped by a werewolf. Not knowing who to turn to, Drake turned to Michael for help. The two confronted the werewolf and managed to defeat him. In the conversation that followed the fight where Michael rescued his sister, Drake didn't know what to do. Michael suggested he'd become a superhero. So, with the help of another pack of werewolves, and taking the name Anubis upon himself, Drake became a warrior for justice in Salt Lake.

Michael C. Pratt, Dossier

Shaper by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART
Real Name: Michael C. Pratt
Identity: Known to all
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Place of Birth: Logan, Utah
Known Relatives: Howard Pratt (Father), Jessica Jones Pratt (Mother)
Education: High School, but shows high levels of self education. He is under the tutelage of another, Master Shaper.
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Powers: Michael possesses a hyperactive subconscious which responds to some of his thoughts instantaneously. As a result, he has exhibited an ability to fly, to manipulate reality to some extent by thought, and LRM -- or conjuration of objects from the ether.

Michael Pratt is a descendant of Parley P. Pratt, and someone called a Shaper -- a human being with an hyperactive subconscious. Many people have postulated that he actually exhibits "metacreativity." Michael is a member of the LDS faith - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was born into the Church.

After his Baptism at eight years of age, Michael started reading a Quantum Physics book and many books dealing with financial success, such as Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. At the age of eight, he learned about the Law of Attraction and used the Law of Attraction to attract super powers instead of success. At the age of ten, it paid off. He gained the ability to fly.

At the age of twelve, Michael was kidnapped and held for three weeks as a captive for unknown purposes. Again, he exhibited another result of his super power, the direct manipulation of reality. After three weeks, he and his fellow captives were rescued by the Salt Lake Police department and Michael was reunited with his parents. Michael was unfazed by the whole result, believing that the police would rescue him and the twenty other children kidnapped with him. However, his power did not go unnoticed.

Michael attracted the attention of Genji Jiriaya, another shaper. Makato offered to help him and coach him in developing his super powers. Genji would train the young boy in dreams, since they were separated by geography. Genji trained the young man in karate and kung-fu as well as training him further in his powers. When Michael demonstrated LRM -- the conjuration of objects from the Ether -- Genji was forced to investigate the strange activities of the Red Lotus, a criminal organization operating in Japan. Now 16, Michael is nearly a full fledged shaper. He currently operates in Salt Lake City.

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A homosexual superhero?

Because of my exposure to gay men on World of Warcraft, and attracting an admirer who is also gay; I am seriously of thinking of doing a gay superhero. Perhaps the second so conceived for an American audience -- as Stan Lee designed such a superhero before I did. Why do such a thing, you ask?

I think, as a Mormon man, I live in a culture that does think that homosexuality is wrong (in fact, it is, since the LDS religion is all about being or becoming a Creator). My take on homosexuality is, yes, it is wrong. But, the feelings that homosexuals have for each other are not wrong. I don't know what Mr. Lee is planning with his gay hero, but I hope to tone mine down in expressing his feelings.

In short, he won't be aggressive. He will show all the heroic attributes of a superhero, except he's a homosexual. He likes men more than he likes women and he sees men as romantic or sexual partners. But he isn't aggressive about it. He would be like Alele from the El Hazard: Wanderers T.V. show -- a passive gay who admires male beauty. "He's beautiful," he'd remark to himself. I do believe that American comics is ready for a homosexual character who is superheroic. Only in this case, he's a werewolf -- or in the case of Raymond Drake -- a werejackal. Being part animal does provide a problem, but since my hero does talk, he's a lot like the Astounding Wolf Man by Robert Kirkman. One problem is: what happens when Raymond Drake approaches the person he has feelings for? One of the best things about working with Image that I might be able to get away with an affectionate scene between the two of them (not full sex, but an affectionate scene).

Raymond Drake is loosely based on the young man behind the Blood Elf mage Reiadryn on WoW, the young man who has "fallen in love" with me. Which is something I don't fully understand why. Fortunately, I totally accept him. But I don't see a future with him.

