Friday, February 26, 2010

Atlantis -- Electra Character Reference

Every story needs a warrior.

My first Concept Art completed for my T.V. Show.

Meet Electra, formally Sakura.  Electra was once a psychic warrior soldier in the Atlantean army, thus she's descended from nobility.  However, it's a bad day when you act insubordinate to your superiors (not to mention arrogantly steeling the credit due her).  Electra was immediately sold into slavery.  She was unceremoniously stripped naked, tattooed with the word "slave" on her neck, a dragon on her body for her personality, and a flame on her face to show she has psionic potential.

bucked down from the highest turret in society to the lowest, Electra was sad and dejected.  She lashed out at her slavers, hoping her family would save her.  But they would not.  Her father is conservative and has much respect for the Atlantean Army.  He wouldn't use his influence to free his daughter.  So he left her there to wallow and rot in despair.  However, she kept up her fighting skills until the day she would be bought by a good man, or freed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tattooed Shower Girl


This is supposed to be my "Thanks for 5k views!" image on Deviant Art.  I wanted to show how my "adding tattoos to a DAZ texture" skill was coming along.  Unfortunately . . . the artist of this tattoo didn't want it to be used for any reason. :(

Some people are just so ungrateful.  Hey, if you didn't want people to use it, why did you post it!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cousin came to visit

One of the best things about having a cousin for a best friend is that sometimes they do come to visit. Melinda Gibbons Husby, who wanted a best friend (and got me) came to visit yesterday.  We got caught up pretty well.  Although my siblings got into it and she got caught up with them too.

Well, she did say something that seemed painful to her, but she quickly got composure and talked like her normal self.  I wondered: "Am I the only one that actually knows what is happening?"  Everyone else didn't seem to react, but I watched her body language.  Her problem is painful to her.  I don't think it's a game, at least not from my perspective.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stargate SG-1 and Christian Thought

Stargate SG-1, seasons 8 through 10, deal with the breaking of the power of the Goa'uld and the new enemy of the Ori.  So, lets talk about the Ori arc for a second.  I'd like to submit that the Ori arc has a lot to do with the War in Heaven that is prevalent in Christian thought about the pre-Earth life.

According to Stargate, the Ancients and the Ori separated over ideological differences.  The Ancients (also known as the Alterans) persued truth through science and freedom of thought.  The Ori persued truth through religion and force.  The two ideologies proved to be dichotomies and the Ancients fled their home galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy and settled Earth and other planets. Eventually, the Ancients and the Ori ascended to a higher state.  The Ori passed on a religion called "Origin" to the next evolution of humans they created in order to increase their own power, using their ascension and knowledge of the universe as justification for praise and worship.

The Ori forced their religion, called "Origin" on to the next generation of humans.  Sounds familiar?  In the Arc, the Ancients believed in free will, and the Ori believe in force.  For a parallel, the Ancients parallel Jesus Christ while the Ori parallel Lucifer.

Here is how it works: in the Pre-Earth Life, the gods gathered together in council over the Earth.  Many of the gods did not have bodies but were anxious to get them.  As the Gods with bodies discussed on who to send as a Savior, two stood up.  One of them was kind and gentle and offered to go.  Another had the presence of a Military Commander and offered to go.

The First was Christ, the second was Lucifer.  Everything about Lucifer's Method of Operation is about the Ori's Method of Operation as well.  Lucifer's followers regard Christians as backward enemies.  Since a true Christian tries to work with the Universe to get what they want, Lucifer's followers work against the Universe to get what they want.  The Ori are the same way.

The Ori force "Origin" on their followers so that they can gain power to overpower the Ancients in their Ascended form.  They are to convert to Origin or face death.  They also prevent ascension of their followers.  The Ancients don't prevent Ascension, but they promote free will among humans and the right to choose for themselves good or evil.  If the Ascended Ancients were to ever interfere in the affairs of the humans of the Milky Way, they believe that they will be no better than the Ori.  Stargate SG-1, although a science fiction show, shows some religious concepts through it's Science Fiction.  Probably that is why it lasted so long.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have a cousin who wants to do a Rifts campaign using the Spacemaster and Rolemaster rules combined. The problem is, I have a lot of work to do with just the main book. :(

Still, I told him I need to get used to the Spacemaster: Privateers rules.  So, immediately I thought of a Freetrader campaign.  Essentially, this gives him a lot of freedom.  I was thinking of doing it in the Sirius (A and B) Sector (with Sol in the Center, of course).

