Saturday, October 3, 2009


Q. What is an Affirmation?

A. An Affirmation is essentially a prayer combined with intention. Or you can call it a goal combined with belief and emotion. An affirmation is energy, being sent and received.

Q. How do I make an affirmation?

A. You write down what you desire and attach an emotion to it. There are several ways of doing this: some people create slide shows of their affirmations and put them as a Windows Media File and upload them to Youtube. It is best to attach a positive desire to your affirmation for it to work.

Q. Are affirmations attached to the Law of Attraction?

A. Yes, they are. :)

Q. What are some affirmations?

A. Here are some of mine:

* All good things are coming to me to day . . .

* Who cares what other people think?

* People enjoy reading my blog posts.

* I am a beautiful person, I love myself.

* I am attracting love, and I radiate love.

* I have God potential and I am one with God.

* I can do anything, I can have anything, I can be anything.

* I am a leader, I inspire others.

* I am attracting my mate, she is looking for me.

* My mate is also a leader, she also inspires others.

* My mate is extraordinarily beautiful.

* I am grateful for all that I have.

* I am energy, I am a vibrational being, I am a being of Light.

* I am made of Light

* Everything I touch turns to gold.

* Money is being made for me everyday.

* I am grateful for the money I have, the money I earn, and the money I have to spend.

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