Monday, October 19, 2009

The World of Shaper

Come to think of it, as "Shaper" is all about the Law of Attraction -- I might hide it better if it were a work of modern fantasy than a work of superheroic fantasy. Long ago, I made something up that could work, and since I've been seeing a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - 鋼の錬金術師) so it's become an inspiration for me.

So let us get to work.

Shaper is all about the Law of Attraction. That is the central theme of the story. The Law of Attraction is called the "Law of Attraction" because that is the way it works. The Law, as it is defined, acts because we attract who and what we most think about. The Shaper is a young man who uses the Law of Attraction directly for everything he does.

The concept of Shaper comes from the Law of Attraction and how we actually use it. We are vibrational beings, and we can change the vibrations around us to get a desired result. The word shaper comes from the Dungeons and Dragons Psionics Handbook (3.5 Edition). In the Psionics Handbook, metacreativity was introduced into the psionicist pantheon of power. The power to create something seemingly out of nothing.

Our hero, the Shaper, is really a person who can use this power. He learned it at a young age: having rejected both Religion and Wizardry in order to get it. He rejected both religion and wizardry, to learn metacreativity. In the process, he really learned what he needed to know to stand on his own two feet. But in so doing, he is rejected and considered an enemy: an apostate and heretic by both traditions.

Wizardry and Religion

Religion -- it is Religion's duty to bring the people to Spirituality. However as time passes, Religion and Spirituality become separate and religion is corrupted into a means of control. The Master who founded the religion is eventually forgotten, or worse, worshiped. Religion in this case, is controlled by the disciples of the disciples of the disciples of the Master. Religion controls the truth, and dispenses truth in a watered down version to the general congregation in order to control them.

The priests of the Religion are capable of creating miracles, but they often use the word "channel" and give all the credit to God (Ha’adon Adonai). The religion, a form of Christianity, is monotheistic and priests form the priesthood. The religion is built around the idea that Men need a prophet, an intermediary to God in order to speak for them and to speak for God. The shaper believes in Christianity but is outside since he has a personal relationship with God -- Spirituality. For this, he is considered apostate.

Wizardry -- Wizardry is the power to do extraordinary things. It is the power which man can manipulate and create dazzling effects -- i.e. magic. Wizardry, like Religion, is something that has lost it's original roots. As Religion is all about revelation or built on revelation by the Masters of the past, Wizardry is occultic in nature and depends on instruction and investigation.

In the world, Wizardry came to the knowledge of men by way of the "Eastern Sage" from the ancient kingdom of Sargon. Western Wizardry depends on limited power. It's power is limited. Also, the Wizards of today are rejecting their ancient mystical roots in favor of the opposite: logic and reason. However, almost all wizards have the name of God (Adonai Elohim) embroidered on their garments, either in Hebrew or in Tengwar. The Shaper rejected Wizardry and has embraced metacreativity. For this cause, he is heretic to the tradition of Wizardry.

The World of Shaper

The manga primarily takes place in the Kingdom of Loch Salann, or the Kingdom of Salt Lake. The continent: North America. The Kingdom of Loch Salann has all of the Territory of Utah under its control, plus some of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and California. The Kingdom of Loch Salann is allied with Neo Massalia (controlled by the Massalian Elves), the Horde (orcs), the Empire of Japan, and the United States of America.

The Kingdom of Loch Salann is enemies with the Middle Kingdom (China), India, and the Barony of Oregon. The current king of Loch Salann is Fuhrer King John.

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Jay said...

Hey Elton, great blog! I'm esp. interested in the Rokugan campaign ideas you have. I don't normally make requests of people on their blogs (as it seems rude), but is there anyway you could lighten or change the background behind the text? If find it near impossible to read your posts without copy/pasting it into a word doc. Anyway, keep up the great work!

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