Although, doing it right would be interesting of course.  So, where to start with a freetrader's campaign?
I've been checking with people for some ideas.

Doing a campaign like this will be fun, but I'm strongly influenced by:


It's hard enough not trying to copy these two games, since they are so strongly influenced by Elite and that other SF game.  Here are my intial hooks:
* Freetrader game.  The player characters play at being space merchants, smugglers, and mercenaries.  They can go anywhere in the setting (the Sirius Sector). 
* Sol is part of an Alliance of planets.
* Races include: Falanar, Humans, Kagoth, Oorts, Tulgars, Valiesian, and Xatosian.
* The Range of Space extends for 30 light ly. in a globe from Sol.  Beyond that are the Star Empires.
* The sector is divided into quadrants.  Each quadrant is named for a particular Zodiac sign. 

That's all I have right now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wing Commander: Privateer ships converted to Space Master: Privateers

I did a conversion like this in the past, but I thought I'd redo it to get used to the Ship Construction rules found in the SpaceMaster Tech Law: Vehicle Manual.  I have to get used to the ship construction rules since yours truly has a cousin who wants to play Spacemaster.   The rules used are for SpaceMaster: Privateers, but the outboarding and initial tech specs can be used to setup the Vehicle Stats to a system of your own choosing.
(Alternity 4th Edition or d20 Future 4e? Well, maybe).

Heavy Mercenary Interceptor

Price: 200,000 credits
Max Velocity: 500 kps
Afterburn: 1000 kps
Acceleration: 250 kps² Excellent
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll: 72 / 72 / 72 dps
Shield: Fore: 20 cm equiv.
Aft: 20 cm equiv.
Armor: Fore: 20 cm equiv.
Aft: 15 cm equiv.
Right: 15 cm equiv.
Left: 15 cm equiv.
Max Upgrades: Lv 3 engine, Lv 3 shield
Turrets: Rear
Weapon Racks: 4 guns, 2 weapons
Cargo Hold: 50 units, no cargo expansion 

The Centurion is the most powerful heavy fighter you can purchase. This ship is fast, maneuverable and can pack some serious fire power. It's drawback are it's limited cargo space and high price.

Space Master Stats
Type: SMAC (Single Manned Assault Craft)
Mass: 240 metric tonnes
Hits: 240
Hull: Crysteel (CAT XIII)
Hard Points: 4 guns
Strong Points: 2 weapons
Armor: Tungsten (+20 DB)
Thrusters: Torch Thrust (Fusion Thrust) 15G, Torch Afterburn 20G
FTL: Level 1 Quantum Drive
Armaments: 2 Tachyon Cannons (Ion Cannon MK 30), 2 Laser Cannons (MK 5), 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (MK 40, 20 Proton Torpedoes each)
Communications: Tachyon Com Rig
Sensors: Advanced Suite
Defensive Screens: Rating 4 (+20 DB)
Maneuverability: 10 (+50)
Power Source: Anti-Matter/Matter reactor (Tech 25)
Crew: 1
Life Support: 1
Atmospheric Streamlining: yes.
Landing Gear: yes.
Features: Advanced Combat Computer, GPS Mapping System
Flaws: Exposed Weapons


Heavy Trader Ship

Price: 150,000 credits
Max Velocity: 300 kps
Afterburn: 750 kps
Acceleration: 150 kps² Avg.
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll: 55 / 55 / 55 dps
Shield: Fore: 20 cm equiv.
Aft: 20 cm equiv.
Armor: Fore: 25 cm equiv.
Aft: 20 cm equiv.
Right: 17.5 cm equiv.
Left: 17.5 cm equiv.
Max Upgrades: Lv 3 engine, Lv 3 shield
Turrets: Top, Bottom
Weapon Racks: 2 guns, 2 weapons
Cargo Hold: 150 units, 225 with cargo expansion

The Galaxy is a heavy merchant ship, built with a large cargo hold and few weapon racks. Equiped with two turrets on the top and bottom, this ship's weapons were installed primarily for defensive purposes.

