Monday, October 12, 2009

Anubis, Dossier

Anubis by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART
Real Name: Raymond Drake
Identity: Secret.
Occupation: High School Student, part time adventurer
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California
Known Relatives: Raymond Drake I (father), Margaret Pickett (mother), Sir Van Drake (Great Grandfather -- Deceased)
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Powers: Because of a mystical curse that Sir Van Drake got while adventuring and digging in Egypt some one hundred and twenty years ago. Raymond can transform into a Lycanthrope called a werejackal. His wereform allows him increased strength, better reflexes, and slightly better speed. The curse, called the Curse of Anubis, was placed on that particular branch of the Drake family because Sir Van Drake managed to loot the tomb of a Egyptian Pharaoh on an archaeological dig. The Pharaoh was protected by the Curse, which will transform whoever would loot his tomb into a werejackal -- one of the servants of Anubis. The curse is meant to travel through the generations until one of his descendants manages to redeem the family name in some way.

As a lycanthrope, Anubis is hard to kill except to silver. He can take wounds that would kill a man, but silver is deadly to him.
Paraphernalia: Drake uses two khopeshes (curved Egyptian swords) in his quest for justice. He also has two bracers made of bronze that act as moonlight collectors, which will allow him to transform to Anubis when he likes.

In the 1880s, when the science of Archaeology was still being developed, Van Drake became fascinated by the ancient Pharoahs. The dilettante studied Archeaology and became an Egyptologist in Oxford before traveling to Egypt. The new archaeologist got a job cataloging relics for the University in Cairo. Two years after, the young archeologist managed to finance his own dig for the Pharoah Amenhotep III. However, when he recovered the relics he had become a victim of the curse of Anubis.

The curse was that he'd become a werejackal during the light of the full moon, one of Anubis minions, until he could redeem himself. Sir Van Drake never did redeem himself or his family. Twenty years after, becoming the beast during the light of the full moon he brutally killed his wife and escaped into the countryside. He was eventually hunted down by hunters and shot and killed by taking three silver bullets in his heart. Because he didn't redeem himself, the curse passed through his family for the next twenty generations.

However, as the curse spread and diluted through the Drake family, the werejackals in the family became less and less feral until the fifth generation when they can fully speak. However, Raymond is the next Drake the curse has come to. Born in California, Raymond's family moved to Utah after they sold their home. It was during his teenaged years that Raymond figured out that he was different. In sixth grade, he became attracted to another boy. However, a gay teen growing up in Salt Lake he had to hide his feelings.

Now, at fifteen, he goes to West High School. He managed to keep his orientation a secret. It was also at 15 that the curse came fully upon him, surprising his father by turning into a werejackal. Also, Drake suddenly knew that he had control over his faculties as a Werejackal. He talked in English perfectly, even if his voice was deeper.

The turning point came when his sister was kidnapped by a werewolf. Not knowing who to turn to, Drake turned to Michael for help. The two confronted the werewolf and managed to defeat him. In the conversation that followed the fight where Michael rescued his sister, Drake didn't know what to do. Michael suggested he'd become a superhero. So, with the help of another pack of werewolves, and taking the name Anubis upon himself, Drake became a warrior for justice in Salt Lake.

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