Friday, October 30, 2009

Hunter Village in the World of Shaper

Hunter Village is a simple village of farmers at first glance. However, at second glance there seems to be a large industry built to support the adventurers Hunter Village trains. Located in "the boonies" between Granger and Magna, Hunter Village includes swordsmiths, armorsmiths, general supply stores, and an adventuring academy.

Controlled by the best adventurer in the land, Hunter Village gets contracts from the Intermountain region and the rare contract outside the borders of the Intermountain region. Under control of a Lord Mayor, the village is a republican entity within a kingdom that is dominated by a mixture of Church and State (in a wierd synthesis, the kingdom has traits of a secular and a religious state). Also, Hunter village boasts six Samurai clans, six of the ten that escaped when the Emperor of Japan extended his influence and tried to disband the Samurai clans. The other four clans are in Sand Village and Forest Village respectively.

Hunter Village trains the following types of adventurers.

Rangers: The kingdoms, baronies, and republics of North America have their soldiers. Sharpshooters all of them; their adventuring counterpart are the rangers. Rangers are trained to handle white ops. Adventures that don't concern with espionage or assassination. The rangers are experts in wilderness and urban combat, reconnaissance, bowmanship, and are trained to handle difficult missions. Some rangers are trained to take a pet and to use their pets in combat.

Wizards: Wizards are trained to cast magic and to provide artillery backup. While the armies of the world have cannon, adventuring teams are designed to be mobile, and cannon is not practical. So wizards are trained to provide cannon on adventuring teams. There are two types of wizards: Combat Wizards and Nuclear Wizards.

Combat Wizards back up the team during normal adventures, they are trained to use spells that cause damage on a personal to a small area (like ten to thirty feet square). Nuclear Wizards are trained to use spells that cause widespread damage. They are often used during wartime.

Rogues/Ninja/Spies: Most every adventuring team does a little infiltration, and rogues are trained to do it. Hunter Village trains its rogues for two kinds of missions: White Ops and Black Ops. Rogues trained for white ops are highly skilled: they are often acrobats or gymnasts, and have skills dealing with trap disarming, removal, light espionage, and infiltration.

on the other hand. When the Samurai families immigrated to the Kingdom of Loch Salann, two clans of ninja came with them. Shinobi are trained to handle Black Ops: Assassination, deep infiltration, intelligence, and heavy espionage are some of their talents and skills. Shinobi are never apart of the usual Adventurer team; but are sent in teams of themselves. The normal Hunter Villager calls them "Black Ops" teams.

Samurai: While the other four villages do train swordsmen, the usual role of the swordsman is taken over by the Hunter Village samurai. Although proud clans, the six clans know that their traditions of Kenjutsu and Bushido will fall in disarray and be forgotten if not practiced. So, the Samurai took over the role of training swordsmen in Hunter Village. As time went on, five clans dispersed themselves to other parts of the Kingdom where they train and practice their arts quietly.

Hunter Village swordsmen are Samurai. They are trained to conduct themselves with honor and to use Kenjutsu. They also use Bushido (the Way of the Warrior) as their guide. Hunter Village samurai train to fight with no armor or little armor.

Medics are trained to heal people who are hurt or injured. An important part of Adventuring teams, most adventuring teams would be lost without medics coming along with them. Most every team that Hunter Village sends out has a medic with them. Some medics are trained in sorcery that helps to heal people while hurt them. Others are priests who join the adventuring teams against the wishes of their families.

Shapers: Because of the social stigma a shaper carries with him in society; a shaper isn't formally trained. Also known as psions, shapers are feared and reviled for rejecting both religion and wizardry. Declared apostate and renegade, they are often shunned. Unless they use their power. Shapers are very few and inbetween. The interesting thing about North American shapers is that most of them are truly Christian and call Jesus Christ the Maker -- a title of respect and reverence.

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