Space Master Stats
Type: Light Freighter
Crew: 4 (can be piloted by 1 man)
* 4 civilian staterooms
Cargo: 150 metric tons, 225 with Cargo Expansion.
Mass: 2,000 Metric tons
CAT: XIII (Crysteel Hull)
Anti-Matter/Matter Rating: 1260
DB: +10 (Plasteel Armor)
Evade: 5 (+25)
* Radiation Shielding +10
EW: Not Standard
Cost: As listed.
Top Speed: 10 Gs, 12 Gs Afterburn
Translight Capability: Quantum Level 1
Atmospheric Capability: None
Armament: not standard (2 hard points, 2 strong points)
• Microfrequency Comm Rig
• Basic Sensor Suite
• Quantum Comm Rig
• Artificial Gravity
• Poor Atmospheric Entry


Heavy Mercenary Gunboat

Price: 75,000 credits
Max Velocity: 350 kps
Afterburn: 800 kps
Acceleration: 150 kps² Avg.
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll: 40 / 40 / 40 dps
Shield: Fore: 50 cm equiv.
Aft: 50 cm equiv.
Armor: Fore: 48 cm equiv.
Aft: 50 cm equiv.
Right: 35 cm equiv.
Left: 35 cm equiv.
Max Upgrades: Lv 5 engine, Lv 5 shield
Turrets: Rear
Weapon Racks: 2 guns, 1 weapon
Cargo Hold: 50 units, 75 with cargo expansion

This ship is the most durable ship in the systems. It can carry the most armor and shields, at the cost of maneuverability. A strong and sturdy ship popular with mercenaries.

Crew ................................................................ 2 (1)
Cargo ............................... 50 Metric Tons, 75 with cargo expansion
Mass ................................................ 792 Metric tons
Hits .................................................................... 871
CAT................................................................... XIV
Vacuum Power Rating .................................. 249 (0)
DB ....................................................................... 75
• Armor Belt ....................................... +30 (Isometal)
• Defensive Screens ............................ +20
• Evade............................................... 2 (+10)

Cost..................................................... As listed
Top Speed .................................. 12.626 Gs loaded,
16 Gs Afterburned
Translight Capability ....................................... Level 1 Quantum Drive
Atmospheric Capability ..................................... None
Armament: (2 Hard Points, 1 Strong Point)
* 2 MK 30 Plasma Cannons
* 1 Missile Launcher, 10 Image Recognition Missles (MK 20)

• Microfreq. Comm Rig • Quantum Comm Rig
• Advanced Sensor Suite
• Agile Communication System
• Armored Cockpit
• Artificial Gravity
• Top Quality Weapons
• Overly Complex
Auxiliary Systems:
• RIF Generator • Quantum Comm Rig
• Advanced Sensor Suite • Life Support
• Vacuum Power Generator


 Exploratory Scout Ship

Price: 50,000 credits
Max Velocity: 300 kps
Afterburn: 600 kps
Acceleration: 150 kps² Avg.
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll: 55 / 55 / 55 dps
Shield: Fore: 10 cm equiv.
Aft: 10 cm equiv.
Armor: Fore: 10 cm equiv.
Aft: 10 cm equiv.
Right: 8 cm equiv.
Left: 8 cm equiv.
Max Upgrades: Lv 1 engine, Lv 2 shield
Turrets: None
Weapon Racks: 2 guns, 2 weapons
Cargo Hold: 100 units, 150 with cargo expansion

The Tarsus used to be the mainstay of the Exploratory Services fleet, and is now popular among the general public. 

Crew: 1 (2)
Cargo: 100 Metric tons, 150 with Cargo Expansion
Mass: 500 tons
Hits: 500
Anti-Matter/Matter Rating: 150
DB: +10 (Plasteel Armor)
        * Screens +10
        * Evade: 4 (+20)
Cost: As Listed
Top Speed: 11.5 Gs loaded, 14 Gs Afterburn
Translight Capability: Level 1 Quantum Drive
Atmospheric Capability: None
Armament: 2 Hard Points, 2 Strong Points
* Two MK 5 Laser Cannons
* Two Missile Launchers, 20 MK 10 Dumb Fire missiles

* Airlock
* Artificial Gravity
* GPS and Mapping System
* Basic Sensor Suite
* Thin Underbelly


Using the ships in Privateers

Obviously, these ships are the Player owned ships in the game.  The other ships (Demon, Talon, Drayman, Paradigm, and Kamekh, et al.) need customized stats and will follow.   To use these ships in SM:P, realize that they are built for the Civilian market.  The Centurion was built by humans, the Orion was built by the Valusians, the Galaxy by the Kagoths, and the Tarsus by the Oorts.  The Centurion are preferred by human and Tulgar mercenaries.  The Orion is preferred by humans and Valiesians, while the Galaxy ships are preferred by Xatosians and Kagoth.  Tarsus ships can be piloted by anyone.