Happy Halloween

Actually, I can do another Halloween themed render besides a Lycan terrifying a girl in exercise clothes. But I wanted to try out my toys.

Happy Halloween by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Saturday, October 10, 2009

You've Seen it here first!

I have a Mock Cover to show you. Plus, a new Character Reference -- Anubis.

Anubis Character Reference by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

The comic is about the Law of Attraction. This is issue 0, which I will use to pitch to Image Comics about writing and illustrating the comic.

Friday, October 9, 2009

5 days till my birthday

And I'm thinking of purchasing some toys to do some Halloween renders. Okay, A LOT of Halloween Renders.

The pieces I'm planning to buy:
Why? I think it's time for a comic. A manga comic. A short, manga comic. :) It's time for the Shaper's debut. A new ally and a new enemy will show up for the Shaper. And a new story will introduce his powers to the world. :)

Watch out world, the first comic with the Law of Attraction as a theme is coming.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Black Lotus

Hoshiyo Character Reference by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Here is a new Character Reference sheet for another character in my comic. This is Black Lotus, or Aomori Hoshiyo. She is a dangerous girl, for she is a Kunoichi. She is also set up as a foil/possible second love interest for the Shaper.

Arthas' Estranged Twin

Snow Queen by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Beware of Arthas' estranged sister. For she has a heart of ice behind all that beauty.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arsenic and Old Lace: a Birthday Render Challenge

Now to turn away from Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations --
On the DAZ forums, I made the challenge for people to render scenes from the Dark Comedy: Arsenic and Old Lace. Since my own Birthday is like eight days away, I thought it would be fun to host a challenge to see who can render the various scenes the BEST!

Prizes are photoshopped ribbons and they go to:
Best of Scene.
Best Johnathan Brewster render.
Best Abby and Martha render
Best Teddy Roosevelt render!
Scariest Scene

The idea is that I'm the judge, and I hand out the prizes! Since the play is Halloween themed, the entrants can also enter their renders in the Halloween Render Challenge or freebie challenge put on by DAZ or by their forum patrons. Sounds like great fun!!

Are the Mayans the Nephites?

Traditionally, my people the Latter-day Saints have convinced themselves that the Toltecs and Mayans were two ancient civilizations: the Jaredites and the Nephites. However, the ancient documents that the Mayans wrote in their distinctive glyphic writing bears no resemblance to any thing that the Nephites could have wrote since the Nephites bear claim that they reformed the Egyptian writing system to their language.

To make a claim that they are is ludicrous because the writing system of the Maya bears absolutely no similarity to Demotic.

To compare:

As you can see, there is no similarity. Nephites in Middle America is just something that can't be done. However, it is possible that the Nephites lived somewhere else . . . But not in the Yucatan Pennisula. It's just not possible that they'd live there. Further proof that the Maya could not be the Nephites is presented in this Nova Program:

So, who are the Nephites? With the time we have, we will never ever find out to everyone's satisfaction as to who they are. The Nephites -- a Christian civilization in America whose record was recorded on gold plates and translated by Joseph Smith into the Book of Mormon -- will be a mystery to Archaeology for a long, long time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cover Girl Redux!

Cover Girl in Urban Camouflage by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Cover Girl redone!

I managed to elite shape her with the Utopian body morph. How did it work out?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Q. What is an Affirmation?

A. An Affirmation is essentially a prayer combined with intention. Or you can call it a goal combined with belief and emotion. An affirmation is energy, being sent and received.

Q. How do I make an affirmation?

A. You write down what you desire and attach an emotion to it. There are several ways of doing this: some people create slide shows of their affirmations and put them as a Windows Media File and upload them to Youtube. It is best to attach a positive desire to your affirmation for it to work.

Q. Are affirmations attached to the Law of Attraction?

A. Yes, they are. :)

Q. What are some affirmations?

A. Here are some of mine:

* All good things are coming to me to day . . .

