Saturday, October 24, 2009

Working on a Texture Set

I'm working on Alternate Textures for Orion1167's Chaos Seed for Poser and DAZ Studio. There are going to be nine sets planned:

3 Satin/Silk ones
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
3 Animal prints or animal based ones:
  • Leopard Spots
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Tiger Stripes
2 Leather sets:
  • Buckskin (White) /w Dakota Sioux designs
  • Black Cattle Leather /w European Heraldry
1 Linen set /w Greek or Egyptian designs

Here is a look at the first set done. Needs some tweaking (my father suggested using crocodile leather as a texture for the boots; the gloves are made of snake skin).

Chaos Seed Texture WIP by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART
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