Using the Vehicle Manual, players should be able to customize their ships how they want on the space port.  The ships are beautiful and should provide better options for use in game.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tribes of the Wilderlands: The Telosians

Population: 200 Adults/300 non-combantants
Government: Councilory
Dominate Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: The Telosians worship Nuka Val

Major Trades/Skills: The Telosians are good hunters and farmers.  They farm roots and tubers in the form of carrots and onions.  They also regularly farm flax and spin and weave linens.  The Telosians trade bolts of linen for other goods.  Sometimes even wives.

Currency: The Telosians use pieces of jade as coin.  Uncut jade can fetch any where between 1 cp to 2 sp, while carved jade can fetch up to 10 gp depending on its quality.

Dress: Living in the Vale of Beasts to hunt your pray, the Telosians prefer a modicum of clothing.  They prefer linen to protect their modesty. This is usually in the form of a loin cloth.  Both boys and girls often wear just the loin cloth.  Nakedness is encouraged among children to the age of puberty.  However, there are times when the adults will go naked, such as during the summer.  During the winter, however, the Telosian tribe bundles up and follows their prey.

Preferred Weapons: The Telosians prefer the Atatl, spears made of flint and wood, and bows and arrows -- which are also made of flint.

Technology: Neolithic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wilderlands of High Fantasy


There is something to say about this campaign setting.  Originally designed for OD&D, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy is . . .well . . . inspired by the Fantasy fiction of the 1960s and 1970s.  Although there's nothing to stop you from adding High Medieval Romance, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy is specifically designed for wandering barbarians, dark wizards, neolithic cultures, orcs that would slay you before talking, and high adventure in the land.

Everything about Wilderlands just screams Frank Frazetta and his Fantastic art.  From the adventures of John Carter of Mars, to Pellucidar, to John Norman's Gor, to Robert E. Howard's Conan and Kull, to Ancient and Prehistoric cultures the Wilderlands of High Fantasy is a place you get to by "turning left instead of turning right."  It's not typical fantasy, but some of the best of every Campaign Setting can fit there.

The premise behind the Wilderlands is the Points of Light idea found in 4th Edition.  However, unlike the PoL idea where you have city states of Medieval Romance, the setting has impacted the City States of the Wilderlands a great deal.  The untamed wilderness is untamed, and there are hardly any roads leading to other lands of civilization.  In the untamed wilderness there are dangers everywhere, ruins waiting to be explored, neolithic and paleolithic cultures, dinosaurs and wild beasts.  Amazons who feel that they are superior to men, dangerous undersea cultures.  Slavers, and the enslaved.

The Wilderlands is a campaign unlike any other.  It's not something they'd dream up at Wizards of the Coast.  Although, Dark Sun does come very close to the Wilderlands in feel.  Bob Bledsaw and others have taken a lot of liberties to put this together, and what they've put together is a campaign that would make certain people blush.  It's a no holds barred setting that doesn't pull any punches.  Fantasy is fantasy to Bob, and to play in his setting is actually being edgy and tells people you want to play something different than a typical fantasy setting.  So, putting together a Wilderlands campaign, you do need the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Player's Guide to get started -- but to add awesome sauce, you need to read a lot of fiction from the Early and Mid Twentieth Century.  Typically:

* anything by Edgar Rice Burroughs, including Tarzan, A Princess from Mars, and At the Earth's Core.
* Anything by Robert E. Howard, especially Conan the Barbarian stories.
* Anything by John Norman: such as the Gor series.
* The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
* Anything by Jules Verne.
* Anything by H. Rider Haggard including King Solomon's  Mines and She.
* The Clan of the Cave Bear
* The Scarlet Pimpernel

Movies that will help:
* Anything where Ray Harryhausen was the Special Effects coordinator.  Including: The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, The First Men in the Moon, Jason and the Argonauts, and the original Clash of the Titans.
* King Kong (1930's and 2004).
* the Indiana Jones series
* Alan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold (a cheesy movie)
* King Solomon's Mines (1932 British Film)
* The Tarzan B-Movie serials
* Hatari! with John Wayne
* Sheena
* 10,000 B.C. (both: the one /w Raquel Welch, and the Roland Emmerich film)
* Conan the Barbarian
* Red Sonja
* Stargate
* Stargate SG-1

