Friday, October 30, 2009

More of the World of Shaper

So, last time we talked about how the world was set up so that Wizardry and Religion does not accept shaping. So lets talk more about the nations of North America in this Era and how everything is set up.

It's the present year and North America is split into several political entities. These include:
* The United States -- which is made up of the New England Colonies, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The nation also includes the Iroquois Federation and the State of Ohio.

* The Crown Colonies: The Crown Colonies are made up of all the Southern States: Virginia, Georgia, The Carolinas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The Crown Colonies is currently a Monarchy under the Leadership of Charles Stuart III.

* Beyond the Colonies is the Great plains which are controlled by the Lakota Sioux Empire. The United States does control the territory of Missouri, however. But the great plains did not offer any hope for long term settlement other than for dairy farming, vegetable farming, and grain farming. There is limited U.S. and Crown Colony settlement in the great plains.

* Texas. The Republic of Texas is it's own country.

* The Intermountain Region: the Intermountain Region comprises the Kingdom of Loch Salann -- which is in the vicinity of Utah -- parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The Colorado Barony, which includes most of Colorado, Wyoming, and the rest of New Mexico. Neo Massalia, which includes Western Montana and Northern Wyoming. And the Eastern Part of the Barony of Oregon.

* The West Coast region. The West Coast region includes the Barony of Oregon and the Republic of California. Nevada is considered a wasteland and wasn't fit for settlement.

The Adventuring Villages

The Major Villages of Adventures in America equal exactly five. All are farming communities except they produce a large amount of Adventurers which are trained to handle any situation when called upon. The Adventurer villages are communities in which contain a large amount of curious people who undertake dangerous missions. All of the villages are mercenary populations, not one of them undertake missions lightly.

They are the Amazon Village, Hunter Village, the Sand Village, the Forest Village, and the Swamp Village.

The Amazon Village: Located on the Columbia River in the town of the Hood River, Amazon Village is established. Amazon Village is notable because its adventurers are all women. Named after the Amazons of myth, the adventurers of Amazon Village serve the Barony of Oregon and its ruthless Feudal Lord -- Lord Alistair Shockley. The Amazons also receive contracts from the Republic of California, and their adventurers are seen as far east as the Northern Lakota Sioux Empire. The Amazon Village is in competition with Hunter Village, so they are often at war with one another.

Hunter Village: Hunter Village is located in the Kingdom of Loch Salann. The village is mostly dairy farmers and vegetable farmers; however they train many adventurers and serve the entire Intermountain Region. Also, due to the Kingdom's good relations with the Empire of Japan since the 19th Century, there are a large amount of Samurai families ( about six) that reside in Hunter Village who maintain their ideals and culture.

Hunter Village is outside Salt Lake City, the capital of the Kingdom of Loch Salann. It resides in the boonies near the mining town of Magna. Hunter Village is named for the little hamlet it grew out of -- hunter. More will be on Hunter Village later.

Sand Village: In the location of Las Vegas is the Sand Village. Hardy adventurers as if there ever was some, the Sand Village contracts from the Orcish Horde, the Navajo Nation, Mexico, and the Southern Republic of California. The Sand Village is allied with Hunter Village since the Second World War.

Forest Village:
The Forest Village is located in the deep forests of Pennsylvania. Although the Amish surround the Forest Village, the Forest Village are not Amish. They are rough and tumble adventurers who are allied with Hunter Village during the Second World War. Forest Village serves the whole of the United States. Forest Village is in direct competition and has made enemies with the Swamp Village.

Swamp Village: Located in the swamps of South Carolina, the Swamp Village is composed of hardy adventurers who don't bow to the authority of King Charles Stuart the Third -- a direct descendant of the deposed English King -- Charles the First. But they are loyal to the Crown Colonies and its people; which is why they are enemies with the Forest Village. The king, having grown a spoiled child, tried to gain control of the adventurers of the Swamp Village but had no success. The Swamp Village had in no time declared itself it's own political entity and told the King where to stick his authority. Still, the King had to begrudgingly let them have their own way since the village serves the Crown Colonies by handling any emergency that crops up in his little kingdom. Swamp Village isn't allied with any other adventuring villages.

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