* Who cares what other people think?

* People enjoy reading my blog posts.

* I am a beautiful person, I love myself.

* I am attracting love, and I radiate love.

* I have God potential and I am one with God.

* I can do anything, I can have anything, I can be anything.

* I am a leader, I inspire others.

* I am attracting my mate, she is looking for me.

* My mate is also a leader, she also inspires others.

* My mate is extraordinarily beautiful.

* I am grateful for all that I have.

* I am energy, I am a vibrational being, I am a being of Light.

* I am made of Light

* Everything I touch turns to gold.

* Money is being made for me everyday.

* I am grateful for the money I have, the money I earn, and the money I have to spend.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Major Elric "Hannibal" Smith, State Mage

Meet Major Elric "Hannibal" Smith, State Magican. This is a 4th Edition wizard for the game over on Myth Weavers. I was invited by Greywulf, so I chose to take the invitation.

Time Period: Victorian England
Race: Human
Age: 17.
Country of Origin: Roshtaria
Rank: Major in the Roshtarian Army
Storyteller/Actor Role: Combat Mage (Medium Artillery)
Gamist Role: Controller
Class: Wizard
Distinguishing Marks: There is a tattoo of an Oriental Dragon on his left side, it snakes around his left nipple and down his ribcage to his stomach.

Talents: Elric has the following talents ---
* Battle Reflexes (Minor Special Training Talent) -- Elric is capable of making an extra initiative roll, and I may select the one I wish to use.
Elric can adapt to any combat situation quickly. He can assess the whirlwind of information that assaults him in combat. He knows how to use that information to his own advantage, and he presses that advantage when ever he can. Even if he is surprised, he can recover more quickly than normal. Then he can press the battle to his victory -- a result of his military training.

* Natural Physique (Minor Physical Talent) -- This talent reflects the increased hit points found in 4th Edition.
Elric was born with a natural physique. This allowed him to have a well developed body, which was honed in Military basic combat training. As a result, he has a well defined muscular body.

* Danger Sense (Major Mystical Talent) -- You may make an Alertness check to detect danger (DM's Discretion). Elric receives a +2 bonus to make the check.
Whenever Elric gets close to a source of danger, he can feel it. He cannot always depend on it, but has certainly saved his life on more than one occasion. He keeps it a secret because people don't believe he can sense danger. He does use it to his advantage, however.

* Military Combat Mage Training (Greater Special Training Talent) -- This talent is a catch all, representing the skills and powers he receives under 4th Edition. It also represents the Gamist emphasis of D&D 4th Edition.*

Rival NPC (Greater) (Balances Military Combat Mage Training) -- Elric has gained a rival in the Roshtarian Army, another State Magician. This one is a Heavy Artillerist or Nuclear Mage, specializing in powerful destructive magic (just like Kimbley from Fullmetal Alchemist).
Elric has a powerful rival. Once they were the best of friends, but they drifted apart. During the battles they participated in -- this rival was getting increasingly unbalanced and focused on magic that destroys things in a wide area. The final break was during the Battle of Ashvale, when his friend used powerful magic that obliterated about five city blocks and killed hundreds of innocent non-combatants. And all the time, he laughed and grinned the grin of a sociopath. They split and he was never seen again. However, Elric knows that he's out there, up to no good or trying to surprass him in skill.

Girl/Guy Magnet (Greater) (Balances Danger Sense) -- Elric attracts both girls and guys who are easily distracted. Some want to pursue a romantic relationship.
Elric is quite the lady killer. Girls find him physically attractive, and they swarm to him like bees to honey. But that's not all. Some guys are attracted too. It's very embarrassing for Elric to attract girls, but guys?

Sense of Duty (Minor) (Balances Battle Reflexes) -- Elric is a Major in the Roshtarian Army, and thus he has a duty to return to Roshtaria as soon as possible and resume being in the Army.
All mages - both Combat and Nuclear - in the Roshtarian Army are given the Rank of Major, since there are few of them and their talents are invaluable in military operations. Although Elric has a standing order to capture his Rival, he feels a strong sense of duty to his country and to the Army.