References of History:
The World's Last Mysteries (Time/Life books)
America B.C.
GURPS Low Tech.
GURPS High Tech.
GURPS Greece
The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly
The Bible
The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt
Putting together a campaign in the Wilderlands is easy no matter what edition you have.  Just remember, you're playing in a World that Tarzan, Conan, and John Carter of Mars would be happy to be in.  There seems to be no room for powerful knights and damosels in distress; although you can put them in there.  Roleplaying and adventuring in the Wilderlands is an interesting experience.  You're leaving behind the Forgotten Realms and its spell-scars and so forth and venturing in territory that your fertile childhood mind could only imagine.  Welcome to the Wilderlands of High Fantasy.  Enjoy your stay.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Character DuJoir: Sakura the Psychic Warrior

Sakura the Psychic Warrior 2 by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Sakura is an Atlantean Psychic Warrior who immigrated to Atlantis from the Far East.  She joined the Atlantean Army because her family was rich and noble.  However, after training as a psychic warrior and on her first Campaign she had a stupid commander who she went over his head and helped the Atlanteans defeat the Hyperboreans (re. Norsemen who vyke).  However, no good deed goes unpunished and she was immediately court martialled and sold into slavery.

She was bought by her current Master who tried to save her from a life of slavery.  However, the taskmasters were too thorough, she's thoroughly submissive now.  She won't leave her master's side.  She acts as body guard, guide, and other things -- although some of the things she wants to do makes her Master sweat.

Friday, February 5, 2010



Armor Class: 4 [15]
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 2 claws (1d3), bite (1d6)
Saving Throw: 14
Special: None
Move: 6
Challenge Level/XP: 3/120

A giant malevolent gopher is a giant ground squirrel or pocket gopher that has a mean streak.  They are omnivorous, about the size of a horse, and enjoys having human beings for lunch.  They are also aggressive, protecting their home with biting and clawing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


(An Unbalanced post)

So, why do people fight over D&D?  Why do they fight?

I really think a lot of people are non-confrontational when it comes to their favored version of D&D.  So, why are people so passionate to have a heated discussion about D&D and it's various editions?  There are a few things about 4e I don't like as to what happened:

* Too many people complained on the official boards that earlier classes were unbalanced.
* Too many people tried to break earlier editions.
Blah, blah, blah . . .

D&D 4e is the fault of everyone who has played D&D and complained to Wizards about how an earlier edition rules system doesn't work.  ITS OUR FAULT!  GET OVER IT!  Balance, balance, balance -- what happened to play?  But we fight about it.  We fight that people use earlier editions and use backward clones, we fight because we pick other systems other than D&D.  We fight because someone uses the earlier clones.  We sell each other heavily on the current system, but when someone creates a character outside of all others  -- there is a repulsion effect.

Okay, Dungeons and Dragons is not perfect.  But we don't have to act like jackasses.  Do we?  Or, why do we have to act like jackasses?  I bet in Conventions, people who only argue their opinions of the rules between systems are jackasses.  But then again, maybe we argue because we can't seem to accept that other people see their beloved edition of the game as flawed.  Maybe we argue because we feel insecure about Dungeons and Dragons and Dungeons and Dragons is our security blanket.  How do we stop the Edition Wars?  I guess we all have to grow up and love each other.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uhm . . . Is the OSR making waves?

Greywulf (Robin is ecstatic about this particular product.


Really, he says everything in this post.  Really, the Dungeons and Dragons red box is an exciting product coming out of Wizards of the Coast.  But is this the new Roleplaying Holy Grail for Old Schoolers or better yet, kids?

Well, it is important that we need new kids into this hobby.  Roleplaying is actually the cheepest game you can buy, since the replay value is potentially infinite.  The number one thing about Roleplaying Games, and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, that it provided a group of kids a way to play.  The best edition of this is Original Dungeons and Dragons that came out in a White and blue box.  This edition is represented by Swords and Wizardry.

Through the years, Dungeons and Dragons evolved, revolved, and revolved again.  It changed from a game where you could do anything into a game that is based on the group mentality and sport mentality.  And sadly, this 4th Edition is lagging behind in sales than the 3rd Edition did (which the OGL helped sell so well!).  Because of this, Wizards has streamlined D&D and rebuilt back into Basic D&D.  Represented by a Red Box.

So, will kids stop paying $19.95 to World of Warcraft to buy the red box and begin adventures in their own conworlds?  Or will it tank?  What will time tell?  Will guys who like playing without all the stupid accounterments of D&D, and just sit down and use the game to collectively tell a story within a Constructed World (me) use this?  Probably.  Maybe.  Only time will tell.

I would like this product to be bought up by kids, first and foremost.  Not by any kid, but the kids who wants to use their imagination to play and have fun.  It is these kids that the game needs to cater too.  If these kids don't get a game to play with that is easily accessible, then the Roleplaying Hobby could die. 

Atlantis -- Series Bible

Campaign Bibles are cool, and so are series bibles.  Lets see, where shall we start?

Long ago, before the Planet was born, the Gods sat in counsel and set about planning and constructing a world.  As all things began with a thought, so do planets.  The Gods formed the World out of Elemental Chaos, planning and organizing the Elements into a globe of a garden variety.  This world was named Earth by the Gods, and soon they had formed a colony on the planet and they themselves became mortal in order to have children.  Michael and his three wives: Eve, Sarah, and Lilith had come down to sire and bear the races of men.

From ivory skinned Eve came all those who were White -- these races soon will be known as Caucasian or Western Indo-European in later generations.

From yellow skinned Sarah came all those who are Yellow and had Asian features.  These races soon will be known as the Sino races: i.e. Mongolians, Yellow Huns, Chinese, Koreans, Indo-Chinese, Malayasians, Vietnamese, and the Japanese.

From ebony skinned Lilith came those who will be known as Africans.  However, the Titans came to Earth from the Stars in a thousand years after Michael and his wives had ascended to Heaven.  The Titans, being much more technologically advanced than the humans had conquered the world (i.e. Europe, Egypt, and Asia Minor -- also known as the Middle East).  They ruled for 500 years until their descendants -- Half Titan and half human, dethroned them.

One of these half-gods, known as Poseidon, chose to explore the ocean and surveyed all that was beyond.  After voyaging on the ocean from his native Europe, he came upon a lost continent (North America).  The continent had a people who were never subjugated by the Titans.  The land was incredibly virgin to Poseidon.

Eventually, he met a striking young woman known as Cleito, who lived with her mother and father Evanor and Elassippe.  Poseidon eventually fell in love with her and married the young maid.  Eventually, from their union, she bore him five sets of twins.

When the twins reached their teenager hood, Poseidon allowed them to explore the world.  When the Twins returned, they had learned much about all of the World and then Poseidon divided the land between them.  He then named the continent Atlantis after his first son, and named the ocean he crossed the Atlantic -- also after Atlas his first born.  Then, when the twins started their own families, Poseidon and Cleito had left for Europe.

Atlas set about helping his brothers found his cities, and left his first born son to found the City of Atlantis.  After that, the City of Atlantis has grown.  However, the wars that they took part in had wiped out an entire people -- like the people of Cainan had done to the tent dwelling people of Shum 1,500 years ago.  Having committed Genocide, the Atlanteans foreswore violence in favor of science and peace.  The pact they swore was the Symphonia Ethicos.

Flash foreword.

It's the Height of civilization in Atlantis and the Atlanteans have discovered many things in the Sciences.  They also expanded their civilization outward, affecting certain civilizations themselves.  The Atlanteans' have a priesthood, but a scientific basis on what they pursue is important to them.  Atlantean society, although open and fluid, is basically divided into:
The Elite -- which is the High Atlanteans.  These are the rich and powerful and Abundant.
The Scientists -- Which include University Professors, Museum curators, scholars, astronomers, and inventors.
The Mystics -- Which are really those that manipulate the universe psionically.  The Mystics are divided into seven different casts themselves:
  • The Telepaths -- who aid in Government of the people.
  • The Seers -- who comprise the Atlantean Priesthood.
  • The Egoists -- who are natural Athletes.
    The Kineticists -- who deal in the willful manipulation of energy.
  • The nomads -- who deal in quick transportation.
  • and. . . 
  • The Shapers.  Who the Priesthood dread.

Besides the Mystics, their are people who are trained to use their minds in combat.  These are known as the Psychic Warriors of Atlantis.  And beside those, there are those with potential who are not trained but figure out how to use their potential.  These are known as wilders.

The technology of Atlantis is a mixture of wierd Steamtech and Ultra-high Psi-tech.  Engineering geniuses have blended the two, as well kept some items separate and pure.  One of these items is the Obsidian Pyramid.  A small, handheld black pyramid (with scintillating Atlantean designs) that is capable of transporting a person anywhere, anywhen if used incorrectly.

Well. . . there was a problem when one of these were used.  Trouble with the Atlantean government had forced a child to use an obsidian pyramid to teleport herself away from the Authorities, even as they had killed her Master, the inventor Jason, in front of her.  She appeared in Modern Day America holding the obsidian pyramid and was found at the side of a lake by a teenager.  She then identified herself as Amestris and passed out.

~ More Later ~
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