Chivalrous (Minor Flaw) (Balances nothing) -- Elric must fight in an honorable and chivalrous manner, since he ascribes to a code of ethics that is based on doing what is honorable and right. He will always fight fair and treat ladies with respect (which intensifies his Girl/Guy Magnet flaw).
There is much honor to be gained, and Elric lives for such honor. Elric endeavors to receive the most honor possible in ensuring a fair fight. He doesn't take advantage of an unarmed foe, attack people from behind, or attack on horseback if your foe is not himself mounted. He does not get satisfaction from defeating people dishonorably. He realizes that not everyone fights by reasonable rules, however he choses to do so since it is how he was raised.


Elric was born seventeen years ago. He was born to a wonderful father and mother. He has six siblings, four sisters and two brothers. However, his father was a Combat Mage in the Army, and so he disappeared one day, abandoning his family on a Military Mission. His mother was left to fend for her seven children by herself.

Of all his siblings, only he was interested in following the footsteps of his father. His sister, Gloria Smith, studied Automail engineering and works on creating Automail prosthetics (Cybernetic engineering). While his mother tried to prevent him from becoming magician, Elric was determined to try.

He found a teacher and learned magic from her. He also went to Church, and it was from Church and his teacher's husband -- a retired Colonel; that he learned his morals and ethics. He adopted Chivalry from his teacher's husband as a way to approach combat and a way to guide his life.

Tragically, when he was fifteen, kobolds attacked his family farm and beat up his brothers and raped his sisters. The kobolds raped his brothers as well. Afterwords, the kobolds razed their crops after taking what they wanted. His mother ran away with his youngest sister calling for his help.

To defend his property, he used his magic powers. The battle was long, but with help from the Colonel and his teacher, he routed the kobolds and killed their leader. In recognition to this tragic event, the Army came to his door and recruited him into the Roshtarian Army. They gave him the rank of Major and had him go through intense combat training.

The training toughened and strengthened his body. He also learned from the best teachers the Army had available to hone his skills. It was at this time he met his Rival -- Jones. Jones was too frail for combat training, so he took nuclear training instead. They became the best of friends through their training. Helping each other out, and teaching each other basic tricks of both nuclear and combat magic. They even had bunks together, and stayed in the same unit when they shipped out.

Adventure History:
Some of Elric's Experience come from battle experience. At other times, during adventures at peacetime.

The Battle of Sorry River (levels 1-2) -- This was a major battle against orcs that invaded Roshtaria. Assigned to the same unit, Major Elric Smith and Major Jones worked together on this one. The Battle took place at Sorry River, Major Jones' home town. The orcs were insistent, they invaded and was killing everyone. The soldiers opened fire on the orcs, using their rifled muskets to take out their enemies. The battle was not going well, so General Windside ordered the Artillery. The Combat Mages and Nuclear Mages took the field.

Elric used his magic to take down the orcs, and his friend Jones, used his magic to cause a wide range of destruction. Elric and Jones separated, however. Elric used his chivalrous manner to fight the orcs, and was soon up against an Orc shaman named Narghaash. The fight between them took a long time, and finally Narghaash was worn down and yielded. Elric was impressed that the orc actually fought Honorably. Narghaash was also impressed by Elric's Chivalry. Elric let Narghaash go, but the Orc swore a life debt to Elric and the two became true friends.

For Jones, however, it didn't go well. In the battle's aftermath, Jones found his mother and father and his siblings both killed by orc axes and his house burned down. He screamed in a fit of rage and used his magic to OBLITERATE the entire Orcish command in a powerful firestorm. As the chieftains burned in his magic, Jones snapped and laughed through the burning -- enjoying the death of the orcish leaders -- able to take satisfaction in the killing of the chief and sub-chiefs that led the orcs in the battle. Elric was horrified at the true colors of his best friend; and Jones was tried and finally imprisoned for insanity.

The Homonoculus Affair (Levels 3-7) -- Roshtaria was finally at peace, and through Elric's rapport with Narghaash; Roshtaria was able to negotiate a peace with the orcs and recognition of their nation as a power. Through the intervening years, Roshtaria was forced to deal with a crisis not without, but within. In a series of mysterious happenings, inside battles, and political manuevering; Elric worked hard to help the Army overcome a crisis in his own nation.

Battles, politics, and subterfuge all took their toll. Homonoculi was seen, humans transmuted using Alchemical Ritual Magic. The Homonoculi worked their own agenda. Eventually, the homonoculi were defeated and the man who orchestrated the affair -- which almost became a coup, was Elric's own father. Elric's father was then executed for committing conspiracy against the State. His final words gave Elric strength and resolve to face the difficult years ahead. But in the ensuing chaos, someone let Jones out of prison.

The Battle of Ashvale (level 7)-- For some reason, the Eladrin declared war on the Roshtarians during the Homunculus Affair. The Eladrin marched an entire Army into Roshtaria in an attempt to occupy it. Elric didn't take part in the battles that happened in Roshtaria, he was too busy trying to cleanse Roshtaria of traitors. He did take part in a decisive battle called the Battle of Ashvale, which was an Eladrin town.

The battle was bloody, and Elric had hidden help from three units of orc skirmishers and Narghaash himself. The skirmishers that Elric and Narghaash led acted to throw some of the units off balance while the main army faced off against the army led by General Windside. Eventually, the orc skirmishers, using their bows and arrows, pressed into the Eladrin town. The units that Elric and Narghaash led made it to the town square. Only to face Jones and his psychopathic smile.

Trying to reason with him, Elric could only see that smile. Then, blackness as the world blew up. Elric and Narghaash woke up in a hospital, most of their orcs were dead. Both Elric and Narghaash healed quickly since they only received minor burns and a bump on their heads. Elric wanted to track Jones down. Colonel Hardstreet and the commanding officer of the Roshtarian Army after the battle of Ashvale had learned of Jones' escape. He ordered Elric to capture Jones and Hardstreet gave Elric Carblanche in order to do it. This meant that Elric can operate outside the Military structure to capture Jones.

Tracking down Jones (Level 7) -- with the help of orc scouts, Elric tracked down Jones to a research laboratory in the countryside. Finding Jones inside, Jones killed the researcher and jumped in a trans-dimensional portal. Commanding his scouts to stay behind, Elric jumped into the portal himself going after Jones in an effort to capture him and bring him back to his own world.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

World of Warcraft Image

What happens if you are a human rogue and for some reason your in the GHOSTLANDS? You and your buddies were looking for a way in or a way out, whichever tightens your fancy. However, you get caught. BY BLOOD ELVES!

You are stripped of your arms and armor, except for your unmentionables (they are being nice aren't they?). Tossed into a hanging canary cage, and the door is locked. The guards are changed every watch. You're basically naked, and in a cage. Contemplating on how to get out! WHAT A ROLEPLAYING CHALLENGE FOR A ROGUE! :D

DM Lost Land -- Danie, Marforno, Abraham.
Angeluz - Val3DArt, Lesthat.
Syndori -- VAMP (Vexiphne, Adiene)
World of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

I'm Ready to Move On!

Ann and I by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

I absolutely have no doubt that my French girlfriend and I are going to be together in Heaven. It's inevitable. She's resurrected now, and I am here on Earth to continue what I have to do. She died a year ago, and now I'm ready to move on. She gave me so much joy in my life while she was here, I am so grateful to her for doing that.

We met on WoW and had an online relationship, but God took her from me before we could plan to get married. She made me very happy and now I'm ready to move on and to attract love into my life and another girl. I'm so grateful for living on Earth!
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